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Mithai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Apeksha kidnaps Sid after hurting him

Mithai Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Mithai tells Sid that we’re getting married today but I don’t want to start a new life with broken trust so if you come now have full trust in me, she’s out of there. Sid looks at Apeksha and says I want to hit you right now. Sweet was right, you can’t be my friend, I was a fool to trust you. Why did you do this? I trusted you, but did you try to trick me? why did you lie to me He tries to leave, but Apeksha stops him and cries. She says that you are important to me. Sid says you tried to make me hate candy. Apeksha hugs her and tells her I love you. Sid pushes her away and says that you are a crazy woman. Apeksha catches her and tells her sweets aren’t worth it, I’m more beautiful than her, what does she have that I don’t have? Sid says you want to know what candy she has? There is honesty in sweets and you follow a lie. Mithai reunited me with my family but you tried to separate me from my family. You used my father against me but candy brought me closer to you. You are a home breaker and candy is what brings people together. You’re deceitful but sweet… you won’t understand.

Sweets is getting ready for the wedding. She remembers her words to Sid and wonders if Sid will come after trusting me. Sid calls Mithai and tells him that he’s sorry. I know it’s not enough, I make a lot of mistakes, but you keep forgiving me. I’m a fool to let myself be fooled by expectations. I go there with full faith in you. My anger and ego are my enemies, but today I will accept you as my wife in front of everyone. Mrs Sweets Siddhartha will no longer break us. I’m coming soon. Mithai says I’m waiting for you. She ends the call and hopes that this is our last meeting, now you will not interfere in my life. Apeksha thinks Sid is mine, no one can take him away from me.

Mithai dresses up as a bride, she is teased by Abha and others because she is anxiously waiting for Sid.

Sid tries to leave Apeksha’s house but she hits him with a vase and passes out. Apeksha says I’m sorry to hurt you, but how can I let you marry someone else? You are mine and you will be only mine. She sees that his head is bleeding and says that I will treat her wound. Now I’ll take you away from sweets. Now we will be one. If you are my ram, I will take you. She drags him from there.

Girish is decorating the house and puts Aarti’s photo there. Grandpa praised him. The family brings sweets there. Dadu, Girish and others bless her. Dadu says that I will do the kanyadaan for her. Mithai says that today you will be my father. Shaurya says let’s have fun now. Abha says that we have prepared something for our sweet. Girish says that my relationship with Sid and Mithai started off on the wrong foot. Sweets laughs as she watches the housemates copy her aloofness. Pramod and Geetika imitate him. Sweets says it was a good performance. Girish says let’s see their friendship now. Dadu and Dadi imitate their friendship. Sweet hugged him. Girish says let’s see her love now. She sees sweets.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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