Mithai 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai comes to know about her marriage proposal

Mithai 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai comes to know about her marriage proposal

Mithai 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai comes to know about her marriage proposal

Mithai 23 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Keerti tells Mithai that Sid has sent this spray for your pain. She left. Indu says to Mithai I told you that Sid is caring and a very nice person. Sweets leaves from there.

Dadu comes to Dadi and says if Sid cannot marry Mithai then we can do Shubham and Mithai’s wedding. It’s a great idea because I want the sweets to be our daughter-in-law. Dadi didn’t like the idea and said that we should think about it first. Dadu says I will go and talk to Indu. He leaves. Dadi says I feel Girish will not agree to this proposal and it will create rift in family.

Sweet comes to Sid’s room to give back the spray, she is not there so she enters the room and sees her mother’s picture. She says that he was close to his mother. Sid comes there and says? Sweet gets scared. Sid shouts how dare you touch my things? Get out now Sweets runs away from there. She cries then Keerti comes to her and says that she is like that, she does not like to enter anyone’s room. There are memories of his mother so he doesn’t want anyone to disturb him. Sometimes it seems that he has forgotten that we are also his family.

Sid looks at his mother’s picture and remembers Girish’s words that he doesn’t care about Arti’s promise. He remembers the death of his mother.

Dadu comes to Indu and says I have got a good groom for sweets, you know. Who says Indu? Dadu says I am talking about my grandson Shubham. Indu gets shocked and says really? I could not find a boy like him for my daughter. Dadu calls Shubham there and takes blessings. Indu blesses her and says that my sweet may sound a bit crazy but she knows how to make her relationships work. She would be a good wife and a wonderful mother. Shubham smiles and leaves from there. Dadu tells Indu that this would be a perfect couple. Mithai comes there and says Sid keeps scolding me. She asks Dadu why he never stops him? He keeps insulting me. Dadu says yes, he cannot scold our daughter-in-law like this. What does sweet say? Dadu says we have chosen Shubham for you, you will marry him. What does sweet say? I can’t get married because I have a dream to become a businesswoman. Indu tells Dadu that I will talk to her, Dadu nods and leaves.

scene 2
Shubham is in his room and remembers everything. He is stressed. Chacha comes there and asks what happened?

Shaurya comes to Kirti and Karishma. He says something is going on in the house. Shubham went to talk to Dadu and Indu.

Shubham tells Fufa that how can Dadu fix my marriage all of a sudden? He has chosen sweets for me. What do you say Fufa? you didn’t say anything? Shubham says I know dadu loves me and will always think best for me but he should have at least asked me before deciding my marriage. Fufa says he didn’t even ask you? Shubham says I want to become independent first but he didn’t listen. How can I tell her that I’m not ready for marriage yet?

Dadu invites everyone to the living room. All the family members gather there. Sid is there too. Dadu says it is time for Shubham’s marriage and I have got a girl for him. That girl’s name is Mithai. Everyone is surprised. Sid thinks it is a good decision as mom’s wish will be fulfilled. Girish tells Dadu what is he talking about? I know people don’t like the way I talk, but I can’t keep quiet when this is happening at home. Dadu tells Girish that I am doing this for the benefit of my family. Girish says I will not let this happen. Dadu says why not? What’s the problem with sweets? You never showed love to Shubham and now we are talking about his marriage so are you against it? Girish says I will not let that girl become the daughter-in-law of this house. The girl and her mother keep trying to extort money from us. Now they want to be here for the rest of their lives? They are deceiving us by taking the name of Aarti. Dadu says once think like a father. Shubham needs a partner who can bring happiness in his life. Girish says even though I agree that you are right but the status of that girl is not match with ours, she is from a village so I cannot let our reputation spoil by choosing her. Sid thinks he can never change. He turns and sees that Mithai is standing there and listening to everything. All the family members go there to find the sweets.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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