Mithai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid asks Mithai to leave the house

Mithai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid asks Mithai to leave the house

Mithai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid asks Mithai to leave the house

Mithai Sep 21, 2022 Episode Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Pramod and Shubham arrive. Geetika is going to make tea for them. Shubham says no one will know our secret? Pramod says that Sid has lost his memory and Mithai won’t know. He will get surprise. Mithai tells Sid that I want to tell you something. He says you’re not polite, he looks at this. Let me read it for you. 20 lakhs… 24 lakhs… this is the HM Sweets shares lost on the market. We have never suffered such a loss. She says you’re not okay. He says I’m not. He says that your business has grown in these months and that you must have earned enough money to take back your grandfather’s store. He returns to our store and he returns to your father’s store. Mithai says why do you say this? He was about to break the news to me, they gave me back the workshop papers and the keys. He says to stop this drama. What is your plan? Do you want to have candy hm? Because of you my brother is out of this house and now you will leave this house. He takes it out.

Dadu stops Sid. He says what are you doing, she is your wife. Sid says to stop fooling him. He did all of this with Shubham. Sid says why? Why did he say sweet? He removed the stores from him and our business only suffered losses. Why didn’t he tell you that he took the store back from him? She says I thought she should tell you first. She says that dad helped you with everything, why didn’t you tell him? She says that she was supposed to tell everyone together. Sid says to stop lying. You will not live in this house. He kicks her out. Geetika keeps sweets. She brings the sweets inside. Sid says to let him go. You don’t know what he did.

Geetika says you don’t know the truth. You’ll apologize to him when you find out. My husband and Shubham had planned all of this. Pramod and Shubham came to my house. She shows them the video in which they say that Sid has lost his memory. They will abuse this position. Abha says that he is taking advantage of our situation. Dadu says that Sid apologizes to Mithai. Sid is about to apologize. He has a head ache. Mithai says it’s not your fault. He says we shouldn’t stress her out. Sid says I want space.

scene 2
Dadu reaches Pramod and Shubham. He says that you two can never change. Our hearts are forever closed for you two. Abhishek says never go against Mithai or Sid again. I’ll forget you belong to us. Dadu says for him to stay away from sweets.

Mithai brings food to Sid’s room. He says I told you not to come here. She gives up food and medicine. Sweets say food. She says for her to get out of here. Why do you talk like nothing happened? She says because I didn’t forget who you are to me. She says I am your wife. I won’t force you to remind me of anything. I want to be happy Sid stops dessert.

scene 3
Pramod and Shubham drink. She says I feel bad for you. All that family is in the magic of sweets. Shubham says I’m alone. But now I’m going out in front of everyone. Everyone will be out of the house and everything will be in my name. Pramod says what are you going to do?

Sid says that I know dad can never lie. He said we got married but I don’t remember. Mithai says I won’t force you. He says can you do something for me? Mitahi says that I will do everything for you. He says please stay away from me for a few days. What are the sweets called? He says get out of my sight. I can’t remember what the truth is. I don’t want to hurt you and feel guilty afterwards. I don’t know how I would react if you were around. Please leave it for a few days. Sweets says I can do this for your happiness. Don’t be mad at anyone. your care Leave sweets. Sweets takes the bag from her.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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