Mithai 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu likes the idea of ​​Sid and Mithai

Mithai 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu likes the idea of ​​Sid and Mithai

Mithai 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu likes the idea of ​​Sid and Mithai

Mithai 18 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

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Sid gets Indu’s report from the doctor and learns that she has lung cancer. Doctor says we still have a chance to save him, he needs proper treatment and to make sure he is not stressed. Sid is tensed hearing this and remembers his mother dying. He thinks I feel like I am losing my mother again, I cannot lose her again.

Sweets and Indu offer prayers in the temple. She feeds Prasad to Indu and says soon we will go back to village and I will fulfill my dreams. You will rest and I will take care of you. I will go and cook for you. She left.

Sid comes home with Indu’s report and brings them to Dadu. He reads the report and is shocked. Sid and Dadu come to Indu’s room. She asks about his report. Sid looks away. She asks what is this? Dadu says that now any disease can be treated. Indu says what is this? Sid says your report is positive. She says what do you mean? Sid says you have lung cancer. Indu is shocked. Sid says don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to you. Dadu says we will start your treatment. Indu says I am requesting you not to tell sweets anything. Dadu says for how long will you hide? Indu says she worked very hard and will break if she comes to know about my health. Sweet comes there and asks if her report is here? What is this? Dadu says that he has a minor lung infection right now. She will be fine soon. Mithai says we can go back to the village soon, right? Thank you for taking care of us here. Sid and Dadu leave from there. Mithai asks Indu to take rest. She hugs him. Indu says I am fine.

Dadi is praying in the temple and prays for Indu’s health. Dadu prays for Indu and says that Mithai cannot lose her mother.

Indu remembers Sid’s words and takes out the necklace that Arti had gifted the sweets when she chose her as his daughter-in-law. Indu comes to Dadi and Dadu. Dadu says why are you here? Indu says I m fine, I have your stuff which I should return. She shows them the defeat. Dadi says it is Aarti’s necklace, what is it doing to you? Indu says Aarti gave it to me, I thought when I meet her give it back but.. she gives it to Dadi. Dadu says you Indu are lying? Dadi says this is our family’s necklace so why did Arti give it to you? Dadi says tell us the truth. Sid comes there and hears them talking. Indu tells Dadi and Dadu that Aarti had come to meet me and Mithai when she was a child. Aarti asks for a hand of sweets for Sid. Everyone is shocked. Indu says I know we have a different social status so I am not suggesting anything. Mithai was very young when Arti had arranged her and Sid’s marriage. We never knew life would turn out like this. I lost my husband and I couldn’t get an education for sweets. This is your family’s necklace so it should go to Sid’s wife only. You guys have done a lot for me and my daughter. I have another request, you know a lot of people so please find a nice guy for sweets because I want to settle him down before I die. She leaves from there. Dadi tells Dadu that no one should find out about this. Dadu finds Sid there and asks if he wants to talk? Sid says no, I was just going for a walk. Sid remembers Indu’s words and is worried.

Dadi asks dadu what is he thinking? Dadu says I think we should tell about the promise made by Aarti to Sid. Dadi says no, don’t talk to her and if Ginesh comes to know then he will make a scene. I love sweets but Sid and she are different. Dadu says yes but I find myself close to him. I didn’t know what I wanted but hearing Aarti’s wish from Indu’s mouth I realized that it is my wish too. Don’t you think Aarti is hinting that if Mithai becomes our bahu she will reunite this family, she will make sure everyone is happy and she will take my reputation forward. God has blessed him to make good sweets. Dadi says Sid and Ginesh will never agree. Sweets brings milk there. She says I feel like everyone is hiding something from me. Grandpa sees.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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