Mithai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid starts giving interviews

Mithai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid starts giving interviews

Mithai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid starts giving interviews

Mithai Sep 10, 2022 Episode written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Chachi says that Sid, your wife, is waiting for you to leave now. Sid enters the room. The sweets are there. He says when did you get so shy? He says it’s a ritual. The husband removes the veil. All girls know this. Naag (gift) should also be given. Sid lifts the veil. it’s sun he screams. Sid hits Soura. Sweets asks him to calm down. Soura runs. Mithilagh. Sid looks at her and says now you’re playing a prank on me. He grabs her around the waist. He gives her a rose. Soura says that she at least close the door. Sid pushes her. Shubham grabs Soura and says no one will bother you now.

Sid gives Mithai another rose. He hugs her. Mithai says that I am angry with you. He says why? She says you trusted someone other than me. She says that I accepted my mistake and says that I’m sorry. She says that she won’t work. it will be night She says that I will always trust you. I will do what I am made for. I will continue my career. And you will follow your dreams. I’m proud of you. She shows her certificate to the candy. Sweet surprise. She says your victory is your snake, what’s yours is mine. He gives her another rose. Mithai pulls a rose out of his veil, which he gives to Sid.

scene 2
Sweets prays for Sid the next morning. Sid says I’m late for the office. She prepares his shirt. Sid hugs her. Sweet makes fun of her. She says you were such an angry man. you have learned from me. He drags her to her bed. She wishes him all the best for her work day. She says thank you to my late wife. Harmonhan enters. They want candy. Chandrakanta says that now no one can stop your success. Harimohan says you’re not alone now. You also have a small family. He says that I will always be responsible. He’s leaving.

Grish tells Abhishek that his orders are ready. Grish says I want to give this responsibility to Shubham. I know he will do his best. Shubham says I’ll do my best for my family.

scene 3
Sid is giving an interview. The interviewer says that we saw his wife and his wedding photos. We know you have a candy business. Why do you want to be a software engineer? He says that I know how to run my career and my life. Sid meets another interviewer. He also asks about his business. They say we can’t trust you. Sid says I’m very successful in my business. He says this is what the company reported for you. You have left your project for your family. Sid says that’s not true. Don’t bring my wife into this. They say we can’t give you a job. Sid is furious. Sid beats him up for taking his wife’s name from him.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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