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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gaura Stumbles Upon Rekha Again

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Pandit gets scared seeing Rekha’s call and thinks that she said that she drinks 1 liter of nut milk but she didn’t say how much blood she sucks, how will Som combine so soon. She saw Twinkle, daughter of the former MLA, talking on the phone and bragging about herself. Some guys look at her and try to flirt with her. Her mother notices this and scolds him to stop laughing on the phone and get in the car. She prays to God to solve her problem. Pandit listens to her and tells her that she has a solution to her problem. The lady says that she is worshiping Bhole Baba. Pandit says that Bhole Baba sent a solution to her problem. Lady describes her health problems. Pandit says that she is talking about her daughter’s wedding ring and shows Som’s photo. The lady likes her. Pandit says that the boy is from a rich family who has a big sari showroom. Lady gives him a business card and money and asks him to bring good news soon.

After he leaves, Pandit’s assistant asks him why he is ruining Som’s life, as Twinkle has already run away from the wedding hall and home many times. Pandit gives him money and orders him to keep his mouth shut. She then answers Rekha’s call and informs her that she has found a rich alliance for Som. Rekha asks her to come home immediately with the girl’s details. She notices Som and tells him that she is looking for an alliance for him. Som says to let Amma/Ganga choose a girl for him. His father walks in and says that she is right and expresses his disgust for Rekha. Rekha also complains about them. Som reassures her. She emotionally blackmails him into marrying a girl of her choosing.

Gaura sees a crow on the tree and fears that her uncle Ranjan Kaka has turned into a crow after his death. She hides under a blanket and remembers Ranjan Kaka saying that he can forget anyone but Gaura. The next day, Pandit meets Rekha and informs her about Twinkle. Rekha says that she has met Twinkle’s mother many times before in the living room and asks her to send her Twinkle’s photo and her mother’s phone number, she will talk to Som about Twinkle at the appropriate time when come on ganga She will go to the temple tomorrow for a special meeting. puya Ganga and Kanchan return and think that Rekha is up to something. Ganga questions Pandit who leaves with an excuse.

Ganga urges Som and Rekha to accompany her to the fair and she takes them. Gaura also goes to the fair with Chanchal and plays some pranks on the shopkeepers. Som gets bored and says that he will go somewhere. Ganga stops him. Kanchan starts his jokergiri and goes to buy something with Ganga. Som sees that Rajkumar is cheating a foreigner and trying to extort money from him and saves the foreigner from him. He scolds and beats Som for bringing a bad reputation to India. Chanchal shows Gaura. Gaura rushes to save the prince when she hits Rekha again and falls, she panics seeing him and screams Champakiya Chudail. Kanchan listens and thinks that Gaura has identified Rekha correctly. Gaura runs away from there. Kanchan goes to Rekha and teases that the girl called her chudail. Rekha joked that she was talking about her in-laws house. Her drama continues…

Precap: Gaura helps Ganga. Ganga blesses Gaura. Gaura says that she needs her blessings as the ghosts are after her. Rekha meets Twinkle. Gaura runs scared in the night and hugs Som from behind.

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