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Mere Sai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update : Satyeshwar Maharaj meets Sai

Mere Sai Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prem Sena finds the blankets, covers up and runs inside to save the people, they save the people safely. The children hug their mother and say that we are safe with your blessings. Satyeshwar says that if the blessings had power then no one would get in trouble, this is all a myth and the blessings just to prove that they are great, and if the blessings work then you will never get caught in this fire and never again. Don’t trust those things. and undermine yourself, you are safe as I have come here at the right time. Sai goes to him and tells Satyeshwar that you are coming here at the right time as his parents’ blessing and coming as the parents’ blessing is a great deed and you are the chosen one. Satyeshwar says you speak very well but I’m sorry I don’t agree with all this, the blessings have trapped human beings, human beings are born to live freely and this blessing traps them, and they forget to live for oneself. Sai tells him, tell me you don’t know them why you saved them. Satyeshwar says humanity, Sai says there is no relationship of humanity, you call your army as army of love and where there is love there is also some relationship of humanity.

Sai says to Satyeshwar, every member of your army belongs to you, according to you, blessings don’t help, but I think blessings help you to experience gratitude. Patil tells Sai what a good idea Sai. Satyeshwar says nice to meet you Sai, we will stay here for a few days and definitely meet you. Sai says that we will continue to meet based on the initiative that you are here with. Satyeshwar and his army of love are gone.

Thinking of Malhar Sai’s advice, his father asked him to play the flute in the form of milk just to play the flute. Malhar asks if you like my music. He says that you play very well but you need to improve and work hard. Malhar thinks it means Sai is right and I need to work on it. His father says and what you play is enough to feed the cattle, you are not interested in becoming an artist. Malhar thinks that he will practice until he becomes the best and starts playing his flute.
Hearing this, Satyeshwar Maharaj and his Prem Sena pass by and stop. Satyeshwar applauds the reply he says very nice and sweet i dont remember hearing anything like this and you are very talented and i miss lord shri krishna and one day you will be a famous artist. Malhar gets very happy and asks who you are, Satyeshwar says keep playing and soon you will hear from me too.

Everyone in Dwarka Mai asks Chandu Malchapati about Satyeshwar. Baijma says that they helped us, but the people here have always deceived us like Balwant, and now I don’t know who to trust. Malachapati agrees, saying that I didn’t like it either. Pavitra asks Sai what to do with her. Sai smiles and shows everyone 2 coins and asks them to choose the best one. Pavitra says the new one looks better and the old one is a bit rusty. Sai gives a coin to Malachapati and another to Parvati and asks them to break it. Malachapati says how is it possible, Sai says let her try it once. Malchapati breaks it and says its soil. Sai says everyone judge the book by its cover, wait, understand a person, Satyeshwar has helped us, thank him and continue and what are his intentions, this time he will tell us and until then he is welcome. . Tatya says if people like him more than you. Sai says I am here because everyone loves me and not to increase devotees and here to support people and about Satyeshwar if he is here to help Shirdi people then I support him But for now he is our guest and guest is like God.

Kulkarni kills Santa Banta to bring Satyeshwar inside Shirdi. Balwant walks up to him and tells him to keep repeating your mistakes never think use your brain first this new maharaj is a boon to us Satyeshwar will give Sai stiff competition and once Sai is gone and we will be out of Shirdi a through Satyeswar. Kulkarni says that I have tried these ideas many times, some leave some to their devotees, but no one ever came here who already has so many devotees and maybe we will succeed, let’s ask them tomorrow.

In Dwarka Mai Sai, Bhagyashree’s mother tells Sai that she was rejected again by her horoscope, they like her but see that she is manglik and reject her. Sai says that kundli may be wrong but I don’t think Bhagyashree is wrong, she asks why she doesn’t get married. Sai says that God makes the connection and knows that Bhagyashree is very talented and she doesn’t want her to go anywhere else, they don’t appreciate her.

Pre Cap: Malhar meets Satyeshwar. A man asks Sai to tell him at his house that she can sell toys. Ankur says tell me about the places where I can take the cows. Sai smiles.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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