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Mere Sai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update : Kalavati rushes to Sai for help

Mere Sai Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Bhama asked Uddhava where he had been all morning and he did the mill work. Uddhav says that some work is stalled, it will be completed today. Bhama says don’t worry we have Sai’s blessings and you have Tushala. Uddhav says that he did and Sai refuses to accept it. Bhama asks what you did with him. Uddhav says that Sai didn’t take it so I donated it, Sai always says for her to serve the poor. Bhama says don’t be afraid, you’ve done well. Uddhav says that I am late for the mill.

Shirdi’s children ask Kamal to sing for them and praise Kamal’s voice. Malachapati turns to the children and tells them that there is a bhajan competition and if everyone is interested, come to Chavadi. Everyone leaves except Kamal. Prahlad returns to Kamal and asks him to attend. Kamal says no, I won’t. Prahlad says come on, you’ll have fun, don’t be afraid. Kamal calms down and pushes Prahlad away. Prahlad tells him: I thought to do good for you, but you pushed me and pushed me back. Lotus’s hair fell out. He pushes back inside the turban and runs back. Sai go.

Prahlad tells Sai, Kamal is very strange, I was helping him but he pushes me and runs away, he also has long hair why is he hiding them, I don’t want to be his friend. Sai says that he is fine, he looks at this crab in the jungle instead of the water, we need to help the crab and help Carb back to the water, the crab comes out again. Sai stops her. Prahlad says the carbohydrate doesn’t want to stay in the water, don’t force it. Sai says but I want him back in the water. Sai was bitten by the crab. Prahlad says why Sai forced him, look, he got scared and bit you. Sai says you didn’t do this with Kamal. Prahlad says but he sings so well so why be afraid. Sai tells Prahlad that everyone is different and they look at the lotus heart, not its appearance. Prahlad says that I understood my mistake. Sai tells him not to worry, apologizes and agrees.

Kamal closes the door and begins to cry. Kalavati asks him what is wrong, he hugs her and begins to cry. Kamal tells Kalavati what happened. Kalavati says that is why I stop you, Kamal says that the reason is you and not Prahlad and the others, because you prevent me from doing anything and remain closed, I feel suffocated. Kalavati says don’t cry I will make you sheera puri. Kamal says you always ask me to change the subject, why can’t I be the way I want. Kalavati says my work. Kamal says I know you’re an Araba dancer but I don’t, why should I always suffer?

The supervisor asked Uddhav to sign the papers. The observer thinks of Kalavati and sings her song and eats chocolate. Uddhav believes that she was also referring to him and that everyone wanted to see and touch Kalavati.
The worker goes to the supervisor and tells him that we will work hard and also do overtime, can he give us ₹15? The supervisor says I know you want it for Kalavati. They ask the supervisor how the show was. The supervisor says that she is very beautiful and he wants to touch her. That’s what they say here. Uddhav hears this and attacks the workers. Uddhav also pushed the supervisor. The supervisor asks them to take Uddhav out. Uddhav says dare to speak ill of Kalavati, I don’t want to work here.

Kulkarni scolds Santa Banta for bad tea. A villager goes to Kulkarni and asks for help in watching Kalavati’s show and offers to become Kulkarni’s slave. Kulkarni says that he is fine to mortgage his car and leave. He accepts and leaves. Sai walks up to her and Kailash tells her what need he is willing to give her car.
Kulkarni says sai good for you to come and see how the Kalavati show is beneficial to me and your black magic didn’t work and now they will leave you alone and go to Kalavati. Sai says that Kulkarni says that distracting people from their problems will not save them from their problems and he soon realizes that who else knows that Kalavati could stop dancing for others. Kulkarni says that Kalavati is not Swarna Bai. Sai says time tell this and disappears.

Kalavati thinks about her past in tears…
Jailiya goes to Kalavati and tells her to start working with me and she will get rid of all her dead husband’s debts. Kalavati says that I will die but I will not work with you. Pilia says that if you don’t pay the loan, your son will give it to you. Kalavati says no, I will work with you….

Kalavati wipes away tears thinking that Kamal is being affected. Kalavati walks towards Dwarka Mai and sees Sai meditating.
Kalavati says to Sai, I have done a lot but my baby does not understand you, I want to warm up because I know you have answers.

Pre Cap: Sai tells Kalavati, you are trying to save Kamala from society by trying to make Kamala a lotus, this is the right time to tell the truth.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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