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Mere Sai 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Sai teaches Subhas his first lesson.

Mere Sai Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Lotus salesman says brother-in-law, this boy has insulted me. Subhash thinks that I should apologize to him and do my job for now, he will agree too. Subhash tells the seller that I am sorry that I made a big mistake yesterday. The seller says that he is fine, I forgive you because I am a Sai devotee, Subhash asks for 5₹ back, the seller asks why. Subhash says that I need it very much and in return I will give you 100 rupees, it is like paying for my mistake. The seller disagrees. Subhash keeps asking for money, the seller feels bad and says that I am helping only because Sai taught us, now he gives 100 first because I don’t trust you. Subhash sees that his money has been stolen, he remembers Santa Banta and says that they must have stolen it. The seller says another such drama, unless you give me ₹100, I won’t give you the money. Subhash says that he saw that he had a lot of money and now I need it, the seller denies, Subhash attacks him and tries to steal in an argument. The vendor falls and breaks his utensils. Jijaji scolds Subhash, takes his hand and says give me my money, you won’t leave without paying me, Subhash says I don’t have any money, Jijaji says sit here I’ll teach you how to make utensils and then I’ll go. Subhash is forced to help Jijaji.

Kamal works according to Amarpal’s instructions.
Jijaji is trying to teach Subhash, Sai comes in, Subhash complains about Jijaji, Sai says sorry I won’t interfere in this, it’s between you and him. Sai asks Jijaji for some land for alms and a place to sit. Subhash sits next to Sai, Jijaji tells Sai that he has to go for the delivery and asks him to keep an eye on Subhash. Sai agrees.

Subhash tries to make utensils. Chetan is concerned about his mother’s submission, his mother complains about her behavior with Sai. Sai goes to Chetan and asks why he is so angry, Chetan says that he is against my wish. Sai says that anger ruins our peace, and we also stop thinking and then we keep messing up all our work, Chetan asks how can I control my anger? Sai asks what do you like best, Chetan says toys. Sai shows the toys made for Chetan, Sai says to think of them as his calming agent. Subhash thinks of Sai’s words and thinks of his grandfather and starts working on the wheel. Sai smiled seeing Subhash. Sai leaves.

Jijaji returns and sees that Subhash has made utensils for him and is doing more work. Jijaji praises Subhash and says that he can go now, Jijaji counts the utensils and bows to Subhash and says that he has made some extra utensils and therefore he should be paid for his hard work and give them 1₹

Amarpal cares about Subhash, Subhash comes in, Amarpal is about to trip, Subhash runs to stop him. Amarpal asks if you got 5₹. Subhash tells Amarpal that his money was stolen, Sai tells Amarpal that Subhash has something special for you, Subhash says yes, I have won ₹1 today, take it, I have worked hard for it. Amarpal gets very happy and asks him to give it to Sai.

Subhash goes to Sai and says here 1₹, Sai looks at Subhash’s hand and says that he has worked hard. Subhash says my money was stolen now you can fix my grandfather. Sai says sorry, the deal was for 5 rupees and therefore you have to give me 4 more rupees.

Pre cap: Sai says that jealousy and pride don’t let you see things clearly, you become selfish.
Subhash tells a vendor, I am Subhash Gokhale and I will not bow down to you. The jeweler says in that note that he intends to pawn this ring.

Update Credits: Tanya

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