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Mere Sai 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Sai asks Amarpal to teach Kamal his skills

Mere Sai Nov 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Kamal takes his injured father Deva to Sai and tells him that he is facing these injuries since last years and no doctor can cure him and he can’t walk or sit properly, he can’t work. Sai applies his ashes to Deva’s feet and asks her to try to walk without the support of his staff and his son. Deva struggles to her feet, but Kio perseveres, finally trying to walk. Deva walks without any support and his leg is absolutely fine.

Santa goes to Subhash and asks for the address. Subhash says I’m new here, I have no idea. Santa says you don’t look new please don’t lie I really need your help. Banta slowly steals money from Subhash’s pocket. Santa leaves Subhash and leaves. Look Santa Banta, he has a lot of money.

Deva hugs her son and says look Kamal my leg is fine. Amarpal hears all this and is overjoyed. Deva says today I know why people call you a messenger of God and I need one more favor, my son is going through many difficulties and I was never able to educate him, bless us so that he can do some work. Sai says my blessings are with you, but Kamal will have to work hard on his account. Kamal says I am ready to work but to learn something we need at least some money but I don’t have it please tell us somehow. Sai says that Amarpal will show you the way. Amarpal says I am blind how should I do it, Sai says take it as an ancient connection and soon you will know what.

Sai calls Tatya and asks him to make arrangements for Dev and Kamal at his house. Tatya says yes. Sai asks Kamal to leave her father and come back.

The seller Kamal meets his brother in law and tells him that he was late because he met a very rude boy and tells him about his experience with Subhash and then gives him Prasad. Subhash seeks 5 rupees and offers 100 rupees in return, but he is not helped and says that this village is very poor.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai collects firewood and says someone will need it today, Kamal goes to Sai and says that baba is happy at Tatya’s, what should I do next? Sai says Amarpal, you had horse-drawn cart business, right? Amarpal says that he did do it with his hands and then he would go to the factory but after I lost sight of him I had to stop everything. Sai says you will make one now, teach Kamal how to make a cart, it will be very useful.

Subhash says that I wish I had not given money to the lotus seller, if I see him again I will ask him to pay me back.

Amarpal asks Sai if he really thinks he can teach someone without looking, if Kamal is wrong then how will I find him and it can be risky too. Sai says man lose hope before he try, I am with you and Kamal is ready to work hard and he is an experienced craftsman like you can do anything and Subhash is given ₹5 and you get your eyesight back. Let’s do it and see how he has fared for Kamal. Amarpal says Sai, before I had a lot of faith in myself and today your words made me realize my worth and now I am sure that Kamal will be a very good craftsman. Kamal says that now I know my path. Sai says that they both haven’t understood anything yet.
Amarpal says we don’t have a team, Sai says when you want to do something God sends help.

Sai Kamal displays tools and wood. Kamal was overjoyed, Sai told him to resume his work and went out to collect alms.
Kamal asks Amarpal where to start, Amarpal asks him to chop wood.

Subhash is still looking for ₹5, he sees a rich man and approaches him and says, I want ₹5. I will give him ₹100 in return, the rich man says sorry I donated whatever. Sai passing by sees Subhash and takes a leaf and turns it into money, blows on it and it falls near Subhash. Subhash says wow 1₹ let me take it and then I’ll only need 4₹, Subhash tries to take but the money blows away due to the wind and Kamal falls at the vendor’s feet, he looks at Subhash.

Pre Limit: Subhash offers them a deal, Kamal’s seller says I don’t trust you, they get into an argument.
Subhash goes to Amarpal and says that I have earned ₹1 for the first time.
He asks Subhash to give it to Sai. Subhash says Sai, here you go ₹1, can you fix my grandfather now? Sai says you still owe me 4 rupees.

Update Credits: Tanya

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