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Mere Sai 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update : Suraj’s mother slaps him

Mere Sai Aug 26, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Sai says that Suraj’s intentions will change, and if Suraj hadn’t run away, today’s things wouldn’t have happened. Tatya says you called him Sai but he didn’t listen to you, if he had a lawyer like Kaka Saheb he would have saved him. Sai says that he doesn’t want to trust anyone, he believes that you do violence for justice. Shama says but you tried to explain the result to him but he didn’t understand.

Sai says that Shama remembers when you were a teacher and Tatya was your student, mathematics was difficult for her and she stopped studying it. Shama says yes, I remember and he always used to run away from math class with Keshav. Sai says and then what happened. Shama says that one day Tatya saw Keshav solving math problems and therefore Tatya also started paying attention. Sai says that Suraj also needs to see an example. Malchapati asks who that person could be. Sai says that there is someone who can influence Suraj.

Vishal is thinking about how wrong Sooraj is and now he is away from his family. Vishal thinks about the past, how once when he was practicing Suraj, he stops him and tells him that he thinks he will be a player. Vishal says no, I’m not. Vishal says I’m just exercising, I’m not practicing running, Surah says I’m doing this for your own good.
Vishal sees an entry form and bursts into tears saying that Dada ruined everything.

The police come to her house looking for Suraj, Vishal says that we don’t know where she is, Vishal tells her that Dada is not at home, whatever you want to ask, don’t ask in front of her. The inspector says that he has raised a child like him and lets him see what his son is doing, kills people, wounds them and orders Suraj to be shot, to hand over his son. He begs or starts collecting wood and leaves for his funeral.
Vishal approaches his mother, hugs her and prays to Sai.

Sai in Dwarka Mai picks up some pebbles and says Vishal you will be an example to your brother.
Keeping an eye on Suraj, Suraj’s men distract the police, Sooraj enters. Vishal says why did you come, there are police outside. Suraj says that I am not afraid. Suraj turns to his mother and tells her that I am fighting for the poor like Baba, she slaps him. Vishal says I don’t want you to mention Baba. Suraj says I’m not mistaken, this is the world. She points to the door. Vishal says to please leave Dada before the police see it, Suraj says that I can’t show anything but hate her from him.

Sai makes a map, Lakshmi asks what it is. Sai says that someone is walking and it is important to show him the right path. Vishal sees that a man is stealing the necklace, runs after him and grabs it. Lakshmi sees Sai making his way. The thief enters as soon as Sai does.

Suraj was exercising thinking about how his mother slapped him. Suraj recalls how he was a sprinter and was not declared the winner and cleared of false charges because he did not let the British win and would be put behind bars if he tried to race the British again. Sooraj says how long will we put up with this injustice, he was helping others in my own country, we are like slaves, says the worker, but he looks, the mill is still running and Balwant and Kulkarni are still making a profit. Suraj says you’re right, we can’t let the mill start.

Vishal catches the thief and retrieves the necklace, the other villagers gather and say he is not from our village and he takes him back to his village and heads out. Sai walks over, everyone praises Vishal, Visakha makes the woman wear a necklace. Sai says that Vishal can be a very good runner and make our country proud. Vishal says no after what he happened to Dada. Sai still says why you practice and hide it from everyone and Suraj thinks that just as he faced injustice, you too will face the same, and only you can prove to Suraj that he is wrong. And by winning the race, you will prove it. you have a booklet hidden in the closet, run and win and win your brother too.

Suraj and his men prevented them from finding the supervisor and other workers. Supervisor asks how you are Suraj, I left food in your tension. Suraj takes out tiffin from his bag and says that we are all fighting here and you keep jumping, other workers say that we are also working without being able to do anything, we have family and children to take care of. Suraj says and we have no family but we are fighting for a better future and because of you cowards so the mill will not start now or our efforts will be in vain so happily join us or we will be forced and you do. does anyone want to antagonize me?

Sai goes to him citing the importance of violence. Suraj remembers a written format of the appointment.

Ex Topi: Suraj and his accomplices plan to rob the mill. Santa and Banta hear this and inform Balwant and Kulkarni.
Suraj and his companions at the mill, Suraj is shot by the police.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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