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Mere Sai 26 May 2022 Written Episode Update Shirdi’s children perform their drama

Mere Sai 26 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

The children of Shirdi discuss among themselves whether they will be able to defeat these children. Srikanth says believe in yourself. Children say in English that even our family will not understand. Sai says everyone will understand and Prahlad you want to be part of right side, do as I say. Prahlad says ok.
Sai sees Ragini worried and gives her hope. Ragini in tears.
The other children finish their game. Malti says she did a great job for him.
Host says its hard to beat this performance, let’s see what Shirdi kids will do. Balwant tells Kulkarni what are you doing drama is starting and officials are not. Kulkarni says wait and see.

Srikant says Ragini, let’s go. Ragini remembers Kulkarni’s words and says I cannot do this. Everyone was shocked. Srikanth says don’t give up hope, Ragini says I can’t.

Balwant asks Kulkarni what he is doing, Kulkarni explains how Ragini’s mother was once shamed when she was young and history will repeat and if these kids perform they will be arrested and if they do. If we don’t then we will win anyway, and let’s have fun.

Srikant says Ragini I believe in you, Kulkarni comes inside and makes fun of Ragini and says give up this girl cannot do anything. Sai says seeing kids upset God also gets upset and looks at you, Kulkarni says they don’t deserve mercy. Balwant says Shrikant your kids are of no use, Kulkarni says give them some time, they are villagers and performing in English too, so we give you 15 minutes and do whatever you want and Sai has these It’s time to save the kids from embarrassment
Sai says Ragini come with me.
Officers rushing to the game to arrest the children before the end of the game.

Ragini walks on stage with Sai. Sai explains to Ragini the importance of the stage and how it is like a mother to artistes, and asks her which is the most peaceful place for her, says Ragini Meri Maa. Sai says how then this condition will embarrass their child. Ragini says if I fail then all will do, Sai and if you don’t perform then you will lose without any fight and future is in God’s hands and when we work hard then at least we know that we tried our best, i gave you a bundle did you check it, ragini says no and opens it, she sees musk in it, ragini says why, sai says like about deer musk doesn’t know and keeps looking for him and this is how you focus on your talent, Ragini hugs him and says I will perform. Sai blesses him.

Kulkarni gets angry. Shirdi children’s play begins. The other children are shocked and Malti is impressed by hearing their English. Prahlad translates the play into Hindi for others.
British officer comes and says this play is banned, Balwant says yes it is right this play is banned. Officer asks who is the director here, Srikanth says I am, officer says arrest him and all the children who are protesting. Villagers try to defend Srikanth and the kids, the officer says they have broken the rules, no one can save them from being arrested. Police officer unable to move forward, Balwant asks what is wrong, they say our legs are stuck we cannot move. Kulkarni says Balwant, this is beggar Sai’s trick, if you do this then Sai will also send you to jail. Sai says I didn’t do anything, maybe God doesn’t want kids to go to jail and kids have done work. is difficult and so it will be play and ask the kids to start the game again. The children start playing again.

Balwant and Kulkarni were shocked to see the reaction of the people playing. Malti applause for children. Sai says to the officer that the money you earn from harassing your people and innocent children, how will you see development, and you want to arrest those kids who are showing you the current situation and soon this situation will affect you too. and these kids are against it for nothing they are fighting for their right, if they get respect they will give respect and if you think you are doing right by doing wrong service then arrest me too because I am with him, Keshav stands up and says I am with him, arrest me too, Prahlad says arrest me too. If my friends go to jail, will I, Kulkarni yells at Prahlad, slowly All the villagers stand up for the children. Sai says now you all can go ahead and arrest us. The officer asked his colleagues to arrest him and said that no one will be spared and I will come back with more force.

ICS officer says it will not be necessary, why this drama is banned because Britishers think it will be a movement against them but arresting children will make it worse, so we should warn them and leave Should give.

Pre Cap: Balwant says to Kulkarni, my next move against Sai – no one will ever think about it and soon you will see him and others begging in front of me.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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