Mere Sai 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Balvant tricks Mahesh

Mere Sai 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Balvant tricks Mahesh

Mere Sai 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Balvant tricks Mahesh

Mere Sai 21st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mahesh asks Balvant why did he do this. Balvant says I had no other way and so when you went to see Savari I met Kulkarni….
(Balvant asks Kulkarni to do something because he believes that lower caste don’t even deserve to be my servants. Kulkarni says but you agreed with Mahesh, Balvant says so that he brings her near village borders, so that no one sees us. Because of that girl, Mahesh has gone against me and so she needs to be taught a lesson, even if this is her last lesson)

Sai kneels on the ground and prays to all 5 Gods and says you are God of resources and treat everyone equal, then how will you let innocent face trouble, please take care of Mahesh and Savari and give them strength to fight against injustice. Everyone sees 5 elements come up from the ground and travel. Everyone shocked.

Balvant’s men separate Mahesh and Savari. Savari begs to leave them. Kulkarni says shout as much as you want no one will come to save you and today’s day will be example for Shridi. Balvant signs. A man walks to Savari with sword. Mahesh feels the energy, he pushes everyone, and fights them. Balvant and Kulkarni shocked. Kulkarni says where did he get so much strength that he fought with 5 bodybuilders. Mahesh says does anyone else wants to fight and says Savari let’s run. Kulkarni and Balvant ask their men to catch them.

Sai says to everyone Gods have done their part and now it’s our time. While running away, Mahesh trips and falls he asks Savari to run ahead he will catch up. Savari leaves, Kulkarni and balvant see them run separately and ask their men to catch them and says we have to catch both because Mahesh will save her again.
Mahesh in the forest shouts for Savari and asks where are you.

Savari running gets tired, she turns around and sees Balvant Kulkarni and his men. Savari gets scared but Mahesh steps in. Kulkarni asks Mahesh aside. Mahesh says you have to deal with me before touching Savari. Balvant says in front of your eyes we will kill this girl and you won’t be able to do anything. Sai walks to Mahesh and Savari and says God always send help for good people. Balvant says you alone will save her. Sai looks at the villagers. Kulkarni and Balvant shocked. Villagers say Balvant is so two faced. Keshav says my father always was clear he believes in castesim but you Balvant uncle, you always showcased you treat everyone equally and so people respect you, this is so bad. Balvant shouts I didnt do anything wrong, this girl is trying to trap my son for his money and so what is wrong in it. Sai says humans can lie but faces don’t, look at everyone here and you will know the truth. Sai says to Mahesh and Savari, think how difficult it is to go ahead in your relation even after seeing all this. Mahesh says I will even give my life for Savari but wont break the promise to take care of her. Sai asks Savari. Savari says even I will be with Mahesh. Balvant says I won’t let that happen and ask his men to kill Savari. Villagers stand in front of Savari and Mahesh to protect them.

Gangadhar says we wont let this marriage happen, this is against religion and society. Kulkarni says last warning move aside or else they will kill you because they believe in our religion so step back, I am ready to go in prison after killing you all to save my religion. Sai draws a line on the ground. Kulkarni laughs at Sai and says this is how you will save them. Sai says you are hiding the truth in the name of society and this line is to save the truth, we follow one religion and that is humanity, respecting each other and treating everyone equal.
Sai asks to begin wedding rituals. Manjapai says okay Sai. Mahesh and Savari’s wedding rituals begin. Balvant asks his men to kill Savari, they step forward but are unable to cross the line.

Pre cap: Sai asks Mahesh not to break relations and his mother is not at fault, so go and meet her.
Mahesh says to Sai, after all this I won’t go. Sai says at least try once.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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