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Mere Sai 17 March 2022 written episode update

Mere Sai 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Then Vishnu comes there with sacks of grain. He saluted Sai. Sai asks her to wait for him. I will talk to you soon. Vishnu shakes his head. He sits next to the kids and gives them something to eat.

Sai asks Pandit ji to take out the tongs by dipping them in a bowl of water. Pandit ji does as he is told but sees the tongue confused. Sai asks him to pick up water. Everyone watches in confusion. Sai asks pandit ji to try. Pandit ji agrees but nothing happens. Sai tries her again and again. Pandit ji explains the reason for this that water cannot remain in the tongue. Sai says this is what you should understand. Then you will not feel restless or incomplete. Consider this pot to be the universe, water as knowledge and yourself as a tongs. Till now you have only imbibed the knowledge which is equivalent to drops on the tongue while you still feel that you have learned everything. This ego and feeling above others is creating these feelings in you. He asks Vishnu to sit with him. Vishnu is with them. Sai introduced him to Panditji. He is not educated like you. He has read very few books. Ask him if he is as restless as you. Sai asks Vishnu if he feels incomplete. Vishnu denies. Problems come in life. Even though I have some worries, I can sleep peacefully. Pandit ji asks him how he does this. Sai says he has learned more about love than other things. He has distributed as much as he has received, so he is satisfied. You didn’t give time to your family or do anything to help anyone else. It’s not too late though. Go home and accept your responsibility. Overcome your ego and share your knowledge with love. Ram ji will fix everything. Children smile.

Pandit ji says what I had heard about you does not do justice to who you really are. You shared such a great thing so easily. For the first time in years I feel like I can see God. Sai says one verse. God is equally present everywhere. I know that God appears where there is love. As soon as love sprouted in you, God appeared in front of you. Pandit ji replies that he has understood everything. Sai blesses him. Panditji leaves. Ragini tells Sai that she has also understood the meaning of the couplet. She explains it. Sai says that a person with true knowledge can truly love others. He knows that everyone is one. They are equal because they all belong to the Almighty!

Vishnu tells Sai that he has brought a portion of grain for them to distribute to the needy. Sai says you give it every year without fail. Does your family accept it? Vishnu shares that he wants his son to work hard and give some part of his earnings to others. I sometimes feel that he doesn’t understand me properly but I hope that one day he will change for good. Sai suggested him to go home. Vishnu shakes his head. He asks his assistant to keep the sack inside. he nods.

Keshav asks Sai what he means by his words Abhi. Mohan has not said anything to Vishnu Kaka till date. Why would he say that now? is there something? Sai replies that the surface of the lamp which illuminates the world is dark.

Two men tell Mohan that they feel pity on him. How do you live with a father who cares about others more than you? He asks them what they mean. They tell him how Vishnu gave his land to Pandurang today. Mohan angrily grabs one of them by his collar. My father donates but he is not a fool.

Vishnu and Mohan are eating. Vishnu asks him what he is thinking. Mohan suggests sowing cashew nuts in the field. Vishnu tells him to let Pandurang decide. Mohan wonders what the villagers told him and asks him why he gave his land to Pandurang without asking. You only think of others. what about us? Mohan’s wife tells Vishnu that he could have at least thought of their child. Haven’t we taken good care of you? Vishnu denies. We will still be landlords. Mohan asks him about his responsibility towards him. Vishnu’s reason is that he too took that step to ensure that Mohan starts working. You will not be able to stand on your feet otherwise. Mohan asks him how he can give his property to someone else. Vishnu corrected him that this was his land. Mohan insists that he is the heir but Vishnu argues that he has never seen the field even once. Mohan tells him to take back the land from Pandurang now. call her home! Vishnu calls it impossible. Mohan tells her that he doesn’t deserve to be here in that case. This is the only house left. If you stay here any longer you will sell it to others! Also, this house belongs to my grandfather, so I have a right over it. Get out of the house or else I will drag you to court! Vishnu is hurt. Will you drag the name of our family to the court? He asks his DIL to say something to Mohan. She finally asks him to go quietly too. Mohan asks her to leave again. Vishnu asks him where he will go. Mohan says you have done a lot for the society. Ask them to do something for you now! Vishnu says I live in this house because only you and Anusuya make this house your home. you are my family Mohan holds her hand and throws her out of the house! He closes the door on his face.

Sai looks sad. Baijama asks him what happened. Sai replies that it hurts a lot when the plant which you have nurtured throughout your life hurts the gardener with its thorns as it turns into a tree.

Vishnu is walking sad. Everyone is listening to Sai’s discourses. Vishnu finally sits down and weeps silently. Sai tells them a story. A farmer sowed a mango seed in his courtyard. Her son helps her to drink water. He took care of it diligently and the plant started growing. His son is still helping him. The plant turns into a big tree. The son threw his old father out of the house. You have spent every penny helping others! Now there is no place for you here. Sai pats the old man on his shoulder. He asks Sai why this happened to him when he has only helped everyone till date. Sai points to the mango tree. Today your shadow has become. Old thanks Sai. Vishnu keeps on crying.

Sai says this story tells us that goodness is like wind. We don’t see it but it helps us. It starts giving life the very moment everything else ends. Our good deeds definitely come back to us!

Precap: A man asks Sai where he is going now. it is raining hard. Vishnu covers someone with a shawl. He looks towards the door and notices Sai.

Update Credits: Pooja

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