Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ragini reveals Ishani’s truth

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ragini reveals Ishani’s truth

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ragini reveals Ishani’s truth

Meet the written episode of 7th Nov 2022 written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet Meet Ahlawat Dancing with another person in costume by the window. Milo wonders who she is. Laila thinks your husband is in my arms and you will see how I celebrate Diwali with him. Meat breaks the door and tries to open the latch from the outside but he can’t reach her.
Laila remembers soaking her handkerchief in chloroform and thinks I’m sorry for everything I’m going to do to meet Ahlawat.
Meet finds a wire, loops it, and opens the door from the outside.
Meet the crowd to meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat, she thinks she is here, so who is behind me? Meet says that she is the girl who kept cake and flowers in your room. Milo approaches her and asks her to take off her mask and show me her true face. Milo tries to touch her mask but Laila pushes him away and runs off. Meet Ahlawat ran to catch him but she couldn’t. Meet Ahlawat, ask, who was she? Meet says I don’t know and something is written on the cake like MEET AHLAWAT IS MINE. Meet Ahlawat gets a voicemail saying I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you with me, but I’m sure only you and I will celebrate Diwali together. Meet Ahlawat says this girl is smart, she sent a message from a private number. Meet him, hug him, tell him I won’t leave you. Meet Ahlawat Calm down, don’t worry. Meet says that only we knew about this date, so how did she come to know about it? They say that the person is very intelligent. Meet says that this girl said that she will celebrate Diwali with you, which means that she will do something soon. Meet remembers seeing flowers in Neelu’s room and talks about her. Meet Ahlawat says: Do you think Neelam will do anything in her pregnant state? Meet says that for this we have to go and check if Neelam is there. Meet Ahlawat says that we will go talk to yo Neelu and then we will tell our family about our relationship.

Ishani shows her anger at Ragini. Ragini asks that she have enough. Ishani is removing the thread by hand. Babita approaches him and tells him what that behavior is, Ragini ties it on your hand for your safety, she treats you like her daughter and you disrespect her feelings. Ishani says that this lady is a coward and that everyone in this family thinks wrong. Babita gets angry and tries to slap him. Ragini took her hand. Ram yells at Ragini that this girl is insulting the whole family but you are not scolding her yet, tell me what is your relationship with her that you are ready to be against everyone. Babita asks why she covers for her. Raj says sure you’re in trouble, but what’s the reason you don’t tell him, tell me what’s the reason. Ram says that you are hiding something, tell me the truth, what is your relationship with him, if you don’t say it, I will kick him out. Ragini was silent. Ram took Ishani’s hand. Ragini says that she is my daughter. Everyone in shock. The innocent tells Sunaina that she hid this from everyone for so many years, she betrayed a kind man, she hurt Ram. Ram is emotionally hurt and walks away. Ishani in shock. Ragini sat on the ground crying.

Seeing Neelu, Barfi thinks that he doesn’t know what Laila did when she was away and I have to lie to everyone because of her about how I will handle the situation now. Neelu wakes up, says why does my head hurt and when did I come here, he looks at the clock and says it’s 9 o’clock, I must prepare for pooja. Barfi says that there is no need to go anywhere. I told Babita you’re not okay, she only works with me. Neelu says what’s going on, I don’t remember anything and can’t act. Barfi says some things that we have to do according to the condition, she asks to use your shadows that you make for mom.

Meet Ahlawat tells Milo that he can’t believe Ragini could do something like this, there must be a reason. Meet says that I respect him even after knowing about his story, everyone has a story but you can’t introduce anyone based on their story, you were going to tell about that family but the aunt told the truth about her and damaged the relationship, sometimes saying the truth is not the answer, I think our family will not be able to accept the truth. Meet Ahlawat says that what you say is true, but I can’t believe it. I feel like lying won’t help our relationship last long. Meet says that what you are saying is true, but keeping your mouth shut is not a lie, you promise Deep that you will take care of Barfi, we have kept our relationship hidden so that no one says that Neelu’s son is illegitimate. If you tell everyone the truth, then they will question his honesty, how are you going to save him, first we need to find the culprit, Neelu asked us for help, we must give time and help him. The servant approaches them and tells them to eat. Milo asks if anyone has eaten. The servant says no. He asks about the meeting plate. The servant says that it is because of Neelu that he is not well, that he did not even go out to worship. Meet says give me this, I’ll take it and asks to meet Ahlawat. I will personally check if it is me or Abhinay.


Update Credits: Tanaya

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