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Meet 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Doctor tell Meet that commander is dead

Meet the Written Episode of 6 Jan 2023 Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet Ahlawat killed the terrorist with his own hand. He falls to the ground.

Masoom and Ishani knock on Sunaina’s door and show her the video of Meet being held hostage by a terrorist in the hospital. Ishani says that nothing is right, Meet is in the hospital and sees his condition.

Meet Ahlawat and tie up the terrorist’s hands and feet. She meets Ahlawat and asks him to come back to work. Meet says what if others hear the sound of breaking.

Sunaina asks how this happened and if anyone in this house knows about them where is Ragini. Inocencio says that he scares us when we see this video, we don’t know anything.

Busy demolishing the civil wall. The boss asked everyone to be quiet. Meet asks everyone to stop and says no noise stop working.

The doctor tells the chief that the only way to save the commander is if we do a kidney transplant. The boss says not to worry, someone here will give you a kidney.

Gather Ask everyone to come out and join other people.

Sunaina tells Masoom that we should go to Babita and talk to her. Raj approaches them and tells them that you won’t tell him if he finds out about her, then he won’t be able to handle the information. Sunaina says that we should meet Ahlawat. Ram says that he already knew and that he is trying to save them while Ragini and Meet are trapped.

The boss says if anyone says yes, I’ll stab him and take his kidney. He asks the doctor to arrange a kidney transplant. go doctor. The boss asks where is number 2. he Meets Ahlawat says if you meet her you will be mad, she is in the bathroom and she is not feeling well. The boss says forget it, focus on the commander and a kidney for him.

Raj says this is the time to support each other if everything goes well here then we will help them too we should pray for everyone’s safety.

Number 3 says let’s take Meat’s kidney, she’s already dead. The boss says that he arranges to save my brother, we will bring him a kidney, if anything happens to him, he will die.

The police on duty say that if you allow me, I will enter the hospital with my team.

The boss asked Meet Ahlawat about Meet’s body. He says come I’ll take you, he asks Ragini to change the meat to number 3 and lie down like a corpse until then I’ll stop them. Ragini goes to tell Meet.

Outside the Ahlawat mansion, the reporter is talking to Raj and Ram about the Meet and Ragini situation. Babita goes out and sees. The reporter asked him about the situation. Babita says stop lying, my Ragini and Meet are safe. The reporter says that everyone knows that they are being held hostage in the hospital.

Meet Ahlawat is leading them towards Meet. Ragini is in search of room number 4 to save Meet. We introduce you to Busy breaking the wall. Ragini finds room number 4 and then says that I think I’m on the wrong floor. Tell number 1 that this is the wrong way. The chief gets angry and yells at him. Ragini is scared and looking for Meet, she finds the room.

The reporter showed Meet the video of the terrorist being taken hostage. Raj asks Ram to accompany them. Babita is surprised to see the video

I meet Ahlawat outside room number 3. He says I don’t know if he’s inside or not. Number 1 asks him to leave and he opens the door. Meet Ahlawat found Meet inside. The boss asked him to lie down on the stretcher. Meet Ahlawat picks her up and says that if the doctor meets her he will know that she is alive, first I need to save her from that and then we will continue with our plan. The boss asked him to hurry up. They took him out on a stretcher.

Babita in shock seeing the video says that you already know about the situation, even Ram and you did not tell me anything about this, he knows where Ahlawat is.

Terrorists taking the mast to the operating room. Meet sees them. She meets Ahlawat, screaming in pain, says that he is not feeling well. Mukhiya says go and take her towards OT.

Babita says she knows Ahlawat too because when she was feeding her she didn’t react while eating potatoes and she started crying and got scared of her.

Mukhiya, going towards OT, asked No.1 to remove the sofa from there. Thinking of meeting Ahlawat who is hiding nearby, it’s good that I blocked the way, I’ll have time to hide. The terrorist is pulling out the sofa, walks over to the gurney and hides under it.

Babita yells at Raj in a panic. Raj I am also worried about the situation and I know your condition will worsen that’s why I didn’t tell you but remember one thing everyone will come back safe because Meet Ahlawat has promised me to bring them back and you know He always keeps His promises

The boss asked the doctor to start the operation. The doctor asked him to wait outside. Meet Ahlawat Get off the stretcher and shut your mouth Calm down He’s alive I’m doing this so you don’t scream. Meet says that we need your help and tells how they are trying to break the wall in room number 4. Meet Ahlawat says that he needs to buy time for us so we can save everyone. He says I need you to help us if we do this we will all die. Meet Ahlawat says to stop yelling. The doctor told them that the commander was already dead. They are both in shock.


Update Credits: Tanya

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