Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update : Neelam admits having feelings for Meet Ahlawat

Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update : Neelam admits having feelings for Meet Ahlawat

Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update : Neelam admits having feelings for Meet Ahlawat

Meet Nov 3, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

So he meets Ahlawat, wakes up to find flowers on her table and a cake with I love you written on it. Meet Ahlawat thinks Meet who has done this for him and says I want to meet you. Meet Ahlawat send messages to him, I liked the surprise, come see me, I miss you.

The innocent sees Neelu doing housework and decides to show Neelu’s video, Meet and Meet Ahlawats and thinks that I will not let Meet rest in this house.

Ragini goes to Ishani and tells him to eat something, yesterday you didn’t eat anything either and you threw the food away. Ishani says for her to stop this drama and go away, her fake love won’t help me. Babita comes in and says how dare you talk to your mother friend in this tone and why is she misbehaving like that, what happened. Ishani tells him that you will punish my culprit, no you are not right and strong as the truth can hurt you. Ragini freaks out and tells Ishani to tell me what’s wrong. Ishani says how you care and she leaves. Babita says that Ragini is very strange, she is so upset and angry all the time. Ragini says that she’s just upset, it’s not bad. Babita says that she has no respect for elders. Ragini says I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.

Meet walks into Ahlawat’s room and thinks she has brought cake and flowers to surprise her. Meet Ahlawat hugs her and thanks her for her surprise. Meet says I didn’t do this. I thought you did it for me. She knows Ahlawat says who gave me this.

Masoom goes to Neelu and says that you and your brother were late yesterday, where did you go for a romantic dinner? Neelu freaks out. Masoom says I know you’re lying because I saw Meet Ahlawat with Meet and clicked on her photos, here they are. Neelu see photos, innocent keep provoking Neelu and says you are daughter in law here and no one has this right, Milo Ahlawat is your husband and mother also detained her and you are supporting her and ruining your happiness Don’t miss any opportunity to be close to Meet Ahlawat , look how close you are to them. Neelu gets angry and takes photos of gardening equipment and about to attack Masoom from behind, Babita calls out to Innocent and Innocent leaves.

Meet Ahlawat asked if the room was locked, Meet Ahlawat said yes. Meet says that only Neelam and I have keys, so it’s Neelam. Meet Ahlawat tells why he would do this. Meet says I know he won’t, but I think we should ask him and ask him about the rapist as well. Meet says we’ll ask him later when he calms down about the rapist but ask about the cake and flowers. Meet Ahlawat says that if he has feelings for me, Meet says that we never try to understand his feelings, come talk to him.

Neelu near the temple and meet Ahlawat and say that we want to talk to you about something and don’t be afraid, don’t be angry and promise me that if you trust us you will tell us the truth. Neelu nodded affirmatively. Meet asks Neelu about his feelings for Meet Ahlawat. Neelu ignores the question, Meet stops her and says Neelu for Meet Ahlawat tell us the truth and I promise your answer won’t affect our relationship and it’s normal to have feelings and that’s how you met Send cake and flowers to Ahlawat’s room. Neelu gets scared and starts crying. Meet Ahlawat says to stop, it’s getting weird. Meet says tell me Neelu, you love Meet Ahlawat. Neelu says yes, I have feelings and love. Meet Ahlawat, I tried so hard but I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and yes, I sent her flowers and cake.

Babita walks up to him and starts berating meet for asking Neelu those questions and you have crossed the line, you are only because of Raj otherwise you have no right in this house and my son, you are ex-wife and Neelam is his wife. Meet Ahlawat stops Babita and says that you don’t know the whole truth so don’t comment, Babita scolds him and tells him what you mean. Milo Ahlawat calms down and, about to tell the truth, Meet stops him. Masoom tells why you told us the truth. Masoom says mother, I’ve seen Meet and Meet Ahlawat together, Babita says Masoom, I know you hate meat, but that doesn’t mean you question my children’s character. Inocencio Saus Mama I’m not lying. Babita says show me the proof, Masoom says I clicked on her photos and showed them to Neelam too. Neelu says no you didn’t. Masoom says why do you lie and why do you keep this meat, Neelu says Masoom di I didn’t see any pictures. Masoom says that he is fine, he looks at those pictures on my phone, Masoom starts checking his phone, Neelu faints and Masoom falls on the phone, Mee Ahlawat and Meet help Neelam. The lady picks up her phone and no photo is found, Masoom says that Neelu deleted my proof. Babita says, quite innocently, why would Neelam try to save Meet, and that’s until she’s pregnant. Babita asks Meet and Meet Ahlawat to take Neelam to her room.

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