Meet 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet send Neelam to Mental Asylum

Meet 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet send Neelam to Mental Asylum

Meet 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet send Neelam to Mental Asylum

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Find Ahlawat on the stairs. Neelam is secretly watching and meets with Ahlawat to find out about her condition. Meet remembers Masoom asking what Meet Ahlawat has to do. Meet says that he wants to see Meet Ahlawat doing everything he used to do when his eyesight was fine.
To meet Ahlawat, Babita is acting with God. Raj says come here sit with us and have breakfast. Meet Ahlawat misses her training and starts going downstairs. Neelam says in shock that it’s not possible. Ragini accidentally drops the apple in her way. She stops walking when she has a bad cough. Everyone is worried. Meet Ahlawat remembers asking Meet what would happen if something came his way. Meet says don’t worry, I’ll give you a signal and stop walking. Meet Ahlawat asks Sunaina to give him water and he goes to Babita. Meet Ahlawat complains about the Meet for Jot and says that he will hold it only tomorrow. Milo sits next to him and takes his hand.

Meet says I’ll feed you today. Neelam is looking there. Everyone starts to eat breakfast. Neelam brings the ball. She thinks they are trying to trick me, I’m going to check whether she has regained her sight or not. Neelam throws the ball towards Meet Ahlawat and he catches it. After seeing that everyone is in shock. Let’s brighten everyone’s mood. Raj asked who threw the ball. Neelam hides behind the pillar. Ask him how you caught the ball. Meet Ahlawat says you know how talented and the best goalkeeper I am, so it was my instinct that helped me. Neelam thinks it means the meat was fine, the vision of him is coming back.

Meet Ahlawat and meet in the living room. Meet says you know Neelam was yelling and breaking things after she left here she was mad at who can you do better. She says there’s a reason everyone calls you Meet Ustad. Meet says what an awkward situation, we are waiting for other good times and we are waiting for Neelam to come from her and give her an injection. Meet Ahlawat says that I am scared for you if things get out of hand before we know everything as my body part is closing day by day. Meet Shash says I believe in our love, no one can take you away from me, if they try I’ll kill them.

Mila walks into Neelam’s room with the nurse. She asks where are you taking me. Meet says that you forgot that they have come to take you to an asylum. Nurse, take him.

He meets Ahlawat sitting in the hallway. Babita should come and wish you a happy marriage anniversary. She meets Ahlawat on the couch.
Nurse taking Neelam with her. Neelam sees all the arrangements for the anniversary, she says that they are making arrangements for the anniversary. Meet says yes and today we are getting married again. Neelam congratulated on the anniversary and said that it is good that I am leaving today. Meet thinks I thought she would throw tantrums and try to kill. Meet Ahlawat, if she leaves so easily, how will I get antibodies?
Babita gets scared and asks Raj for help. She knows Ahlawat, he doesn’t move at all.
Neelam walks towards tuen and meets says I’m leaving and I don’t know when I’ll be back. I just want to apologize to Ahlawat. Please consider this my last wish and let me meet you. Neelam walks to the door.
Everyone surrounds Ahlawat to meet him, they rub his body. Neelam is about to open the door. Meet says wait, Sh comes to her and tells her that you have unknowingly hurt everyone so they don’t want to see your face so if you go and find them they all scold you even Ahlawat. Neelam thinks I know you won’t let me meet her, I’ll watch them both remarry. Neelam says that you are right, I will leave without meeting her and she will sit inside the ambulance. Meet thinks I know you’re coming back with a shot. Babita screams meat. Afraid of meeting her, she runs to him and tells him apply strength, we will win soon, don’t worry. Ram asked the doctor to come to Ahlawat Haveli soon.

Meet everyone in Ahlawat’s room. The doctor gave him an injection. Babita asks if my son will be okay. The doctor says that I have given him an injection to control the seizures, but I can’t give you false hope, his condition is critical, he will die if we don’t give him the antidote in the next few hours. Babita gets scared and asks him to try again. Raj asks if there is any medicine that can help us have more time. The doctor leaves them a prescription. Meet talks to Ahlawat and says that I will not let anything happen to you in the remaining two hours, I will bring an antidote for you, she tells everyone that they should support me, this is the last part of our act. Babita says how we can help you see his condition. Meet says I can see so I am requesting everyone we have to do this to meet Ahlawat I know she surely she will come to the function and do anything in 2 hours Ahlawat. Meet, today is our anniversary and I am asking for this work as my gift, I know it will be hard to smile in such a situation, but we have to be strong and do this to meet Ahlawat so that he can live again, they are all with me and he extended his hand . They all shook hands with Meat.


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