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Meet 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kamal plans to kill Meet

Meet the written episode of 29th September 2022 written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet Ahlawat and meet the boy in Rome. Meet the boy joking Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat, take the boy away from him, say his responsibility is ours and sit down with him. Meet Tie Kalawa in the hand of him, there is no need to worry, where am I here? Meet Ahlawat says we won’t let anything happen to her. Meet says thanks for supporting me. Meet Ahlawat says don’t bring wrong thoughts in you, I am supporting you for the child and I don’t think his parents will also feel the pain we felt before.

Barfi approaches the servant to ask him about the clothes. Seeing the clothes, Barfi calls everyone. Everyone walks up to him and asks what happened. Barfi says that what happened is shameful. The innocent remember things stolen, I got caught, now I’ll be out forever. Sunaina says to talk to that person in private. Barfi says no, we’ll talk in front of everyone and a dress shows that we took this dress out of the laundry bag and also smells of alcohol. Neelu goes to them and sees the dress. Barfi asks who wore this dress.

Babita tells Kamal and Pooja that I am on this pilgrimage just to pray that all goes well between Raj and Meet Ahlawat. Kamal sees the medicine and says that everything is fine. Babita said those injections and medicines belong to Raj, he had a heart transplant and it’s hard to get them so we brought them with us. Pooja tells her not to worry, her wish will come true and she asks Kamal to tell her about Babaji. Kamal says that the babaji of our village has a lot of power, he will definitely tell you a puja to make your wish come true. Babita says that you are very kind people, thank you for your help. Kamal says that I will talk to Babaji and tell you about it. Kamal began to cough. Babita says I’ll bring you water.

Barfi goes to Isha and tells her that you used to go out with your friends in these clothes. Sunaina says that after marriage she shaped herself the way she wants. Barfi begins to scold her. Isha says that I swear to Deep that I won’t wear those clothes. Masoom says this is not my size. Barfi then says Sunaina. Sunaina says that I know my limits. Barfi says who could it be then, we have to solve this puzzle, one by one you will try this cloth and include Neelu so that no one thinks this is more injustice. Neelu worries.

The encounter with the boy recalls taking Barfi’s phone from her car and trying to imitate Barfi so he can talk like her whenever he wants. Meet, she sends a message to Meet Ahlawat from Barfi’s phone to inform Neelu about the compulsion to calm her anger.
Meet Ahlawat received the message from Barfi’s number. Babita calls Meet and they both answer her.

Sunaina told me to throw the dress in front of Barfi, Masoom and Isha tried on this dress that none of us could fit in now, that means it’s not ours. Barfi then says who it can be. Sunaina says that there is still Neelu left to try this outfit. Barfi says it’s not her. Sunaina says this outfit is Neelu’s, I’m sure there’s no one left. Masoom goes to Neelu with the dress and tells her that there are chances that he would like to wear that outfit. Sunaina says that there is a possibility that she is hiding her true identity. Neelu says that I don’t pretend to do anything, I’m just like that. Masoom says that he is fine, but that he first pass this exam.

Kamal and Pooja outside Babita’s room. Milo walks towards him. Babita shows his medicine lying on the ground. Milo asks how it happened. Babita says that I don’t know that wind must have passed. Meet says it’s too heavy, don’t worry, I’ll take it off the chemist. Kamal remembers injecting himself and throwing medicine on the ground. Pooja asks why you did this. Kamal says just wait and see.
Meet Walk To Babita says Chemist is injection free and online delivery is available for tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat, approach him and ask him what happened. Babita shows his medicine on the ground. Meet Ahlawat, ask him if he took today’s injection. Baba says no. Meet Ahlawat says we have to make some arrangements, I’ll go out and get an injection, you take care of the baby. Meet says we know how to handle the baby and if you’re worried, look for the baby, I’ll go out and look for the injection.
Pooja Kamal says that now I know why you broke the injection, but it won’t solve our problem. Kamal says that we have Babita for her and Meet Ahlawat is fully involved in the baby, it will be easy for us to handle her.
Babita asked to stop to meet Ahlawat. The baby begins to cry. She meets Ahlawat Take Baby. Meet says I’ll go get the injection, you take care of them. Babita says it’s okay for me to take care of them.

I have permission to give myself injections. Kamal shows Pooja that he has cut the gas pipe and says that Meet is very smart and now he has to die to fulfill our wish and shares his plan with Pooja.
The device overheats and the car explodes.


Update Credits: Tanaya

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