Meet 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Isha to go to Newyork for her treatment

Meet 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Isha to go to Newyork for her treatment

Meet 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Isha to go to Newyork for her treatment

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Meet everyone, tell me that Deep is no more. Everyone in shock. Ram asked to meet Ahlawat, you told us that he had gone to work. Ragini asks Barfi about this. She says that she is right Deep is not alive. Meet says that everything Meet Ahlawat said was a lie about Deep so that Isha wouldn’t be attacked, Deep was in the cabin next to Isha’s car, after the accident she was so scared that she didn’t even realize who she killed and Meet Ahlawat was hiding this from everyone. Ram and Ugra fall down. Meet Ahlawat says he didn’t have a choice so I thought I’d keep it to myself. Meet says that before meeting Ahlawat, Deep took care of Neelu and Barfi as her own family. Crying, Barfi says that she did a lot for us when she was a child, whatever she did for us, I can’t repay. Meet says that Isha was about to live her dream, but she got the Profound Death Certificate and noticed her. Ray explains. Ram knows that it is difficult to digest, but we must admit that we did not know about the life of our Isha, he is a quiet young man. We have thought about his future. Raj walks to meet Ahlawat says that I hurt you a lot but still you didn’t say anything, you are the best son in this world if possible, forgive me. Meet Ahlawat, hug him. Babita goes to Ragini and tells her that we can’t change what can happen but when Isha comes back from the hospital we will give her lots of love please don’t cry. Raging says why shouldn’t I cry. Sunaina says listen to me, you just said no one will cry, so you won’t cry for him either. Barfi says look I have dried my tears now you too, we have to fight with our problems. She meets Ahlawat, shakes her hand, says I have no other way and completed all the rituals for Deep, she apologizes to everyone. Raj says that we will pay tribute to Deep.

Everyone in the room paying tribute to Deep. Meet Ahlawat recounts his time with Deep. They all remember the time they spent with Deep there. They all stand there with their hands crossed in front of Deep’s photo. Raj says that Deep will be remembered as a good memory between us, he always tries to please everyone, so from now on whenever we miss him we won’t cry.

Ragini is looking at the photo album in her room. Ram goes to her. Ragini looks at the photo of Deep and Isha sharing her feelings with Ram. Ragini showing Isha’s photo. Ram tries to make her understand that we have to be strong and be the strength of our Isha, when she gets better, then we have to support our daughter to lead her on her new path.

He meets Ahlawat standing in the hallway. Milo walks up to her and comforts her, she says I’m lucky to have you. She says that thanks to you I was able to tell everyone the truth, it wouldn’t be possible without you, I want to meet you. Neelu listens to them talk. She meets Ahlawat and knows how to hug. Meet tells him not to be too romantic, tomorrow morning we have the baby’s christening ceremony and a lot of arrangements to make, so relax. Barfi sees Neelu walking to meet her. Neelu as Laila is about to push Meat, Meat turns around. Barfi worries. Milo tells Neelu, go to sleep, why wake up you’ll be tired and leave.


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