Meet 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet lays a trap for Nirmal

Meet 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet lays a trap for Nirmal

Meet 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet lays a trap for Nirmal

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He meets Ahlawat on the ground. Milo, trapped in a garbage can surrounded by fire, sweeps the garbage can from the inside and gets out. Milo yells and encourages Milo Ahlawat to save him. Meet Ahlawat gets up and runs to turn on the water tap, connect the pipe and pour water on the fire to help Meet. Know it and embrace it.

Laila says that Meet will die at some point and everyone will cry for her, I will act like Neelam and pray for her in front of everyone. Laila awaits the news of Meet’s death.

Meet tells everyone that I have something important to tell them whatever Neelam is acting up, she doesn’t have split personality disorder and shows them the video recording.

Laila says anguished that so much silence, this time she also survived, I will not stop until I kill her.

Raj says if something bad happened to you, why didn’t you tell us? Meet says Meet Ahlawat was there to protect me. Babita says enough, I’ll call the police and ask them to take her away. Meet says no now that we know she is doing drama then it will be easy for us to deal with her as Neelu knows about the poison so it is important to us. Raj says he can’t believe she’s going to be here after so long. Ragini says that she will be very angry, we can’t keep her here. Laila entered the house and saw Meet standing there.
Babita says that we will take Ahlawat to the United States for treatment and contact all the doctors, but that girl will not stay here now. Meet Ahlawat says Meet is right, try to think once. She meets Neelam and asks everyone to be normal. Raj asked about the medicine. Neelam came out. Raj asks Meet to bring Ahlawat to her room.

Go and meet Ahlawat in the room. Meet with Aak to pick him up and give him a sponge bath. Meet Ahlawat, tease him and take a sponge bath with him. Meet Ahlawat Face some problem. Meet to ask what’s going on. He says that for a moment I lost my sight. Meet says don’t worry you will find me every time you open your eyes and bring salad. Meet says this is for your eyes, she helps him lie down and pulls the cucumber out of his eyes. Meet thinks of his informant if he will be able to get some information about the antidote from Laila. The informant gets a call, she asks him the name of the thug. She says that Neelu’s partner’s name is Nirmal. Meet says it’s good where he lives. She says that I will know soon but every Saturday he goes to the temple to worship Hanumanji before sunset and today is Saturday you will surely find him. Meet thanks you and disconnects the call.

In order to catch the bully, they found her sitting outside the temple disguised as a saleswoman, keeping an eye on everything. Meet believes that Nirmal definitely knows about the poison that is sure to come. Nirmal got out of the car with his face covered and walked towards the temple. They meet a man wearing a quilt and tell him that it’s not cold enough for someone to cover the quilt. Come meet Grita and she knows your future. Nirmal walked towards him to buy goods and learn his future. Ask him to look down into the oil to find you. He knows, looks at his face and feels that he is pure.


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