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Meet 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Hooda gets into a big trouble.

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Meet tells Neelam that he has delivered the medical waste and he will go check it, now Meet Alhavat will recover soon, and this is a good chance to defeat Laila. know the leaves

Meet leaves the room and meets Ishani. Meet asks if she received any packages in her name. Ishani says that she did and tells him that she checked it too and found junk inside it so she threw it away. Miley yells at him and tells him that she should have asked him sooner. Ishani says that he didn’t know it was her. Meet asks where she dumped it. Ishani says that she threw it in the municipal garbage. Neelam listens to them.

Meet goes out to check the dump and thinks that whatever happens here will be caught on camera. Meet prays that Neelam comes here. The Meet is going through all the garbage cans and garbage piles. Meet thinks why is Neelam not here yet? Meet decides to get into the dump and wait for Neelam.

Ram goes to Ishani’s room and asks if she wants to go to the temple with the family. She denies it and tells him that she has other plans with Meet. Raj turns to go back, but apologizes to her and tries to ask her the name of her father. Ishani asks him to leave.

Meet covers her face and gets into a garbage can and waits for Neelam. Meet gets a flashback that he and Ishani plan to capture Neelam. Meet is sitting inside a garbage can and Neelam closes the lid and locks it. Meat freaks out and starts touching the lid and starts yelling “Who’s out there!”.

Neelam places two cinder blocks on the lid of the dustbin. Meat tries to open the lid, but fails. Neelam is enjoying herself and says that everyone thinks that Laila is her trigger point whenever she watches Meet and Alhavat together. But no one knows that Laila is so strong that she can possess Neelam whenever she wants. Neelam picks up the can of kerosene oil and throws it in the trash. Meet sees it on her watch through the security cameras. Neelam says that Laila and Neelam are one person, and one cannot meet when either Neelam or Laila are there. Neelam strikes a match and throws it in the dustbin and everything burns up. Meet is crying inside. Neelam says that she is Laila, that she doesn’t feel sorry for anyone. The meeting is stifling inside. Neelam says that Meet will never know the truth behind her split personality.

Ishani comes running and calls Meet. She meets Screamer from the dump. Ishani starts asking for help. Neelam comes from behind and hits Ishani with a wooden stick and Ishani passes out. Meet sees Neelam on her watch. Laila says that she doesn’t like someone trying to interrupt. Take up the challenge Find yourself in the name of Allahwat. Meet Alhavat was sleeping and listening to the call from him. He meets Alahawat struggling to get out of bed. Neelam laughs at Meet, says one last goodbye to her and says that she is leaving so she can go back to acting like Neelam. The meeting is still stifling inside. Meet Alhawat appears and starts yelling his name. Meet tells Alhavat that he is inside the dump and tries to open it. Meet Alhawat also passed out due to the smoke coming from those flames. Meet freaks out even more.

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