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Meet 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update Meet Ahlawat provokes Aarav against Meet

Meet the 28 May 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet Isha in the market. Isha says to Meet that I have come here because I want to talk to you, I want to talk to you about my relationship with Meet Ahlawat, only you both give me strength and hope. Meet says we will talk about this later, now focus on going to Panipuri. Meet feels that I wish I had met Ahlawat on time.

Meet Ahlawat with Deep. Deep tells her that you are upset with me. Meet Ahlawat says I called you to meet him as friend and I will not talk about past as I don’t want to see that. Deep says let’s talk about past as things should be clear between us. Meet Ahlawat says we will talk about this later. Meet Ahlawat thinks there will be meat and tells Deep to come and have panipuri like old days.

Milo and Milo Ahlawat order for panipuri together and see each other. Deep and Isha look at each other. Meet Ahlawat Ask what you are doing here. Meet says I am here but when did you start liking panipuri you used to go to 5 star hotel and ask panipuri seller to cancel sweet water. Deep greets him. Meet, greet him back and ask if he’s bothering you. Meet Ahlawat says our car got damaged so we were looking for mechanic. Meet says you came here to see the mechanic. Meet Ahlawat and meet deliberately argue. Tell him please, then I will help you. Meet Ahlawat please and she agrees. Meet Ahlawat and ask Deep to stay with Isha. Meet says it will take time and asks Deep to leave Isha and they will leave.
Deep and Isha together. Deep ask him how are you. Isha says I am fine how are you. A man bumps into Isha, Deep gets angry but Isha calms him down. Isha says let’s go aside. Isha tells Deep that you did not change the lamp. Deep says no I did not change and neither did my feelings. Isha says but I have changed a lot and you should not wait for me. Deep says take your time but both of us have decided to live together so don’t talk of changing the path, at least be friends and walk together, I don’t want anything else.
Deep and Isha together. Meet Ahlawat says finally they will be together I hope everything will be fine. Meet says Deep is a nice guy and taunts Meet Ahlawat over divorce. Meet Ahlawat taunts her on second marriage. Meet says I am missing the man who is coming to meet me, so please drop me home. Meet Ahlawat says it is not possible as the car is damaged. Meet says give me the toolkit and I’ll check. Meet Ahlawat says it is under my seat. Meet in the car and check that they close the door from outside and sit inside by the other gate and lock the car. Milo ask how the car got locked. Meet Ahlawat says I told you there is something wrong with the car. Milo says ok so where are the keys. Meet Ahlawat looking for the key and says i don’t have it i think so i lost. Meat says it’s no small thing to let it fall out of your pocket and you have no idea. Meet Ahlawat as he remembers hiding the car keys under himself and says why are you yelling at me I told you I didn’t have it. Meet says I need to go home to look for the keys. Meet tries to find keys from Ahlawat and thinks look for SI Meet you must have found many clues in your job but your hands can’t reach the car keys and I won’t let you go anywhere before 4. He asks to meet me. Can’t find keys. Milo says fine I will call Isha. Meet Ahlawat says yes call him but we have come here to solve his problem and you want him to solve our problem. Meet says call key maker you have his number. Meet Ahlawat says right and thinks I know you will say this but I will not let you go He puts phone on speaker and tells him that his number is out of coverage. Meet says what will I do now I am stuck here. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I will do something and thinks I’m sorry but you won’t be able to go home on time. Milo remove the headrest and says I will break the mirror. Meet Ahlawat I think how did I miss the point that she is not normal. meet about his mirror, meet ahlawat stop him. Meet Raj. Raj Unlocked Car. Milo get off the car and thank you Raj and tell the story. Raj says did you lose the key in aim. Meet Ahlawat they say make excuses. Raj says I am your father I know your gesture very well and tells Meet that he did not want you to meet that man so he did so. Meet ask him is it true. he did not answer. Raj says look he is lying so he is infallible now, he scolds him what do you want from him, you don’t want to be with him so why do you worry if she lives with someone else, then Let him live life what is your problem. Meet Ahlawat Looks like I want to be with him so I don’t ask him to meet. He apologizes to Raj. Raj asks Meet to go home early. The boy’s family will come soon. Meet Ahlawat start walking with them, he tells her to stay away from home until they are home because I don’t want this offer to be wasted because of you. Milo leaves thinking that I feel bad seeing your sad face, but I have to go to make you realize things.

Milo sits in the car and Viti leaves Raj. Meet tells him that I knew Meet Ahlawat would do something like this, Raj says I knew GE would do this and where did he lose the key, Meet says he hid it under his seat, both laughed.

Meet Ahlawat and secretly see who the boy is. Raj introduces everyone to Dr Aarav, Meet Ahlawat looks at him and says he looks very stylish, Meet doesn’t like people like him and hence he will reject in 2 minutes.
Meet Ahlawat gets angry seeing that the boy has not come out yet. He sees Meet talking to Aarav and laughing with him, he touches Meet’s hair. Meet Ahlawat says how she is laughing with him, and look she is so ready it means she is ready for second marriage and how can she like a guy like her and why is she laughing so much, what are they talking about, if this continues he will take meat

Aarav comes out and sees Meet Ahlawat near his car and asks what does he want. meet ahlawat says can you fix it, i am ahlawat’s neighbor and you should be here to check the meat, she is very beautiful and good but once she is fit, she has Happens 3 times a week, that day people run from him but other days he is fine, we tried everything but nothing worked and if you are not here to check him then why are you here . He says I came here to marry her, meet Ahlawat says forget everything I said and I know you will handle. Aarav says thanks for saving my life and leaves. Meet Ahlawat says he will never return now.

Pre Cap: Meet tells everyone that, Aarav called her and is ready to marry her and asks when they can get engaged.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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