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Meet 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Terrorist attack city hospital

Meet the written episode of December 28, 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meat throws the ball and ends up with the police. The inspector catches the ball and reads the message that the terrorists are here, he asks you to call backup.
One of the terrorist railway police chiefs is coming back. They all get scared. Mukhiya asks everyone to get ready, he spots Meet and takes her hostage and takes her out of the hospital. The police asked everyone to remain calm. The boss asks you to stay behind or I will kill everyone one by one, if you think I am fake then I will be an example for all of you. He meets Ahlawat and takes Milo hostage. Let’s look at her. Boss, take him inside. Meet Ahlawat tried to run towards Meet but the police caught him and asked them to release him.

Boss, take everyone’s phone away. A woman hides her second phone from everyone. The boss says everyone calm down or I’ll kill him. He asks everyone to gather to be quiet, shouting won’t help us.

The inspector asks his superior to send reinforcements. Meet Ahlawat says the inspector try to understand that my wife and aunt are inside, the terrorists can do anything to them, please let me in, if anything happens to me, it will be my responsibility. The inspector says sorry we won’t be able to send him inside.

The boss asked his members to see the doctor and said that if anything happens to the commander, I will burn him, I know that someone inside has told the police about us, so go ahead or all because of that person He will die.

News recording from outside the hospital.
Ahlawat is watching a news channel about terrorists. Raj says that he will be worried about the families of the hostages. Ram tries to reach Ragini’s number. When Babita calls Meet, she finds that the phone is turned off. Raj calls Ahlawat to meet him, he answers the phone. Raj asks if we watched the news of the terrorist attack, are you okay? Ahlawat Meet Saya Don’t worry, we’re all fine. Raj asks why the phones are off. Meet Ahlawat says that the phone battery is dead, don’t worry, we will return home safely and disconnect the phone.

The cacique threatens the people inside and asks for the culprit. He points a gun at a pregnant woman. Meet says that she can’t do this, she’s scared, please let her go. The boss says you’re right, she looks scared but you seem fine, you told the police about us, answer or I’ll pull the trigger. The terrorist brings the surgeon in front of the boss, who asks him to start the operation quickly. The doctor says try to infect this patient’s body with poison first let me treat it or she will die. The boss killed the patient. Everyone outside the hospital is alerted to hear gunshots. The boss asked the doctor to start the operation. Every hostage is crying. The boss asked everyone to remain calm. The chief carrying the corpse out of the hospital on a stretcher. The reporters try to get a clear view of the scene, but the police tell them to back off.
Everyone in Ahlawat Haveli is watching the news and afraid to see the reports.
The boss is sitting at the door, this is the first failure on our part, since we know that someone will give him information about us, we will find me, but if someone tries to enter the hospital, everyone will die.
Babita says that everyone should feel scared inside. Raj says that he is also in very bad condition for family members.
Meet Ahlawat, says the inspector, they don’t respect life, please do something because you’re not doing your job, my family members are trapped inside, at least don’t do anything to me.

Inside the hospital, the boss asks the criminal to introduce himself. The terrorist leader who threatens all the hostages sees a boy and tells the criminal to come forward or I will kill him.

The inspector is planning a strategy to enter the hospital and he talks about a secret way to enter the hospital, but it is a maze, we must understand the way first, and then only we can go. Constable says that for this we need permission and only the army can do it. He knows Ahlawat Listen to everything and look at the map.

Mila raises her hand and says release the kid, I told the police about you. meet come forward The Chief says prepare to die and points a gun at him.

Ahlawat gathered outside says I promise nothing will happen to you. Get together, I will find the secret path that will lead me to you, be patient.

Mil puts a gun to his forehead and says shoot me.

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