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Meet 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Meet the written episode of 26 Oct 2022 written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Laila says that the red color of the meat will not last long. The red saree turns white with jewels and vermilion. Carne is shocked to see this. Laila says that Meet Ahlawat belongs only to him and Meet cannot get it. The color of the union will be found, which is a sign of bad omen. All the colors of her life will fade. Laila remembers how she read the post written by Meet Ahlawat for Meet. Laila tells how she dared to fast for Meet Ahlawat. She sprays chemicals on her clothes to make them fade. Meet says that she cannot perform rituals with this white cloth because she is a married woman. Laila says that she wants the muhurta to end. Meet Drags with him Meet Ahlawat and they fall on the red color that is spread all over the ground. Milo and Milo Ahlawat roll in there and the color red stains their clothes. They share a romantic moment.

Laila is furious at seeing this. Meet Ahlawat painted Meet’s forehead with red paint and said that she knew that she would surely find a solution. With little time left, she rushes to break her fast. Meet Ahlawat broke her fast and made her drink water. Laila gets out of control and says that she will kill Meet. She throws the vase at him and Meet hugs her husband. The vase falls over and they wonder who dropped it here. Barfi brings Laila into the room and gets angry with her. Barfi says why she wants to expose herself to Ahlawats. She will learn about her illness and she will have to control her anger. Meet tells her husband that someone is plotting against her. Faded clothes, heel marks, everything points to some conspiracy. Some outsider has gotten in and is probably doing this. She meets Ahlawat assuring her that she won’t let anything happen to her. He hugs her.

Neelam regains consciousness and believes that Masoom has made her drink alcohol, so she wears this outfit. Barfi reassures her and asks her to go change. Barfi feels that Neelam’s madness is getting out of control. She consults the doctor and then says that Neelam is activated most of the time and is turning into Laila. Barfi says that Neelam’s sautan is staying with her so it will be fired from her. The doctor says that Barfi should make sure that Neelam spends more time with her husband and that Meet stays away from them. Neelam feeds the meat breakfast and sees her mangalsutra that she had tied on her wrist. Neelam admires the design and Meet feels that he is such a kind soul. Babita scolds Neelam for giving Meat breakfast at a time when Meet should be taking more care of her. She also scolds Meet and the latter tries to explain himself. Neelam hides Meet’s mangalsutra and distracts Babita. Babita leaves and is found thanks to Neelam. Neelam says that she can’t thank Meet enough for doing so much for her son. She meet her, hug her and tell her to be happy and that this will also make her baby happy.

Babita asks Neelam to give Meet Ahlawat breakfast and she also asks him to spend the whole day with her. Neelam approaches her and he asks her if she has a job. She stands there and Meet enters. Meat takes her hand and tells her that they have to pick up her friend at the airport. Laila gets jealous seeing them.

The episode ends.

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