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Meet 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

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Ishani is giving instructions to someone on a call, which the other person cannot understand. Ram arrives and takes the phone from him and gives him the correct address and disconnects, and says, now your friend will have no trouble coming over. Ishani asks Ram why he is being so nice now and says that he doesn’t understand her behavior. Ram tells her that it is better to be nice and save relationships than to hate. Because behind all the hate, you might see some kindness. And Ram leaves the room. Ishani thinks about what happened to her. Ragini also comes and says that she also wonders what is the reason behind this, she tells Ishani that she thinks, Ram has understood that instead of complaining it is better to find the reason behind all the hate, and that is what is doing. Ram standing at the door is listening to her.

Pratap is waiting outside the house. Laila walks out and they are both excited to see each other. They say hi to each other. Pratap tells Ishani that he disappeared like a fly and now he is in this beautiful luxurious haveli. Ishani asks Pratap to accept that he has come here looking for someone close to her. Pratap also gets angry and says that he too ended up here because of a close friend who played with his feelings and left and when he asked people about the person and realized that he is here somewhere then he decides to call Ishani and appears here. Pratap tells Ishani that he now has to help him find the person. Pratap brings a photo of him and Neelam to show the person but Ishani gets a call and leaves to join him. Pratap hears a sound coming from inside the house, so he decides to go inside and investigate. He walks to the door where Neelam is locked and knocks on the door. Pratap wonders who could be inside and is about to open the door. At that moment, Meet comes and asks Pratap, who is he? Ishani reaches there and tells Meet that he is her friend Pratap. He had come to meet her. Meet apologizes to her and says that he thought of something else.
Also, Ishani asks Pratap to give the photo to Meet and he says that he knows the girl who broke your heart. Pratap hands over the envelope in which the photograph is kept. The meat is about to be opened when he calls the servant. Meet takes a photo with her and tells her that he will see her later and leaves. Ishani takes Pratap with her.

Ishani and Ragini are in the kitchen. Ishani tells Ragini that when she didn’t know him well, she assumed that he was very selfish and rude, and now she finds out that she was wrong. Ishani asks Ragini if ​​she doesn’t get tired of all these responsibilities? Ragini tells him that she is also like him, when he met her and helped her, which means that she has accepted them as family, right?
Meanwhile, Ram overhears them and Ram thinks that he must get Ishani’s phone at all cost to find out who is Ishani’s father and if he can accept her as part of the family. Ram comes to the kitchen and starts praising Ishani for helping Meet save Alhavat. Ram asks Ishani for her full name, Ishani replies in a fit of anger, Ishani and that’s it!

Meet and Ishani meet outside the house and Meet tells Ishani that it’s time to find out if Neelam is okay, or is she Laila, and sees her on her smartwatch.

Neelam Meet is praying for Alhawat’s well-being and asks God to help Alhawat make a speedy recovery.

Meet sees her and says that it is Neelam and doesn’t know if she is acting like that or not. Meet asks Ishani if ​​she is ready to help him. Ishani replies that she is.

Meet opens the door to Neelam’s room and leaves it open. Neelam wakes up to see who opened it. Meet and Ishani talk about the image of a person and say that they have to catch this person in order to know the exact name of the poison. Neelam is listening to them. The wind blows and all the papers and photos of the person are scattered. Neelam takes the portrait and brings it to Meet and asks who the sketch is from. Meet thinks she is behaving as if she doesn’t know the person and is actually suffering from a split personality. Neelam starts crying and asks Meet to send her to the hospital. Meet asks him not to worry about her since everything was done by Laila and not her and asks him to go to her room and rest from her.

Meet Alhawat and Meet are together in a room. Meet Alhawat says that Neelam may actually be suffering from split personality disorder. Meet says that it could be true, but she was shaking and sweating when she saw the photo. Meet says that she can do anything after seeing this and that this will be the right time to catch her. Meet Alhavat tells Meet that they know full well that Neelam might be angry and that she won’t let Meet do anything again. Mila hugs her and tells her that he believes more in her love and that if she tries to follow him, he will be there to protect her. Meet Alhawat tells Meet that after what she happened to him, she feels weak day by day, and if she needs her help, what can he do? Meet says that she has faith that he will save her no matter what.

Raj is trying to contact all the doctors and high officials around the world and trying to get an antidote to the poison injected into Meet Ahlawat. Babita begins to cry and says that her son never thought badly of anyone, so why are they punishing him? Raj says that they are helpless even though he owns a pharmaceutical company and has cured thousands of patients and still doesn’t have an antidote for Meet Alhavat.

Meet enters Neelam and tells Neelam that no one is ready to take her to this house and she will have to go to an asylum in a few days. Neelam agrees with him and says that she is also against Laila, and that he has no control over her, and if he had, he would have already obtained the antidote from her. Meet asks him not to worry about her because she has the antidote for Meet Alhavat. Neelam are you serious? Meet tells him that she has asked to bring garbage from the hospital so that she can get the empty bottle of poison. Meet receives a call and Ishani calls him as a girl coming from the hospital and tells him that garbage has been sent to her house. Neelam hears this and gets worried.

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