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Meet 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet execute her plan against Neelam

Meet the written episode of December 1, 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet tells everyone that it has played a lot with us, our feelings and happiness, I promise that it will not be able to fulfill its purpose but for this I need your help. Raj says tell me what you want, we are with you. Meet says we have to catch him so he can tell us the name of the poison. Meet Ahlawat says I trust you, you will figure it out. He meets Ahlawat, his vision blurs and he collapses in the chair. Everyone worries. Milo asks what happened, why do you look weird. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t see. Babita and Ragini try to help her. Meet says she slowly opens her eyes. She freaks out after meeting Ahlawat and says that I can’t see anything. Babita says don’t worry sometimes in tension she asks Sunaina to bring cold water. She cleans her eyes with cold water. She knows ask him to open her eyes. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t see anything. Babita says that the poison is reacting in her body. Meet says we have to catch Neelam fast to find out the name of the poison. Meet Ahlawat says that we will stick to our character, now is the time to strike back.

Neelam is meditating. Meat walks to her room and brings her back. Neelam asks what are you doing. Meet says that the mental asylum unit will be here soon so they can start their treatment soon. Neelam says why all of a sudden. Meet says we have the cure for the poison, he’ll be fine soon. Neelam says how is it possible that last I heard she is losing her sight. Meet says that the doctor gave her the antidote last night and she is working very well, her vision, her back and even her body parts are improving, she is resting packing, you can do me with me. Time has to pass and she goes out. Neelam says she is lying, don’t trust her until you meet Ahlawat.
Neelam was listening to Raj’s conversation outside the door. Raj throws a party for Meet Ahlawat. Babita says that our son needs to rest. Raj says that he is resting and that he will be fine tomorrow. Ishani approaches them and tells them that the visa and tickets for Switzerland are ready. Babita is in shock. Ragini says it’s an anniversary gift from outside. Ram also joins them and says that he is good that we fight Laila from Manu’s position as well. Hoshiar says not to worry about him. I already talked to the pesticide guy. They will clean our house as soon as you leave. Neelam listens to everything and says that she won’t believe it until she sees it. Innocent invited everyone to have breakfast. Sunaina approaches them and tells them that they can start with breakfast, meet up and meet with Ahlawat, it will take time. Neelam enters the house and hides behind the curtain. Babita says I’ll go look for them. Sunaina says that they were busy with each other, so I left there. Neelam goes upstairs to see them. Neelam says they are lying that it is impossible for the doctor to find medicine for my poison.

Neelam sees them dancing and having a romantic time together. She finds him standing outside watching them. Neelam is worried and says how is it possible that he is improving, this is not going to last long, they force me to hurt him, don’t worry I will do the same and now he will beg for his life.

Neelam screams that she will die soon and Meet wears white clothes, breaks the mirror in her room.

Meet tells everyone that we’ve cleared the first level, now it’s time for the next level, she says meet Ahlawat, it’s totally up to you, you have to bother her a lot to get her to take out the shot so we can all catch her and we can get the antidote.

Neelam gets angry and says if they are playing me or he is going to recover soon, I have to find out.

Masoom asks Meet what to do. Meet says that he had to see her doing everything when her vision was fine. Babita asks how she will be able to do everything. Meet says I know, but she has to. Raj says it’s hard. Meet says I know it’s risky but it’s his life and we don’t have a choice, I think she can do this. Raj says that if he’s ready, we are too and asks if you can do it. He says get together, trust me then I’ll do it and show everyone.

Meat and Meat Ahlawat walks down. Help her remember the step count, that’s preparing her for the next plan. She knows Ahlawat, she stumbles a lot. Meet says to practice it later. We’ll go for the dining room table and sofa for now. She helps him find out everything. Meet says listen to me carefully. I’ll tell you who will sit where and she will remember where they are. She tells everyone’s location and helps her remember her location. Meet Ahlawat tells them everything correctly. Ishani tells Meet that I think he is tired, let him rest or else he won’t be able to perform. Get together, tell him to rest. Meet Ahlawat says that he is doing everything so that he can get Marak’s name, what if he fails in front of Neelam? Meet says I trust us and we’ll look for that position later, don’t worry.

Babita and Raj in the garden. Babita says that our son will be fine until our wedding anniversary, he will dance. Babita gets excited and says that I forgot to tell you something, she meets Ahlawat and says that he will have breakfast with us. Raj says good news let’s have breakfast inside. Neelam listens to everything and says that I want to see the truth.

Neelam walks in and sees everyone sitting together, she overhears them discussing the party. Ram asks where they are. Milo goes downstairs. Neelam watched him go down. Ragini asks where Ahlawat is. Meet says that she is busy doing makeup, she takes more time than me, she sees Neelam inside the house. She finds Ahlawat on the stairs. He is called self care. Milo believes there is strength, I know you can do this. You have been living here since childhood.


Update Credits: Tanya

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