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Malini Sends Goons After Imlie – News

Imlie Sep 8, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Imli calls the Rathore Haveli landline and waits for the Chinese to answer him. The Chinese answers the phone. Tamarind says chi chi. The Chinese remember Tamarind saying that he first learned to speak chi chi and the Chinese learned to say chu chu. Tamarind asks her not to take her name and calls her Choo Choo. Tamarind, thank God that the Chinese at least talked to him and asked him what was going on there. The Chinese say that Khali Mali/Malini cast evil magic and scared her. Tamarind says that both of them will teach Gardener Khali a good lesson. Aryan runs for Sugar and Cheney leaves. Malini listens to her conversation through another landline phone. Tamarind runs on the road.

Aryan sees Malini decorating her car and asks what she’s doing. Malini says that because of her tamarind her daughter stayed away from him for 5 years and that is why she decided to take her daughter home. Aryan says that he was wrong once. Malini says that she is because of the tamarind. Aryan says that whatever the reason, he must not repeat it. Malini promises to take care of Chini and fix any problems before he reaches Imli. She says that she needs help from him, he can imagine how much hatred Tamarind instilled in Cheeni’s mind towards her, he wants Aryan to explain to Chini that her mother is not bad. Aryan says that he will see what he can do.

Tamarind runs down the road and thinks that she needs to get to Tamarind at all costs. Preeta tells Neela that Aryan has blocked Tamarind, so it’s time to have some fun. Neela says that once the sugar runs out, they’ll celebrate. Anu enters and asks why they are celebrating. Neela says that she is celebrating that Aryan is marrying Preeta now. Anu says that when Aryan didn’t see Preeta for 28 years, why would she now? Preeta cries that she has been 24 for many years. Neela teases Anu that she now has a granddaughter who will haunt her at all times. Anu gets up and stands up. Aryan walks into Chini’s room and finds her running out the window. Sugar says that she has to go and run away.

Malini waits near her car, wondering why Aryan hasn’t come with sugar yet. Anu approaches her and asks why she has decorated her car. Malini says that she wants to take Cheeni home. Anu asks if she is crazy. Malini asks him to rest and says that she will leave him later. Cheney notices them and hides. Anu asks what happens if Chini reveals her secret to Tamarind. Malini says that she won’t do anything with the 2.5 foot boy, she has already arranged for Tamarind. Ario follows the Chinese. Anu says that the tamarind will come back again as it came back after 5 years. Malini says not her this time and looks at Tamarind’s photo sent to a thug. The truck driver’s goons running down the road spot their target Tamarind and speed their truck towards Tamarind.

Ario reaches Chinese. Cheni says that Tamarind never broke her promise, she wants to get back with him. Aryan tries to stop her, but she runs away again. Tamarindo survives the accident. He sees her anklet on the road and goes back to the road to pick it up. The trucker flips his truck and hits Tamarind and drives off. The Chinese reported that Tamarind fell on the road and was surprised. Aryan falls and hurts himself at her hands. She gets angry when she sees blood coming out of her hand. The injured and unconscious Tamarind also begins to bleed. Malini congratulates Anu on Tamarind’s death and laughs out loud. People surround Tamarind.

Cheney looks for him and calls out his name, standing only a few feet away without seeing him. Aryan reaches Chinese again and thinks that Tamarind should have thought of sugar this time. Malini comes to Chini next and asks why her baby happened. Anu says that the baby is crying for her mother. Aria is right. Malini carries sugar with her. Aryan notices the tamarind anklet and picks it up. In it passes an ambulance with tamarind.

Precap: Aryan tells Chini that she can understand her pain and looks at her drawing of Tamarind.

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