Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita saves Mohini’s daughter

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita saves Mohini’s daughter

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita saves Mohini’s daughter

Main Hoon Aparajita Nov 3, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Aparajita is outside Dadi’s window and calls Asha to stop Mohini from going there. Asha throws the ball into the house, so Mohini goes to see what happened. Chhavi takes the charger to Aparajita and throws it at him. Mohini goes to Dadi’s room. Aparajita takes the charger and gives it to Dadi. She asks him to take care of her. Mohini enters the room, then Dadi hides the phone and says what are you doing near the window? Dadi says you can’t keep me away from Aparajita for long. When Akshay gets there, Mohini tells Dadi that you’ll be fine in this room. Akshay asked what happened. Mohini says that I try to take care of her but she doesn’t listen to me. Akshay says that he is right, if you stay downstairs Aparajita will take you, but I want to keep you here. This poor lady is trying to take care of you. Dadi laughs and says that I never thought you could be such a fool. Akshay leaves. Mohini tells Dadi that I will never let you meet Aparajita now, I will not forgive her now. Dadi says that God is watching everything you have done with her. Don’t cross the border and her own daughter may have to pay for it.

Asha sits on the floor and says that we used to eat at the table. The image says that food is good on the ground. Aparajita says why shouldn’t we dream? We don’t need to adjust, we can work hard, but we should aim to achieve more in life. Disha says we don’t have any money now. Aparajita says we can borrow. I would go to a bank and we would work hard to pay it off. I want to give all the facilities to you.

Akshay calls her other daughter and tells her that Mohini will never know. She thanks him and says I’m excited to meet you all, I’ll be there in 2 days and mom will be surprised. Akshay says I’m looking to the future, he says I’ll meet you at the airport. She says that I am not a child. Akshay says it’s not Dubai, it’s not safe here, so there’s no arguing. She says she’s fine and says I have to go now. She ends the call. Mohini comes in and says you were talking to someone? She says to call work. Akshay says you threw away Aparajita’s stuff, so send it to her, as she might need it. Mohini says you’re showing too much sympathy for her. Akshay says we got what we wanted, so I don’t want any complications now, she says. Mohini says that I have to answer Aparajita’s challenge. Now I will use the objects from it to create a scene.

Aparajita goes to the bank and says that I want to ask for a loan for my business. The manager says that he has nothing to give as collateral, so we can’t give him a loan. Aparajita says but my business is going well. The manager says we have to follow the rules. Aparajita says that you don’t give me a loan because I’m a woman, right? I will make my business successful at all costs.

Mohini throws the belongings of Aparajita and her daughters out of the house. Hope and image arrive. Mohini says it’s all garbage, so throw it away. Chhavi says that these are our memories. He says I’ll call Disha now. Mohini says that this is all rubbish to me. Disha gets there and says what’s going on? Mohini tries to throw away Aparajita’s belongings. Disha tries to stop him but Mohini pushes him away and tells him not to touch me again. Disha and Asha fight with the workers over their belongings. Chhavi receives a call and leaves. Mohini smiled.

Aparajita is in the market. He finds a girl buying some earrings from a salesman who tries to hold her hand. The seller says you have to pay cash. The girl says that you should have told me before, I love these earrings, so do something. She says I can take you to the ATM in my car. The girl says but… the salesman smiles and says don’t worry. The girl is about to sit in the seller’s car. Aparajita sees all this. The girl is the daughter of Akshay and Mohini. Aparajita prevents the girl from sitting in the seller’s car and tells her that she is not going anywhere with you.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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