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Main Hoon Aparajita 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshay forces Aparajita to leave the house

Main Hoon Aparajita Oct 26, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Akshay drags Disha into a room and locks her inside. Aparajita goes to her but Akshay takes the key from her.

Mohini calls her brother and tells him that the movie she wanted to see is already in theaters. I have broken all his daughters. Aparajita yells at Akshay why did you lock her in? Akshay says that she needs to control her anger. Aparajita says that she is angry because of you. She tries to get the key from him, but he doesn’t. Mohini says you have 6 hours left until Disha is arrested. I can withdraw the case but… Aparajita says what do you want from me? I can do anything for my children. Mohini says that you have to leave this house with your daughters only tonight. Akshay has already found a second home for you, so make up your mind now. Akshay shows him the key and smiles. They both get out of there. Aparajita cries and is helpless.

Disha is locked in the room and tries to break the door. She yells for someone to open the door. Dadi and Chhavi listen but get scared. Aparajita enters the room and opens the door with the key. He hugs Disha and tells her to leave. Aparajita reaches Akshay and Mohini. Dadi and Chhavi also arrive there. A lawyer comes and says that we have to sign some papers and no one will be able to get you or your daughters out of this house. She gives him the documents. Everyone sees Aparajita looks at the papers but then tears them up. Disha and Chhavi are shocked. Disha says what are you doing? Aparajita remembers how Akshay told him that if he doesn’t want her daughter to survive, we will send Disha to jail. Aparajita told Akshay that people make mistakes because we are human, I shouldn’t have let you into the house but I did because I thought you were still the father of my daughters, I should have learned from my mistakes but I still let you back into our lives, How did I think you’d be good to us? You are Disha’s father, but are you ready to send her to jail? How could she have thought that she wouldn’t hurt your daughters? Anything I can do for my daughters, I will leave this house with my sons. Akshay says that he is great, asks him to sign the property papers, he says that you can never own this house. Aparajita cries and signs the property papers. Akshay hugs Mohini smiling. The flashback ends. Aparajita tells the lawyer that I am withdrawing my case. Aparajita tells the family that we will not stay in this house because my children are not safe here. Dadi says you can’t leave me, I’ll walk with you. you are my daughter Akshay says stop your emotional drama. Aparajita says that you cannot be a good father, a good husband or a good son. Akshay laughs and says that I am afraid of your speeches, you have already signed the papers, so you should start packing. Dadi says that I have a share in this house. Akshay shows him the property papers and says that Aparajita signed the papers, she gave them to me. I do not want to do anything. You should get out of the house. Chhavi starts to leave but Akshay says you can stay with me, I want you to stay with me. I will be the best father, I will give you everything. I will do everything for you as a father. I want you to be with your father, you are a father’s daughter, right? you can stay with me Chhavi says that I am just my mother’s daughter. Aparajita begins to cry after hearing this. She hugs Chhavi.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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