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Main Hoon Aparajita 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aparajita recalls how Akshay cheated on her

Main Hoon Aparajita Jan 24, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Chhavi thinks how did daddy pass out? Where did Veer go? Aparajita comes there and asks did Veer come here? Chhavi thinks I can’t tell her that Veer was here and she couldn’t take care of dad. Disha asks why you ask about her. Aparajita says that someone attacked Akshay. Chhavi says then why do you ask for Veer? Aparajita thinks I can’t blame Veer in front of Chitra without proof. She asks where were all of you? Mohini says they came to rob my house. Aparajita is scandalized and says what nonsense? Mohini says that they were stealing a box. She sees Dadi holding it and takes it. Aparajita picks it up and asks what’s going on? She asks Chhavi why you didn’t stay with Akshay. I can’t trust all of you like this. Mohini says where were you? You should have taken care of her. Aparajita asks him to shut up while he was sleeping, you forced him to remember things about her and it was hurting him so I went to the doctor. It is not a game, but one’s life. Mohini says you guys are playing, you all want to kick me out of Akshay’s life. Your daughters steal from my house and her mother is ready to steal my husband from me. Aparajita says I don’t want your husband and what’s in this box? She tries to open it but Dadi stops her. Dadi gives her a red box, Aparajita is about to open it but Mohini snatches it away and finds a ring inside it. Dadi says don’t you dare touch this ring. Akshay bought this ring for Aparajita after 20 years on the occasion of his anniversary. The flashback shows how Akshay gave the ring to Dadi and said that he would give it to Aparajita on his anniversary, the flashback ends. Dadi says that Akshay could never give it to him. Asha says, how did she suddenly remember this ring? Dadi says because tomorrow is her wedding anniversary. Nia says why didn’t she give this ring to her aunt 20 years ago? She bought it 2 days before the anniversary so what happened that she couldn’t give it to him? Aparajita is hurt and the flashback shows how Aparajita got ready and waited for Akshay on her wedding anniversary. Dadi told him that he would be busy with work. Aparajita continued to wait for him. Akshay came home and said you haven’t slept yet. Aparajita says you were out of the house all night. Akshay looks away and says that I am going to start a business with Manish and his sister, so I have a lot of work to do. Aparajita finds a lipstick mark on her shirt and is shocked. Akshay leaves there while Aparajita remembers his moments and is in shock, the flashback ends. Nia asks Dadi what happened 20 years ago. Mohini says that no matter what happened 20 years ago, the current reality is that this ring and this anniversary are worthless. Now it is a closed chapter and everyone should remember it. Niya tries to speak but Mohini pulls her away from her. Asha asks Dadi why she didn’t get the ring. Dadi says that Akshay did not come home that night, after that this ring was never mentioned again. I kept this ring safe and saw that Akshay is lying and making excuses every anniversary after that… he will soon be leaving with Mohini forever. Aparajita says let’s not talk about this now. Her daughters hug him, Aparajita thinks that the anniversary night was the most painful for me. Akshay comes there and says that everyone is hugging her as if Aparajita is her mother, that they miss her mother. Akshay sees the red box and tells Dadi that it was Aparajita’s surprise. He tells Aparajita that tomorrow is our anniversary, but tomorrow I will show you, I want our anniversary to be special this time. Aparajita looks away and says to go to the hospital for a scan. Akshay says that you are ordering me around in front of the girls, what will they think? I know you’re tough on the outside, but it’s because of your love for me. When everyone is watching, he kisses her hand. He goes with her.

Aparajita and Akshay are in the hospital. Aparajita comes out and calls Disha. She says that I’m sure Veer must have attacked Akshay. Disha says I will find the proof. Disha asks if she is alright after their anniversary discussion. Aparajita says I’m fine. She asks him to make some kheer for Akshay as she might be hungry. Disha says that she is fine and leaves. The doctor comes to Aparajita and says that Akshay’s scan is fine but we shouldn’t take this incident lightly, he may hurt his brain a lot so he be careful, she nods and leaves. Aparajita turns to find Mohini there. She says that 20 years ago you couldn’t celebrate your anniversary, so now you’re desperate to celebrate it? You want to wear rings, don’t you? She gives him a ring necklace and says that they are all gold so you can keep them, but don’t think about celebrating the anniversary with Akshay. I will bring back his memory at all costs. Aparajita says you’re blinded by your insecurity that you don’t even care about her life? You are sinking so low because of your weakness. Mohini says to stop lecturing, they got no love for 20 years so they are living only with lecturing. Aparajita says that if you really want Akshay to be his wife again, she shows devotion to him. Mohini laughs and says that her husband didn’t come back on her anniversary 20 years ago. You know why? Because that night he was with me and that night I gave myself completely to him. Aparajita looks at him. Akshay reaches there and says wow.. she Calls Mohini behen and says are you here too? Are you planning to rob me or something? Aparajita stares at him. She says I’m just kidding. Aparajita starts leading him from there but Akshay says that whenever Manish’s sister is around you hold my hand tightly, it’s so romantic. Aparajita leaves his hand but says no no, she takes my hand. He says that I don’t want this woman around on our anniversary. Mohini thinks I’ll do a scene on her anniversary now.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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