Lock Up: Payal Rohatgi reveals she used black magic to save her career

The latest episode of Lock Up saw three eliminations in the form of Chetan Hansraj, Saisha Shinde and Sara Khan. While Chetan and Sayyeshaa were removed for their misconduct, Sara was dropped due to lack of votes.

Amidst all this, Payal Rohatgi made a shocking revelation about one of her dark secrets to save herself from elimination. The actress revealed that she used black magic (Vashikaran) to save her career.

Talking about the incident Payal shared, “I have been in the industry for 15 years and there was a time when my career was not going well. Shocking or shocking, I did tantric puja to give a push to my career. I don’t think any educated woman or professional thinks that they should do tantrik puja to take their career forward. There was something called vashikaran, which I did. There were priests in Delhi, they asked me to think about that person, or any possession of that person who has to control me. So I did a lot. But it didn’t help me in anything. I had this fear that if I tell anything to anyone, or my mother that I did vashikaran to save my career and it did not help me, people would make fun of me. It’s been a secret that I don’t think any professional would try to advance their career. ,

Host Kangana Ranaut reacted to his mystery by pulling her leg, where she said, “So what you did was black magic. You tried to subdue the people by doing black magic. Payal I think you are very beautiful and talented, you don’t need tantrik. I can control you people like this. I think there is a lot of prejudice. When I came into the industry, I was also told that this girl does black magic. When a girl is successful, people doubt her credibility… Something will happen. You have shown great strength in stating that although it has been bombed. ,

Payal tries to answer them by saying that our religion believes in doing all these things. Kangna stopped him and said, “Yeh jo you ambassador Bunty Ho Hindu Dharma ki, woh stop. There is nothing like this in our dharam. Now you said that you want to marry Sangram and then you are saying that you want to marry Sangram.” Let’s do Kaal Jadu and Vashikaran, now you have given so much material to his friends to talk about it. Now Sangram also must be thinking, ‘I really love Payal or have I got Vashikaran done by some tantrik?’ What will Payal say?”

Payal said, “Let him believe what he wants to believe. I haven’t on him. We are not Vashikaran products.”

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