Lies on Love Prirish SS Part 1

Lies on Love Prirish SS Part 1

Lies on Love Prirish SS Part 1

Lies On Love Part 1

I dedicate this to RBB1 who wants a fairytale story. This concept is from my dearest friend Naina_rights and using my imagination I shaped it into a story. Title credit also goes to Naina. Please don’t expect logic at all. Consider it a pure fantasy thriller. It has many twists. Don’t get angry seeing Thapki with Rishabh. She will be out soon.

A man was in the exhibition.

He was looking at a painting of serpents. A girl passed by. She collided with him and when she slipped, he grabbed her. She was lost in it.

He let go of her hand.

She: I’m sorry.

Girl: I… A… M so….Rr.B…B….Because I must have…. Walk……walk..ed ca…care….fu….foo…li….and than…ke u fu…for ho….liding me.otherwise I would fall down…..

He felt strange.

that you…

Girl: I ha….ha…they…sta… pro…probe…lem….

He felt sorry for her.

She: That’s fine. It’s not a big flaw. You’re able to tell and it’s more important.

She laughed.

She: Otherrrr…tha… than my sister…ther…you are the one who…did..not tea…..tease…me..

He smiled.

She: What’s your name?

He: was..tha.. cooked….

He was shocked: what?

Thapki: Sin… ce… I stammer, my o.. your da… Papa thumped my name…. patki…

He felt sad.

She: Your own father insulted you. Sad. Where is he now?

Thapki: He isn’…re.

He was startled.

Thapki: U… rar… name?

He: Rishabh.

She laughed.

Rishabh: I have come here for the exhibition as I am doing research on Naagins. This exhibition is very useful.

She was surprised.

Thapki: I… to… too…

Rishabh was shocked: Wow! So we are both on the same line. Nice to meet you.

He extended his hand. He happily took her hand and the two shook hands.

Rishabh was driving his car in the evening. He saw a girl walking alone on the road. Some boys kept roaming with lust.

He was startled.

Rishabh: Custom!

Rishabh stops the car and goes to them.

Rishabh: What are you guys going here?

Custom: Rishabh sir…These boys are troubling me.

Rishabh looked at him angrily.

Rishabh: Aren’t you guys ashamed to harass a girl like this?

One of them: Why do you care? Who is that to you?

He fell silent for a moment.

Then she said: She is my fiancé.

Prath looked at him in disbelief.

Rishabh: Don’t you dare disturb my fiancee. Otherwise I will not spare any of you.

They just left.

Pratha: Sir… Why did you lie that I am your fiancee? I am just your grandmother’s house nurse.

Rishabh: I am sorry to lie. But if I say that you are only my grandmother’s house nurse they will ask me why I care about a domestic nurse. That’s why I lied.

She was silent.

Rishabh: Sit in my jeep. I’ll drop you.

Custom: No thanks sir. I will go by myself.

Rishabh: If you go alone, then those people can trouble you. Then I will leave you.

Pratha: Okay.

She entered his jeep.

After a while, he said: Sir..Please stay here. My house is nearby.

Rishabh: Okay.

She stopped the jeep. She got down from the jeep.

Pratha: Thanks sir.

Rishabh: Goodbye!

Pratha: Goodbye!

Laying on the bed at night, Pratha remembered that Rishabh called her his fiancée and blushed.

He thought: He didn’t mean those words. Yet why was I so happy when he called me his fiancée?

Next day Pratha went to Rishabh’s house.

Pratha gave medicine to her grandmother.

Custom: What is this Grandma? Why didn’t you take medicine?

Rishabh’s mother Seema: Custom, she takes medicine only when you give it to her. She doesn’t listen to us.

Custom: Grandma, I won’t be here forever. So you should take medicine when others give it to you. Right?

Grandma: No, I won’t. You stay here forever.

Custom: How can I stay here forever?

Border: Have an idea.

Seema kept her to herself and said: You marry Rishabh and stay here as our daughter-in-law.

Pratha smiled unconsciously.

Custom: I will arrange food for Dadi.

Pratha went out blushing. While walking, she collided with Rishabh and lost her balance. Rishabh grabbed her by his waist before touching the floor.

Lost in each other’s eyes.

stop the moment
yes i’ll throw myself
what to do.. what to do.. what to do..
Moment I don’t know anything..

[Naina naina laage
Naina naina laage
Naina naina laage
Naina naina laage]

When did you meet Naina?
When did you meet Naina?
Became a series…

When did you meet Naina?
When did you meet Naina?
became a series
Tose Naina Jab Se Miley (Mickey Virus).

Pratha blushed and walked away from her.

They both smiled at each other. She left.

Rishabh was resting near a swimming pool while several people were swimming and resting. He was surprised to see Thapki there. She was walking like a lost soul. She slipped and fell in the pool. A shocked Rishab jumped into the pool and caught Thapki. Thapki was surprised to see her.

Thapki: Ri… ree..shab! Why… are you here?

Rishabh: You fell in the pond. How can I see it? I am scared.

He took her face in his hands and asked: Are you okay?

Thapki looked at her emotionally.

Thapki asked him in his mind: do you care…was for me…was…that much?

Thapki: al.. al.. well. I know that sv.. .ming. So you didn’t have to jump.. jump.

Rishabh: Oh, I thought you didn’t know how to swim. Well why are you here?

Thapki: I was…the..a jo…joe.. came to this hotel for a job interview. But I was rejected…to be..because of entitlement. So I got up. ..upset.

Rishabh: Don’t worry. They don’t deserve you. One day you will get what you deserve.

She laughed.

Rishabh: Come with me to the hotel room and change your wet clothes before going home. Otherwise you will get fever.

Tap was silent.

Rishabh: Don’t worry. You can count on me.

Thapki smiled: I trust you.

He smiled.

Rishabh takes Thapki to the hotel room.

He gave her his shirt and pants to put on. He also changed his wet clothes.

Rishabh: Are you comfortable?

Thapki: Yes. Thanks for that…for that. I was fee…fees…keep cool in wet clothes.

Rishabh: By the way, you are looking cute in my clothes.

They both laughed.

Rishabh: By the way, how is your research going on Naagin?

Thapki: It’s not for P.HD. It’s my copy…personal re…re…search for fun. What about you?

Rishabh: Everything is going well. I have to gather more information about Naagin.

She just smiled.

Dab thought: For the first time a mother… the man cared for me. No wonder I’m falling for him….

Rishabh looks at Thapki’s certificates which he had kept under the fan to dry.

Rishabh: Thapki, you are eligible. Why don’t you come to my office? I mean… would you like me by PA?

Thapki was excited: Sure.

He smiled.

Thapki thought: How could I miss the chance to be with Rishabh?

Thapki ran towards her sister.

Thapki: Granted… I’m in love.

Her sister looked at her happily. She was none other than custom.

Custom: Really? I’m in love too.

Thapki was surprised: You too?

Custom: I love the son of the house where I work. And you?

Thapki told him everything.

Pratha: I am glad that you have finally found true love in your life.

Slap smiled.

Suddenly Pretha became sluggish.

Custom: But will our lovers accept us if they know our truth?

The slap became sluggish.

Thapki: Really?

Custom: The truth is that we are actually serpents.

Both Pratha and Thapki became serpents.

Thapki: My mother..the man is doing research on Na..Nana..Nagins. So he won’t have any problem. He doesn’t seem to like… Jeans.

Custom: Humans might like serpents. But no human would like to marry a serpent.

Thapki got upset.

Pratha: The family I work in is very nice. They have no problem with middle class girls. In fact he indirectly indicated that he wanted me as his daughter-in-law. But if they come to know that I am a serpent, then forget making them a daughter-in-law. They will throw me out.

Thapki: But I can’t lose the only person who cares about me Di. So I’ll hide my identity..identify him. So do you. Don’t lose your love.

Custom: Yes. But for how long can we hide our identities? One day, the truth will come out. Right?

Thapki: But until then I want to be wi…wi..per…person with the person I love.

Both hugged each other and cried.

Thapki: What is our fault if we are born as shape-shifting serpents?

Custom: We never wanted to be a serpent. But we are natural wishful serpents. We are helpless. This is our destiny.

They both cried.

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