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Let’s go by this mode 17 March 2022 Written episode update: Sanjay accuses Paragi and Batra

From this mode go to the written episode of 17 March 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Atul tells Sanjay that Paragi went to meet Batra without informing him. Shiva instigates Sanjay against Paragi and says that Paragi will not hesitate to leave him for Batra. Sanjay says it is impossible and leaves from there in anger. Atul tells Shiva that Paragi will watch the drama of snatching his money and rights and slapping him.

Paragi and Batra’s meeting ends. Batra thanks Paragi for attending a meeting and says that if it was not an important meeting he would not have called her. She wishes him a Happy Holi and he replies. Then she swings her leg and slips. He fucks her. Sanjay goes there and gets angry seeing them together. Paragi gets shocked seeing Sanjay there. Sanjay grabs Batra’s collar and shouts how dare he touch his wife. Paragi asks him to leave Batra. Sanjay denies and asks Batra why he called Paragi on the festival day. Batra warns Paragi to control her husband and says that he can answer Sanjay, but Sanjay is not in a position to understand anything. She apologizes to him. Sanjay tells Batra that he cannot leave until he finishes the conversation. Paragi tells her not to create any drama in her office, says Batra is her boss and she cannot take Sanjay’s side in front of her. Sanjay asks if Batra is more than his boss. Paragi and Batra warn him to shut his mouth.

Atul and Shiva eagerly wait to watch the drama at Sanjay’s house. Ashi asks them to leave as thieves. They push Ashi and run away. Vinod asks Ashi to stop bothering about the dholak players. Pramod wonders where Paragi would have taken Sanjay on the festival day. Sanjay tells Batra that he ruined his first Holi celebration with Paragi. He again questions Paragi and Batra’s relationship. He throws the nameplate which hits Batra’s head. Hearing the nose, people gather. Paragi splashes water on Sanjay’s face. A man records the play among the crowd.

Paragi tells Sanjay to come to his senses. He asks why did she come to meet Batra today. She warns him to pay attention to his tongue or else he will regret it tomorrow. Sanjay says that he is already a repentant, a loser, and is not an achiever like him and Batra. He apologizes to her for creating drama and says that Batra is interfering between them. She says that Batra is only her boss. He asks if he is sure. She asks how can he even think like this. Abhay takes Sanjay away from the office seeing their fight.

Sushma asks Baby to call Abhay and find out where he is. Abhay enters with Sanjay. Everyone gets upset seeing Sanjay’s condition. Paragi cleans Batra’s cabin and apologizes to Batra for Sanjay’s misbehavior. Batra says that he is not interested in her personal life and called her for a professional meeting. She says that she knows. He says that his name should not be dragged between his personal issues or else his name will be spoiled. She requests him not to take any action against Sanjay. He says that he will not file any case against Sanjay, but it should not be repeated.

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