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Kundali Bhagya March 18, 2022 Written Episode Update: Kareena plans to steal property papers

Kundali Bhagya 18 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Karan says they all know that these are property papers and no one will steal them as they are not thieves, Preeta in shock questions how everyone knows as it was a secret, when Dadi told her. Said that if no one told her then who told her but she herself was talking so loudly in the morning so everyone listened, Kareena questioned why she was wasting her time, did she forget what is Preeta’s roots because she has no manners otherwise she would have gone aside and forgave them too, she is saying that if they sent a spy after her, Srishti says that some people still talk so little Kritika replies that it is really funny but does she know what else is funny is that some people don’t know how to act but only speak, Srishti says she is accepting that she is so down Gone, Karan tries to ask Kritika to stop talking but Kritika is constantly arguing that how does Srishti dare to talk to her mother. Rati and herself as such, does she think of herself as someone really big, Karan orders her to keep quiet. Srishti tells that she respects and loves Karan a lot, so she is silent, otherwise she knows to teach everyone a lesson. Kareena questions if she is satisfied as she inspired both brother and sister to fight, Srishti questions what she has done as she hasn’t even spoken. Preeta asks them all to stop as everyone in this house is screaming, Karan replies that she is the one who starts screaming and they do nothing.

Preeta replies that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone because she is having headache, she eats the medicine with Ras, Srishti sees this and questions why she took this medicine and she knows that she wants to eat them. After how she sleeps and even if someone beats her, the drum plays in her room yet she doesn’t wake up, Preeta questions what will happen now because she wants to keep the papers safe and hence Srishti should also sleep with her, Srishti observes. That Janki is not getting Dadi’s medicine. Preeta says that she can go now and search all the medical stores, Sameer offers to drop her. Preeta hugs Srishti who says she has performed so well and should be rewarded; They both leave when Preeta also goes to her room.

Srishti is in the car with Sameer, wondering how Preeta said that he always helps them, Srishti thanks her for everything when Sameer replies that she thinks she has to increase her speed as she has done a lot. Time is lost, Srishti thinks what he is saying. If he is talking about the relationship, Srishti questions why there is a need to be in such a hurry, Sameer replies that he is saying this because there is no one to stop them, Srishti asks him. As to why she is so interested, Sameer explains that Beeji is ill and felt that they would hurry to help her, Srishti gets upset asking if she meant to go home, Sameer questions her. What does he mean but he refuses to say anything, Srishti tells him that Biji is fine and nothing happened to him, Sameer was getting upset what he meant when he replied that it was all there plan. was part of the room, he reveals that Preeta had planned to talk loudly about the papers in front of everyone, then Prithvi will also hear that he has the papers in the room, Preeta will arrest him when he tries to steal them. , Srishti explains and even the text was fake so BG is fine. Sameer asks what did he think when he talked about increasing the speed, Srishti thinks he thought he was talking about their relationship which is slower than a car since last two years. Srishti covers her face with hair so that she doesn’t have to answer him, thinking that she is really cute.

Preeta enters the room, she says these are house papers and they are really important to her, she is praying that her plan succeeds and Prithvi gets arrested otherwise if it doesn’t happen then she Can’t get her out. home so easily. Preeta thinks that after 9.30 pm everyone will go to sleep, she will wait to see who is still awake and she is sure that after everyone is asleep, Prithvi will surely come to steal the papers.

Sameer suddenly slows down the car, Srishti questions what is the need to slow down the car when he informs that he thought BI ji is fine now, he will drive slowly, Srishti questions that Why does she have to drive slowly, he replies that he can spend some time with her., Srishti warns him that they are about to get into an accident, he stops the car when she starts laughing, he Says he can continue driving, she mentions that she has accepted his warning that the car may blast with wind, Srishti and Sameer both are enjoying the ride, she stops the car and pulls the belt. Opens it, she sits as he removes an eyelash from her face. She gets upset so he questions what happened, she gets out of the car, he goes to her what happened, he apologizes that she touched her without her permission, it is said that if they Barauni flaunts her wish, so she asks him to wish her, he informs that she is happy. Both have started talking when Srishti says she is happy that he has started talking to her, He doesn’t understand. She runs towards the house when Sameer wishes that God will always ensure that Srishti keeps smiling like this.

Natasha is making a vlog in her room and she says she knows she didn’t make a vlog for so long but she decided to come live today so now she will show her new dance moves Natasha performed started when Sherlyn asked what was happening. Natasha says that she was making dance videos, Sherlyn replies that everyone is starting to doubt if she is his real sister, when Natasha asked if her real sister would not make such videos. Sherlyn tells that her real sister’s class will be there, Sherlyn says she should have at least closed the door but Natasha says she should keep it open as Roshni has a good effect, Sherlyn mentions that until She is not giving him money till then there is no need for her to make such videos as she will not need any money, Natasha tells that she performs because it is her passion but Sherlyn leaves the warning That she will not make such videos, Natasha thinks that she does not know what Sherlyn thinks of herself, she will get the papers that Preeta has brought in the house and will become the new mistress of this mansion.

Kareena is giving her medicine to Dadi, she asks about Rakhi, Kareena tells that Rakhi always locks herself in her room when she gets hurt so she also thought that she will not force her anymore and Let Rakhi come out when she feels like it, Dadi asks why Kareena didn’t take her medicine When Kareena stops when she starts speaking, she explains that she knows Kareena really well, what is she hiding Well, Kareena reveals that she won’t sleep tonight so she can go and steal papers from Preeta so that she loses her position. Dadi explains even then he must not have said anything to her as she is doing this for her family, Kareena hugs Dadi.

Natasha is walking when she sees Karan working in his room, Natasha thinks that the only situation Karan will steal papers is if she thinks Preeta is going against her family, what she has heard, Preeta She also used Sameer and Kritika to come to this house as a doctor Dadi and Rishabh’s well-wisher, but she doesn’t need so many people, she just has to prove that Preeta is against the Luthra family who is trying to convince Karan. will be enough for

Precap: Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he and his lawyer’s idea is nonsense. He says I am not going to steal anything. I am a businessman not a thief. She says okay. If you don’t, I will. Kareena asks Karan to steal the property papers in Preeta’s room. Kritika is also there and gets shocked hearing this. Afterwards, everyone is at the dining table. A servant gives Preeta a file saying that her lawyer has given it to her. Everyone’s eyes are on this.

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