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Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi informs Mahesh that Arjun is really Karan

Kundali Bhagya Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prithvi and Sherlyn are hiding. When Kritika says that she must be hiding somewhere, she is sure her friend explains to her why she would be texting on her phone if Sherlyn was trying to hide from her, Kritika agrees to hear this. . She says that she must be telling the truth, so she agrees to go see Kritika, since she isn’t feeling well, a friend agrees to tag along. Sherlyn angrily stands up and threatens to teach them a lesson, but Prithvi stops questioning her that they should catch them if she wants to.

Rakhi remembers how Arjun also brought her tea, as Karan used to explain that drinking relieves headache and stress. He also knew that she forgets to put her mobile phone under her pillow. Rakhi starts to pray by standing in front of Ganpati, Mahesh walks up to her to see what she is doing, so Rakhi reveals that Karan is back, Shrishti is surprised to hear Rakhi and Mahesh ask if she is alright. I pass? Rakhi says that he was giving her a headache and told Arjun that he had gone to get her tea, but he also said what Karan used to say to him, and today Arjun also said all those things. If someone believes, he doesn’t care, but this mother’s heart says that Arjun is not Arjun but Karan. Mahesh also finds out how Arjun was playing with the cricket ball and also asked for his golden pen, Mahesh explains that he understands their feelings and sometimes even feels that Arjun is actually Karan, but they can’t deny the truth as their face is different and even his mother is someone else then it is not his mother which is true, Rakhi refuses to believe saying that Arjun is actually I have Karan, Mahesh also follows him before he leaves. Srishti makes excuses to the guests before chasing after the two.

Prithvi is pulling Sherlyn, she asks what am I doing, since she will surely beat Kritika with a sandal, Prithvi asks what is she doing, since she had an orbit before and was very well. But now she looks very cheap, Sherlyn gets angry and turns her hand away. Warning her to show him what it means, he tells her to take care of her since they are at the Luthra mansion. Sherlyn says that she got hurt from her when he spun her hand, Prithvi explains that they are not here to study physics and only for revenge. Sherlyn says that she used to live in big houses but now she lives in a chawl, she had a lot of class with a big business empire but now she is not because Rishabh kicked her out of the house and even that her own mother had refused to take her to the. She returns home so she is forced to be with him on short walks. She has to fight for every little thing that she will definitely make a difference in her attitude, Prithvi apologizes to Sherlyn saying that it is her fault that she is living in that situation. Prithvi promises that she will get everything that belongs to her, they both hug. Prithvi asks her not to appear in front of anyone until she finds Arjuna as he should get the money as he is not worthy to live in that little chawl, when she is smiling he runs away.

Rishab is playing with Kavya, she sees Arjun upset and then asks him why he is so worried, he replies that there is nothing like that. Rishabh says she shouldn’t make any effort to hide it as they are both business partners now so she has to tell them where she is from and who her family is, Anjali arriving at the door tells them that she tells them about the. I’m going to say. She is not very good at revealing herself, she reveals that she is a famous personality in London and has won many businesswoman of the year awards, Rishabh replies that she is different because they are different from her professional life. know about. Anjali says that she can find out about Arjun later, but she should go with him because she wants to talk about something important with him, she says with a smile that she wants to know about her friend, but Anjali forces her to come because she Wants to talk. contract.

Kavya also asks Arjun about his parents, she demands that he show a photo so that Arjun takes out his cell phone and explains that his whole family looks like him and they are the best parents in the world, he thinks that they are always with him.

Mahesh is trying to stop Rakhi but she doesn’t listen, Rakhi tells him that she is not trying to accept his feelings when he says that Arjun is his Karan, Mahesh explains that he accepts that Arjun behaves like Karan sometimes but the truth is that they are different and therefore must accept the truth, Rakhi questions that when he is a mother and she thinks he is her son, how can she do it? Rakhi asks Mahesh to tell the truth, if he never thought that Arjun was Karan, Mahesh remembers how Arjun also demanded a golden feather like Karan, he explains that if Arjun was Karan why didn’t he tell them the truth about his identity and don’t tell your own daughter. Srishti, who goes to Rakhi, agrees that she also believes that Arjun is like Karan, but Mahesh Papa is not lying and believes that she is telling the truth, about an invited pundit ji. When she is questioned, Rakhi says that Srishti should take her to Pandit. hee, Mahesh is also going with the guest.

Arjun asks Kavya not to tell her mother that they have become friends, Preeta enters the room and asks what they are talking about, but Kavya replies that they have a conversation between her friend. There are secrets so she can’t find out, Preeta. replies that if so, then he won’t give her what she likes to eat, Kavya suddenly takes an apple from Preeta, Arjun also takes one, but Kavya replies that it’s not good because it doesn’t suit him if she’s his friend Preeta sits down and replies that her daughter doesn’t share anything with anyone, Kavya calls her a baby doll, which makes Preeta miss her time with Karan, so she leaves the room. Arjun is also thinking about that. When he asked her if Kavya is feeling better now, she replies that he should take her signature now, if he wanted to, she would have become very popular and then he didn’t even talk to her. Arjun remembers the time when Preeta used to talk like that too, Kavya walks out of the room while she is playing with her ball.

Anjali picks up the ball in the hallway when Kavya threatens to come so she doesn’t pick it up, Anjali replies that she was just trying to help him as the ball was in the hallway when Kavya warns that she should take it as her favorite ball. Since she doesn’t choose, she just plays with it, Anjali questions why it’s so important to what Kavya says is Karan Luthra’s ball. Anjali tries to talk to her but Kavya replies that she doesn’t talk to strangers and then leaves after warning Anjali, she thinks it’s amazing that such a little girl has so much attitude but she’s still so cute, Anjali is smiling.

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