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Kundali Bhagya 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Anjali warns Preeta to stay away from Arjun

Kundali Bhagya Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Shrishti mentions that she doesn’t know why she thinks there is some kind of connection between Preeta di and Arjun, Preeta asks her if she has gone crazy as they can’t forget that she is the same person they were there for. that plane for the first time, and Kavya’s life has been in danger many times. Shrishti asks if Preeta forgot as she has saved Kavya a lot all the time, be it from terrorists or on the plane and even when she was about to find herself in a car accident. Shrishti tells him that she doesn’t understand what is her problem with him and even Rishabh ji is always fighting with her but they cannot forget that Arjun never badmouthed Preeta and Kavya. Preeta tries to get away from her when Shrishti explains that running from the truth will not change her, Preeta replies that she is talking very strange, Preeta tries to scold her. Sameer comes from the corner with Kavya who points to her mother, Sameer points at her speaking softly.

Kavya informs Preeta that she is going for ice cream with Sameer, he informs that the doctor is calling Preeta when Shrishti is still tense, then Sameer asks what happened, though Shrishti doesn’t say anything. She then gets a call and explains that she could be from Rakhi’s mother. .

Anjali replies that she doesn’t trust the doctor anymore, Dadi asks if it is possible, she is still affected by the poison. Preeta asks what happened to Arjun, before the doctor can answer, Anjali tells him that she wants to meet Preeta and not him, Preeta asks if she is conscious, but Anjali replies that she doesn’t think so. The doctor must have heard him talking in her sleep, about when she saved Preeta, she enters the room and Anjali tries to follow him, but the doctor threatens to call security if she doesn’t follow her instructions.
Arjun is lying on the hospital bed, Preeta slowly walks towards him and starts crying, he asks her why she is crying when she wanted to see him dead, Preeta tells him that she is going to leave if he is like this. when Arjun is holding his sari, he mentions that he wants to tell her something, so he calls Preeta. Preeta hesitantly approaches, accepts that she has caused him a lot of pain for which he must forgive her, and apologizes for her behavior. Preeta also gets emotional, he assures that he will apologize to everyone because he has hurt them including Rishabh and her entire family, since they were tense because of her, he apologizes to her once again. Preeta tries to say something however she feels dizzy and is about to fall down but the doctor comes in along with the nurse, she immediately helps Preeta, when the doctor asks Preeta to help her sit in the wheelchair so she indicates to call Dr. Sharma. The nurse takes Preeta out in a wheelchair.

Anjali worriedly asks what happened to Preeta, the doctor replies that they will find it after some time. Anjali asks if she can meet Arjun, the doctor tells her that she lied to them the first time so they can’t tell what happened to her.

Rakhi stumbles entering the hospital when Rakhi overhears the nurse asking the receptionist to call Dr. Sharma to treat Preeta, worried Rakhi asks if she is alright, Rakhi immediately runs to the hat room. admitted to room 204 while Arjun is in room 203. Both of them leave to meet Preeta.

Sameer is walking with Kavya and Shrishti, Kavya says that the ice cream was really good but she mentions that Sameer’s uncle wouldn’t let her buy ice cream for Mr. Handsome, Sameer replies that it shouldn’t be anything she’s worried about because she doesn’t even they know if he is awake or asleep, Srishti asks the nurse if she knows where her sister Preeta is at the moment, the nurse replies that she is unconscious in Arjun’s room.

Anjali is with Dadi who asks if they can sit down for a while, Rakhi and Kareena also arrive, they greet Dadi who assures them that there is nothing to worry about and both children will be fine. However, Anjali leaves in a rage when Rakhi angrily asks her what happened to her, Kareena replies that they shouldn’t worry about her and they need to meet Preeta.

While walking, Rakhi feels as if Arjun has called her, she stops to look out the window and sees Arjun on the bed, she walks in without thinking and is about to leave though Arjun asks her to do so. She asks what she is doing here and what she needs. to leave, Rakhi tells him that Arjun called her mother and she feels that something is wrong, the doctor replies that he is under the influence of drugs, therefore he says anything without thinking it through properly. Rakhi cannot control her emotions. She asks about her condition when the doctor reveals that she is fine but Rakhi needs to go now.

Kareena is really worried in the living room, she sees Preeta telling her that both Rishabh and Kavya really love her, she gets worried when Rakhi is not by her side.

Rakhi while walking to the hospital stops at the temple and says that God knows everything and is aware of what is happening so once again make sure Arjun meets his mother as she will be expecting. Rakhi is praying when he sees the flowers fall. in the temple, he collects them and begins to pray.

Anjali walks away wondering what happened because Arjun wanted to meet Preeta even before that, and how Arjun confessed that he fell in love with Preeta once again. Anjali standing at the door thinks how is he like this when everything is clear, Luthra’s are not good at heart as he has risked his life for them but they don’t deserve it. The doctor comes out when Anjali asks about his condition, she tells him that Arjun might have lost his life today because the poison was too strong, but he is happy that everything is alright. Anjali says that everything happened because of Preeta.

When the doctor comes out, Kareena is standing at the door, she asks him about his condition, the doctor replies that Preeta is fine but she is still addicted to drugs, so she asks Kareena if she wants to meet him, Kareena replies that her sister- en-law is Preeta’s mother-in-law so she is going to bring her to this room. The nurse comes out asking if something happened, the doctor mentions that he didn’t see a woman like her since she refused to come in even though she was standing outside the room.

Preeta is lying on the hospital bed when Anjali approaches her, Preeta asks about Arjun’s condition, but Anjali asks why Preeta asks about him, she asks what Preeta wants from her. Preeta replies that she can’t answer because the doctor said that she will feel fine after fifteen minutes so they will tell them, Anjali asks Preeta if she is interested in talking after fifteen minutes as she can only talk to Preeta . Arjun has come here to explain that to you. he is behind the situation, and whenever Arjun is in trouble, either because of Preeta or her family. Anjali warns Arjun of dire consequences for her if he tries to get close to her.

Anjali sees Rakhi around the corner, sees the flower and asks if she prayed for Arjun. Anjali thinks that Arjun will feel good if Rakhi aunty meets Arjun but she has to stop her from meeting with Preeta, Anjali says that Preeta will be fine after fifteen minutes but if Rakhi wants she can meet Arjun at that time because you will like it Rakhi replies that she will like it too, but she still goes to Preeta’s room. Anjali is confused as to why they care so much about Preeta and don’t respect Arjun’s sacrifices, Anjali is really confused.

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