Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets bitten while trying to protect Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets bitten while trying to protect Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets bitten while trying to protect Kavya

Kundali Bhagya Dec 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The passengers are wondering what is going on in this plane as now the first terrorists have arrived, Shrishti reveals that there are snakes in this plane, the rest of the passengers are worried when one of them mentions that they will be killed. Rakhi explains that he shouldn’t talk like that, since he is a devotee of Shiv ji, so he can harm him. Preeta explains to them that this is not the time to argue since they are all on this issue together. Arjun also agrees with Preeta’s explanation that they can be enemies from outside but they are all here together, Srishti agrees with her, Kareena mentions that Srishti is right and they can’t be friends with some people from outside but here together, Mr. Khurana asks me to get a seat here, Kareena says angrily that this is not economy class and everyone should work together as there are limited seats here, after some time Srishti remembers Knowing that he has two children together, Kavya and Piu, Arjun wonders how he will handle this girl. Preeta runs with Arjun to save both of them.

Kavya is looking for PU in economy class, she finds PU sitting and asks him to come, but PU explains to her mother not to get up from her seat because how will she find him, Kavya tells her that everyone is in this room. They are on the plane. together and will make sure to meet her mother. Kavya and Piu are scared of the snakes, Preeta runs to hug Piu who chases the snake away, she tries to go with both of them but Kavya hides in a corner and is very scared, Arjun manages to save Kavya from the snakes , but is bitten. herself.

Preeta walks in with Piu when everyone asks about Kavya, she tells them that Kavya is with Arjun. Shrishti talks to Piu, who tells her that she was scared and worried about how her mother would find her once she landed the plane, Shrishti assures that she will protect her from her.

The tarot reader examines the cards one more time, is really scared and informs that it will all end very soon. The passengers are cut off one by one when everyone is really scared, Preeta says that she is going to talk to the pilot.

Preeta knocks on the cabin door and asks them to open the door but the terrorist explains that he will not open the door as he has to make sure that his plan succeeds, the pilot asks that the passengers may need his help, the terrorist he explained, he should kill two passengers every minute. Preeta enters the cockpit asking the pilot to land the plane, but the pilot explains that the plane cannot land because there is a technical problem. Preeta looks at the terrorist and asks who he shot, the terrorist replies that he killed the snakes. Preeta calls the airport officer and tells him that there are snakes on the plane, he is really worried about what might happen now, Preeta asks him to find a way for them to fix everything, Preeta asks them to hurry up.

The airport officer is talking to someone on the phone when Rishabh stops the car, he explains that the whole situation has changed and snakes have infested the entire plane, Rishabh is worried about how this happened, the officer mentions that there is no time to give explanations. and they have to consult a woman who is the best person to consult since she knows all the details about snakes.
Preeta returns to the plane explaining that the officials assured him that they will call with a plan, Arjun stands up but he is actually dizzy, Preeta asks him what happened to him though he refuses to say, he denies that anything is wrong, she insists on Knowing Truthfully, Arjun asks her why she thinks he is always right, but Preeta replies that she knows when it comes to him. She is not mistaken, she immediately falls down. When Preeta sees that he has been bitten, she immediately covers the cloth around the bite mark.

Rishabh is with Anjali in the car and she explains that today is really bad because a lot of bad things have happened, Anjali says that she is right because she wanted to hate him but she feels like thanking him. Rishabh replies that she has come to know one thing. in his life never lie and never blindly trust anyone. Rishabh questions why Anjali is still stuck in what happened in the past, as she has learned to move on in life from her. The officer explains that his phone belongs to the airport, so someone from the plane must be calling him, he answers only to find Preeta on the line.

Rishab is relieved to hear her voice, so she picks up the phone and asks if she and everyone else are okay. Preeta says that the whole plane is full of snakes and that Arjun got bitten while she was trying her best to save Kavya. She asks the authorities to give her a solution that she can use. Rishabh tries to cheer her up by explaining that she has never lost faith that she should fight for, Anjali also asks Preeta to take care of Arjun, Preeta assures Anjali that she will not let anything bad happen to her, that she will give her up and save her under any circumstances. circumstance, Rishabh asks him to take care of everyone, Preeta asks him to call her as soon as he finds a way. Rishabh is relieved.

The driver turns the car upon seeing the woman, he immediately runs out upon seeing the woman. Rishab asks why she runs and asks her to listen to her, after entering her room the lady asks the girl to close the door.

The officers enter the house when the woman refuses to listen to them, clarifying that she did not give the snakes to anyone, he explains that they should only talk to her. Anjali tries to request it but the woman does not want to listen to anyone, Rishabh assures that nothing bad will happen to her, clarifies that her entire family is trapped in a plane full of snakes, and the person she hates the most saved her daughter’s life, so he asks him to help them, so that they can save Arjun’s life. The woman agrees to Rishabh’s request, but she asks for a picture of the snake and only after seeing the picture can she talk about the poison. The official mentioned that they could trace the call to a satellite.

The passengers are very worried, Minnie says that she will move the children to another section. Rakhi is near Arjun comforting her, he calls her mother, Rakhi asks him what happened, he just looks at her. Preeta is worried.

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