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Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi vows to ruin the life of Arjun

Kundali Bhagya Sep 29, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Preeta mentions that Arjun took Kajal out of her eyes and applied tika to her, so how can she do it? Arjun asks Rakhi if he has done something wrong when Rakhi replies that something was done with good intentions. Not bad either, Preeta says angrily that now she is too. taking towards him. Rakhi tries to stop her but Preeta doesn’t listen, Arjun says that it is like that and like a bitter rope, Rakhi replies that Karan used to talk about her in the same way when Arjun says that it is like that, Rakhi leaves with a smile.

Prithvi is riding a motorcycle singing when Raja stops the bike, Prithvi says that he can do anything when he gets home but Raja replies that the gas has run out on the bike, Prithvi says that it is so unprofessional because they came to break it. to jail. Vishnu mentions that he can get gas at the gas pump, Prithvi replies that he doesn’t have the mobile phones from him. He mentioned that if he looks like a liar and a thief, Raja replies that he actually looks like a liar and a thief, Prithvi replies that he should say one more time as he looks into his eyes, Raja mentions that he seems like a very nice person. Prithvi assures that he will make them rich if they do what he asked them to do, the king upon hearing this assures that Vishnu mentions that it is a hoax and that they were best friends. The lawyer assures that both will remain friends but they must know that Prithvi is a wonderful person and they will have to pay the price for ruining him. Raja mentions that he is talking about Arjuna, Prithvi desperately says that he will surely explain to Arjun how much wrong he has done to him.

Sameer asks Srishti not to be mad at her since she has apologized, Srishti replies that she wants him to love her, he assures her that he loves her very much. Srishti replies that she wants him to appreciate her work and if she does something good then she praises her, Sameer praises her for doing such a good job, Srishti tells her that he praises him after her. Sameer tries to touch her feet, but she takes a step back. Sameer says that he is definitely going to apologize to her. Sameer mentions that Preeta Bhabhi comes from her, so he shouldn’t fight with her, Srishti replies that he doesn’t want to stress her sister anymore. Sameer leaves Srishti when Preeta tells him that she has heard that Arjun likes Srishti. She asks him not to panic and stay away from her, but Srishti replies that he likes her.

Biji is sitting with Janki when Srishti arrives and makes her dizzy, Biji asks her to understand that Janki is no longer young but old, Janki replies that she is still young, but gets angry saying that her whole family is old, Janki mentions that she is not should talk like this, Biji reveals that she is Arjun’s girlfriend, however, Srishti replies that Preeta is, tells her that Arjun likes her, she sees Anjali walking, so she warns her to stay away from Arjun as he he likes her , Anjali replies that she can do whatever she wants before she leaves.

Anjali calls Rishabh, she asks why she told Srishti that she likes Arjun and that she is not interested in any competition, Rishabh immediately apologizes explaining that she didn’t mean to spread all this but I am so sorry Anjali said, still it is not true that she does not like it, Rishabh assures that she will fix everything, but Anjali is worried about what she can do after knowing the truth, Rishabh mentions that she is a good person, so she will not do anything bad, but will still fix everything and until then you can have a drink.

Rishabh walks by and mentions that he saw her first and then Phool feels he should have, Srishti says that Arjun likes her when Rishabh replies that they all love him, Srishti says that he doesn’t love her so Rishabh asks if she has to tell him constantly. that he likes her. Rishabh mentions that aunt Janki knows that he likes her and even Dadi knows, dad replies that he gave her a flower too, but not like Karan because he has no new girlfriend after that, Rishabh kisses her hand, so he walks into panic. Rishabh clarifies that everything she said about Arjun and Anjali was wrong as it is her fault. They all run away immediately after hearing this, which worries Rishabh.
Mahesh wonders how Rakhi said that Arjun also accepted her order when she got strict with him, Arjun looks at her when she comes to ask Mahesh why he is so tense and his face turns to the moon. He can be sad too. Mahesh replies that there is nothing like that, Arjun explains that Moon and Prem have a deep connection as they see when their hearts are broken and even when they have a girlfriend, Arjun said that Mahesh must have heard the song that makes Mahesh smile, he He says that he didn’t know that Arjun would be able to talk about Chand and romance, but today their conversation made him feel a bit excited and happy. Mahesh says that he looks for Karan on the moon but he can’t find him anywhere. Mahesh explains that he feels like Karan is standing at the source of him looking at Arjun, he can’t control himself and is hugging Mahesh. Preeta can’t take this either, so she gets emotional.

She is about to leave but Mahesh calls her and tells her that she should tell him that he looks like Karan and they all talk about him saying that Arjun likes Karan and even that he talks like her, mentioning that she is Karan’s shadow, then be sure to tell her if she feels the same way. Mahesh leaves after receiving the call.

Preeta stands next to Arjun, he calls her to ask if she also remembers Karan like the rest of the family members and if she also feels that she has some habits like Karan. Preeta turns to him with a tight face, she’s constantly thinking about how he helped her like Karan, and that the healer made her feel the same way. Arjun says that he didn’t answer him.

Sherlyn opens the door and is surprised to see Prithvi saying that she thought she would not get bail if she never helped her. He runs into the house and vows to ruin everyone except to the shock of seeing the broken remote. Sherlyn hugs Prithvi when he worries about what happened, Sherlyn replies that she is fed up with this life when Prithvi explains that everything happened because of her because her mother stopped taking her for her. time because everything will be alright. Prithvi says that he can do anything but not look at any girl with the evil eye because he himself hates those women but he has enough for Arjun even though he doesn’t know that the earth is not made of stone but of mountain he gives the answer . Sherlyn promises to ruin Arjun’s life when Prithvi explains that everyone has come, Sherlyn doesn’t understand that when Prithvi calls Raja and Vishnu inside, he tells them that he came to get the pen drive, which will ruin Arjun’s life.

Arjun asks Preeta if she doesn’t miss Karan, she says no, but then clarifies that she means she doesn’t want to talk about Karan with her, Arjun is stunned.

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