Kundali Bhagya 28 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan fights with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan fights with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan fights with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Sherlyn is hugging Kritika when Natasha also comes inside to assure Kritika that there is nothing to worry as they are all standing with her, Sameer enters the room why she is crying when Kritika asks. As to whether he was not present when her husband was being arrested, Kritika tells that she thinks Preeta herself kept the papers in his room so that she can trap him, Natasha and Sherlyn also say that it is true but Karan Asks what they both are saying, he enters the room and tells that Prithvi has been arrested because he was wrong. Preeta will never steal her own papers to trap Prithvi, Kritika tells that she needs her brother the most today but she thinks the person standing in front of her is Preeta’s husband, she says it is better They don’t talk today as he might blame her for what happened, Karan leaves angrily saying that he is right as they shouldn’t talk, Sameer also tries to question him. What has happened, Kritika angrily tells him to leave and along with her sister-in-law, he leaves but Natasha gets worried.

Karan is walking in the hall, he remembers how Kritika blames him for defending Preeta, he is about to leave the house when Preeta passes by, she thanks him for helping her. , Karan replies why she is thanking him as it was a coincidence, Preeta tells that Prithvi was arrested because he was wrong and Karan says that he knows Prithvi is wrong but he is also not so pure It is because he has planned everything and because of that Kritika is not talking to him, Preeta tries to explain that Kritika is really polite but Karan tells her about how to deal with her family. Her advice is not needed, everything happened because of Preeta, but she tells that she should not blame as he didn’t ask her to call the police, he wanted to prove that she didn’t steal the paper and Prithvi. The culprit, Karan tells that he is tired of him, Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Preeta asks him to calm down because sometimes it seems that they are suffering when in reality it is happening for good, Karan asks her not to give this lecture until he feels that person’s pain. does not tolerate the one she loves the most, the one who stops talking and her heart breaks into small pieces, she starts crying when he says that she is crying after hearing about it while she Suffering all this, his sister is not talking to him and his whole family is suffering because of them, he mentions it is very easy for Preeta to yell at them and even pushes her away saying that she doesn’t love him, but he came back to her, because he still loves her and felt that his love has returned to this house but she is not the same woman and even she needs his Involved in plans, she can’t see herself in pain so why is she lecturing to calm him down. Preeta says she understands everything, he is saying her life is simple and she wants him to know how complicated her life is, she said that she will come to know that her family hates her, but They still hate her, she can’t even tell them how she loves them all, says whatever’s on her mind when she can’t tell the truth about how she feels about them Is.

Karan is walking, Sameer stops him when he questions what he has to say, Sameer hugs him that he is the best brother in the world, Karan asks him to be alone for sometime, Sameer thinks That he knows Karan had a fight with Preeta but if he lets her be alone, he might get even more angry.

Sameer follows Karan as to where he is going, Karan starts scolding him why he is not letting him be alone for sometime, Sameer asks the reason why he is scolding him, Karan replies because he Not letting her focus on her thoughts, Sameer questions what happened to her then Karan asks if he heard her arguing with Preeta, Sameer is unable to accept it, Karan asks if he was wrong Was because he is never defending Preeta, but Kritika is not understanding anything. Sameer asks what did he say when he was coming back from the police station as he knew that Kritika was upset and they both are his only brothers, they have to pacify him. Karan said that what is happening in the house will hurt anyone, he is angry with him that he is his enemy. Sameer replies that Preeta is also someone’s sister, Karan tells her not to go in it as he knows Sameer listened to their conversation but Sameer explains that it was a one sided fight, Sameer explains that he was shouting But she was listening to all this, did she think that it was because of Prithvi because they all know that she is a wicked person, and even though the idea of ​​stealing Prithvi came because of Preeta, she was the same is the one who sent him to jail, Sameer knows that Prithvi was wrong and used to trouble them, but it happened because of Karan and Preeta, Karan is shocked to hear this but Sameer replies that he is right in his own way and if If Preeta had a brother who would listen to her way of fighting with him, he would have thrashed Karan. Sameer doesn’t stop at saying anything, Sameer reveals that other members also wanted to steal them even though their intentions are not wrong but Prithvi can never think good for anyone else, Sameer explains that he too wants to be arrested. But Preeta saved him because if she had not told them that there were no papers in the file, no one would have understood anything. Karan says he is the one who knows best what Prithvi is like, and what can he do now, Sameer tells that in this situation he should apologize, however Karna is not ready as he is a really arrogant person. . Sameer explains what is wrong with apologizing and believes that one who apologizes has a higher self-esteem. Karan gets really confused.

Preeta standing in the room is really sad, she is wondering how Karan scolded her that she is the cause of unrest in the family and also, she cannot believe what Sherlyn, Prithvi and Preeta want, she is in danger of Prithvi. She also remembers Ko who had assured that he would make sure they kick her out of the house as Luthra would never love her and would always stand against her. Preeta thinks that she is wrong because the whole family loves her very much but they can’t accept it, she too was not able to tell the truth because of his evil plans, but now that she is in jail, she can’t worry. can tell them. Truth and hope that they will accept her too if this happens she will live happily with them but if it doesn’t she will live to fight for Luthra family.

Prithvi is standing in the lockup and is really disappointed when the constable brings the drunk criminal to the lockup, he says they have to charge him the rent as he is usually in the lockup, then they order him to sit, he Astonished to see someone with Prithvi’s personality standing in the lockup and asking if he can’t speak, he starts harassing her, so after a while it is revealed that he is the PM, Pradeep Mishra. Prithvi is shocked and asks what did he say, Prithvi reveals that he is also the PM as his name is Prithvi Malhotra. And he feels that they will achieve a lot after being together, Prithvi explains that Pradeep is actually a cartoon, however he once again says that he is the PM, hearing which Prithvi tells him to sit quietly.

Rakhi is finalizing the guest list for Holi party with Kareena and Dadi, Kareena mentions that she thought they would invite a lot of people but this guest list is really small, when Dadi said That how she is going to enjoy when Jeetu ji is not coming, Kareena is really amazed by her crush. However, Rakhi mentions that they have enough and she is going to prepare everything in the house herself while she will order the rest, Kareena tells that she should make Gujiya which is brother’s favorite, Rakhi asks if she can cook with Mahesh. How can one forget the favorite and everyone loves their home gujiyas, Dadi asks what is about the colours, Rakhi replies that no Holi is complete without them, she uses organic colors for the ceremony Going to order the one who is pure, she doesn’t want any problem to arise in the ceremony, Dadi Rakhi assures that they are going to celebrate the ceremony with great joy, Rakhi tells the best thing that the person who has the most negativity She was left and now that happiness is back in her life, Rakhi starts inviting guests from Kareena. Preeta thinks that she should put off the idea of ​​revealing the truth in front of all of them as they are all busy with the preparations whereas it would be better if she told them at the ceremony, she is also sad because Karan spoke to her, her Believing she doesn’t care how she feels.

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