Kundali Bhagya 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta gets sad hearing what Karan feels about her intentions

Kundali Bhagya 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta gets sad hearing what Karan feels about her intentions

Kundali Bhagya 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta gets sad hearing what Karan feels about her intentions

Kundali Bhagya 28 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Rakhi tells Srishti that she is the first girl on whom both she and Mahesh ji trusted and loved her a lot, he considered her as his own from day one and they made her his daughter but the same girl took his heart to such an extent. Took till it won’t be able to join again so she is saying that the creation should always remain the same and should never change, she should uphold the teachings of Sarla ji.

Srishti goes to Preeta crying, Preeta explains that she has a feeling that it will be really difficult and she doesn’t know how it will happen, she has to take every step after a lot of calculations and it seems as if Prithvi is near. There are a lot of cameras and watching them both, Prithvi is watching them both from his room but worried as he can’t hear anything, Preeta thinks she doesn’t want Prithvi to know that his way is his. different from desire. Ganesh comes informing that lawyer has come to meet him, Preeta goes to lounge when he apologizes for coming like this but court hearing is in two days and she too must come to court with any evidence Whatever he finds so that he can use it, Preeta drags Srishti without telling anything.

Prithvi in ​​the room thinks that they can use anything they want but he will be the one to win the case as this time Karan Luthra will not be released, he feels like it is not two days but two months which He will not be able to spend. Prithvi gets a call from Sudesh that he is going to meet her tomorrow.

Rakhi is sitting in the police station when the police bring Karan, she hugs him and tells that she is really missing him so decided to come and meet him, she also brought her favorite food, she asks him to sit Is. Sitting Raki takes out the tiffin. When he asks how is daddy, she says that he is angry with her and wants to come with him. If he doesn’t stop her, Karan mentions that if his father gets angry with her, he will. Will be happy because it would mean she showed some feelings, Rakhi doesn’t understand when he explains that she thinks she is lying. Rakhi replies that she didn’t want to tell him the truth as she is already very worried and might be worried if he told her about her father, Karan immediately feels that someone is watching her from behind the window. Used to be.

Preeta tries to go and meet Karan but Srishti stops her thinking that she knows that he really hates Preeta and hence she advises that she should let Karan eat food first because after that she can meet her.

Karan asks if Preeta has cooked this food but Rakhi replies that Ganesh cooked it, he replies that Ganesh has started cooking the delicious food. Rakhi is crying while feeding Karan when he mentions that he promises to change her when he is released from this jail he is definitely going to change because no one in this world cares about this Karan but Rakhi says that she should not think like that because when she is forced to change with time it should always be the same, Karan replies that he does not want to hear anything as he knows what Preeta is, only Cares about money and nothing else, he only asked him to play because then he can earn money for him but when he realized that he can earn more then he will be able to handle luthra industries. She sends him to jail. Rakhi angrily slaps Karan and warns him not to talk about Preeta in this way as she feels that Preeta can’t do such a wrong, she loves him very much including the entire Luthra family so he should be told this. You shouldn’t talk like that. She says he is the only one with whom she can talk about her true feelings but she should not say such things, Karan says that he will not talk like this with her but is really hungry.

Preeta is running when Srishti stops her, Preeta says she thinks she is behind all this, Srishti replies that she knew so she did not want her to meet Karan. Preeta questions how a husband can think like this for his wife. Srishti requests him to understand her condition as he really loves her. Preeta asks him what kind of love is this because even in a relationship there is trust, Srishti tries to explain that he trusts her but Preeta replies that where there is love there is trust too, but Karan has to Don’t know what it means to believe, she has loved him as a husband and was single for two years. She had a lot of distractions with him including business problems for that Karan, who threw her out of his house, she still loved him. Preeta explains that she doesn’t understand why she has a problem with his intentions whenever she tries to work for their betterment, Srishti tells her to scold her for anything, but Karan Say nothing to her as she is really weak, Preeta replies that she is going with everyone. For Karan Kon and all when he comes out of jail, she will tell him what the fight is, she will clearly give all the explanations and even ask if he wants her in his life. He marries her and has to give her the love she wants while he has to give her the love too. Preeta gets a call from Maddy, telling her that he wants to share some changes with her. Preeta replies that she can give everything once the task is completed. Maddy says he has taken her case and knows full details, Maddy asks when they can meet, she says they can meet at her house.

Preeta and Srishti are waiting. When someone tries to enter the house, Srishti threatens to call the police if he goes a step further but Preeta reveals that he is the person she is on the call with. Talking, Maddy congratulates Srishti and reveals that Karan was arrested at exactly twelve o’clock, Srishti replies that they all know about it, Maddy takes back her card and explains that she does not have patience. So they cannot work in their field. Preeta questions what was the important thing, she reveals that she was able to access the cctv camera after using some contacts and found out that the journalists were already present before the arrest, that means someone planned all this. and Karan is innocent. Srishti questions why they are waiting for anything else and should leave with evidence, Maddy explains that the police can say that it is just coincidence so they have to find many evidences to prove their innocence. asks if what he has written is ready. Preeta gives him an envelope containing money. Sameer sees Preeta giving money, he hides behind the plant hence his actions are suspicious.

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