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Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi joins hands with the terrorists

Kundali Bhagya Oct 26, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Arjun is searching the hall but he hides when he hears someone coming, he gets scared when he sees Preeta who asks why did he come here when he gets scared so easily, Preeta tells him that he should stay here if he has come here for someone he really loves. otherwise she can leave, Arjun informs Preeta that he is going in another direction, Preeta asks why she tells him and Arjun replies that she can inform him if she finds Kavya, Preeta gets worried and wonders if she has come here for Kavya.

Rishabh is walking when Sherlyn explains that she knows he is surprised to see her here but she always thinks of him, Rishabh asks if it’s time to talk like that and tries to walk away but Rishabh replies that he shouldn’t touch her. and she must respect that he is speaking calmly, Sherlyn accepts that she knows that he does not want to talk about the past, but today why is she going to enter. because it is really dangerous, Rishabh explains that she is his daughter so he wants to save her since there is no one else, Rishabh asks Sherlyn to let her go and not create any more trouble, Sherlyn apologizes as she admits that this is happening to him while cursing that the person he loves the most turns his back on him, Rishabh replies that he should pray for his daughter if that is his intention and she laments that if he became rude to her, Sherlyn keeps asking him to accept him once more.

The king wonders where all the children went and it seems today is August 15th they hear the children’s voices so the king asks Vishnu to take out the weapon he replies he didn’t have it when the king replied Since he can take out anything, Vishnu scares Sameer who kills Vishnu and asks Raja what kind of person he is, Raja mentions that he is a good worker. Vishnu explains that he has seen the children belonging to the chawl from his own house, Sameer once again starts beating him and then asks the king if he saw the students, the king replies that he did not kill the children . The voice is heard, Sameer tells them that they should keep looking.

Kavya is with the students and teachers in the class when Kavya tells them that she has learned that the police and terrorists should not come to the school, the teacher asks her not to speak loudly, Preeta calls Kavya and knocks on the door that she is very excited. Preeta hugs him and asks if he is alright, Kavya asks why he came here since there are so many bad men who have guns too.

Sameer walks into the class with his men as Preeta covers Kavya’s face, she informs Sameer that the voice came from this room but no one is here, Sameer explains that it all happened because of Kavya and if he finds her, he will kill her. will kill. . Kavya asks what will happen now when Preeta assures that everything will be alright, wondering where Arjun has gone, Kavya informs everyone that her tiger uncle has come and he will surely save them, Preeta suggests, given that they must speak quietly.

Prithvi is walking disguised as a banner, wondering why he always gets into trouble, Prithvi thinks that the elders were right to say that whatever happens is for the best and they continue to scold their destiny because he had come to kidnap Kavya, but she was already kidnapped by terrorists and now she has to hide.

Prithvi is running away when Arjun slips because of the pot, Prithvi hides behind the banner, Arjuna suspects someone is here so he tries to find him, Prithvi hides once again. Arjun is still looking for Kavya, Prithvi believes that he is happy that Arjun came here because he is already here, Prithvi believes that he will join the terrorists and take revenge because he alone could not do it. He vows to ruin Arjuna’s life.

Srishti is arguing with the inspector asking why she won’t let them in, Kareena stops asking what she is doing here as there is no need for stunts, Srishti replies that she is now arguing as well when Kavya is trapped inside, Mahesh stops them both . asking what they are doing which stops both Kareena and Srishti.

Sherlyn goes to the inspector and asks if she can’t complete her work, then she can complain to higher officials. She told him that Rishabh Luthra entered the school through the back door. The inspector explains that they are going to look for the boy when Sherlyn says that he is a respected man, he sees the whole Luthra family staring at her, she says that they cannot love him but she is still in this family and she cares a lot.

Sameer (terrorist) enters the teacher’s room when he says that there was no one in the school and even the teacher’s room is empty, Sameer says that neither the student nor the teacher can fly, he sees that Prithvi is hiding under the desk, so immediately point your gun at him, Prithvi replies that he doesn’t like violence when Sameer replies, but he really does. After Prithvi stands up and mentions that he is not his enemy but his friend, one of the terrorists asks if he is a teacher. Prithvi replies that he really respects the teachers but if his personality is not that of the teacher it is not his fault since he lacks GK, he asks Prithvi what it means so he informs that it is common sense but they do not have it and They knew so much that they were terrorists, but when asked if he was a teacher, he said that personality reveals the truth about a man because today his wife has a hit for him.

Sameer starts laughing with the terrorists about where he was until now, Prithvi mentions that even the police from seven countries couldn’t catch him, he replies that his life made him smile. Prithvi mentions that they should think before they speak, Sameer raises his gun when Prithvi mentions that he was just saying that he should think but he knows what the layout of the school is and it is a VVIP school so here K kids belong in class elite and even knows all the ins and outs so he has planned the whole situation but he is not interested in helping anymore so he tries to leave but they find him a worker. Prithvi is said to mention that he does not hear those words. They take her name politely from her when they even apologize to her, Sameer offers to make her a partner in her criminal organization. Prithvi thinks that she is not against her country and will only use them until he kidnaps Kavya, after which he will kill them.
Rishabh is on his way to school when the inspector stops Rishabh and explains that it doesn’t suit him because he is a businessman and they don’t know what could happen if the terrorists see him because they don’t even know how to have them. He has guns, Rishabh asks if he mentions to a father that if his own children get trapped inside he will surely move out, the inspector assures that he has devised his plan whereby his master police officers will come in disguised as K and get the footage after which they will be able to save everyone, Rishabh is removed.

Arjun immediately hides behind the door, he sees a terrorist searching, but when E can’t find anyone, Arjun closes the door again, so the terrorist comes and demands that he needs to get out, Arjun requests to be released explaining that he had come because of guilt, but the terrorist walks him away, Arjun thinking that now the terrorist will take him to Kavya.

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