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Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun follows Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Aug 26, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Rakhi assures that he is not lying but telling the truth, since he is going to meet his girlfriend, Rishabh tells Mahesh that he is not well and that he is going to meet his girlfriend even though his mother has spent so much time with her, Mahesh. he assures that it is nothing as Rakhi ji is trying to force his old friend to have a girlfriend, Rishabh explains that he will be back after two or three hours and then they will talk about it but until then they should not start the fight. The manager comes explaining that Mr. Thapar has arrived, so Rishabh leaves for the meeting.

Preeta is in the car when the driver suddenly stops the car, Preeta asks what is going on, when the driver explains that the car has broken down, Preeta sees the salesman scolding the children, she walks over to them and reassures them. her food but he must not scold her, Arjun also stops the car behind and wonders why he always sees Preeta everywhere since she is not well, he smiles seeing that the children are happy and just looking at him, Preeta also sees the girl looking . in the balloon so she buys it but one of them flies in Arjun’s car, Preeta apologizes to him and goes to get the balloon, she tells him it’s her balloon.[Ay por su comida, pero no debería regañarla]Arjun also stops the car behind and wonders why he always sees Preeta everywhere he goes as this is not right, however he starts to smile seeing how happy the children are and just looks at Preeta , even sees the girl looking at the balloons, so she buys to be just one.[ayfortheirfoodbuttheshouldnotscoldherArjunalsostopsthecarbehindandwonderswhyishealwaysseeingPreetaeverywherehegoessincethisisnotrighthehoweverstartssmilingseeinghowhappythechildrenareandsoisjustlookingatherPreetaevenseesthegirllookingattheballoonssoshebuysherbutoneofthemfliesinthecarofArjunPreetagoestotaketheballoonfromhimapologizingforitsheirsheexplains[ayfortheirfoodbutheshouldnotscoldherArjunalsostopsthecarbehindandwonderswhyishealwaysseeingPreetaeverywherehegoessincethisisnotrighthehoweverstartssmilingseeinghowhappythechildrenareandsoisjustlookingatherPreetaevenseesthegirllookingattheballoonssoshebuysherbutoneofthemfliesinthecarofArjunPreetagoestotaketheballoonfromhimapologizingforitsheexplainsthatitistheirballoon

Arjun gets out of his car when he sees the wind blow the umbrella away, however he flies towards Preeta and she thanks Mata Rani for giving her the umbrella, it starts to rain so Arjuna crashes into him as well. Huh. Preeta asks what he is doing since it is her umbrella when Mata Rani sends it to her, but Arjun explains that he took it out of his car and what he will do if she takes it from him, Preeta starts to think about her first conversation with Karan. . When they also fought over her umbrella but she was with her at the time, Arjun explains that if she doesn’t give them her umbrella she could get sick, Preeta stutters but manages to hug her, they both share her past. they were a couple, Preeta remembers how they were a romantic couple, the driver explains that the car has been fixed, Preeta explains that she may have had this stolen umbrella, to which Arjun replies that it is hers. Preeta sits in her car and leaves after seeing her angry, so he sits in her car too.
Rishabh is working in the office when he sees the bag, remembers how he mistook it for a pawn and, stunned, smiles at how happy he is with Preeta ji.

Preeta is angry sitting in the car while Arjun is also driving, Preeta can’t forget what happened between her and Arjun in the market, she keeps thinking about the tension she feels when he is near her. Karan has once again returned to him. . Arjun also gets very angry when the car behind him honks its horn.
Preeta tells the driver to take her to her mother’s house in Chambur. Srishti comes to hug Preeta and explains that everyone is waiting for her. Arjun also stopped the car outside; He remembers when he married Preeta.

Preeta hugs Biji who scolds her for coming after such a long time, Preeta tells her that it’s been a long time. There’s someone at the door. As Preeta goes to open it, she is surprised to see Arjun standing there and asks what he is doing here. Arjun tries to act like he didn’t know it was his house. The car broke down so he came to her for help and he didn’t know this is his parents’ house, Preeta is surprised how he finds out, Arjun b ji When she asks who is Preeta speaking at the door, Preeta questions her once Seeing here again guessing, Beeji says that he should tell the truth if he was chasing Preeta, Arjun asks why he would follow her since they are both so different but he might have thought so if he was Srishti. she tries to prank Biji, who warns her to slap him.

Preeta replies that she is speaking in very fleeting dialogues when she says that her car was damaged in the rain and that is why she came to this house by chance to ask for help, she wonders if she doesn’t have a cell phone like everyone else. Arjun replies that she came here to get help because her car broke down, but who knew she would be here and start the investigation. Janki says that they are both fighting like Karan and Preeta, Srishti motions for her to apologize for her behavior. Preeta replies that there is no need, but no one can be like Karan, since they can’t even fight like him, Arjun explains if they won’t make him tea when he first comes home. Biji tells Janki to make tea, but Preeta walks in to make her own.

Arjun asks Preeta to sit with Biji and Srishti before going to ask for water, however, she shows a knife which makes Arjun angry, so Bi complains to Ji, also asking Preeta who will ask Srishti give him water. Arjun asks Srishti why her sister is like this, Srishti tells her not to give it any importance while talking like that, Arjun bitterly calls her Naal, Preeta remembers that Karan used to call her so Srishti asks about it but she assures him . it’s nothing important Beeji asks Arjun why she always picks on Preeta, he asks why she always fights with him. Preeta mentions that she is not making tea for him but for Srishti and Biji and that if there is anyone left, she will give it to them.

Sherlyn walks into the kitchen with the vegetables when she immediately starts complaining that the vendor got mad at her, Prithvi can’t stand it, tells her to stop yelling because he’s trying to sleep, but Sherlyn wonders why she should stay like this. it does. I don’t care about her future, she used to live in bungalows, but now she is forced to live in this society. Prithvi receives a text message, which she is surprised to read. Sherlyn arrives and asks what happened to her when she took the name Shambhu.

Arjun walks into the kitchen and asks where he can keep the cup, Preeta says he can put it in the sink. Arjun mentions that he is going to find a mechanic when Preeta replies that she didn’t ask for an update, he replies that he only said so because he wants to leave, Arjun takes Preeta’s blessings and stands at the door. Preeta comes out, he also makes a sign to her before leaving. Biji explains to Srishti how much he likes Arjun, they both agree. When Divi Ji explains that she’s the material of a lover, Preeta gets upset.

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