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Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun protects Preeta from the fire

Kundali Bhagya Sep 22, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Srishti remembers that she has to go home because she asked Dadi and Janki Aunty to make cakes and pies, they have to bring them. Srishti runs to her room because she forgot her bag, Sameer asks Mahesh why she likes him because he always does useless things, Mahesh asks why he keeps doing such things, Sameer understands When Mahesh advises that he should offer his help properly, Srishti an again he comes to her when he offers to leave her, but she says that she can do everything by herself. person like Srishti. Sameer replies that he’s a good person too, but Mahesh stops making fun of him when Sameer senses that she thinks they’re all doing this together.

Seeing Preeta in the car, Arjun asks what happened, she replies that it’s nothing because she was just thinking about something, he asks her about it but she’s not ready to tell him. Arjun starts driving the car faster which scares Preeta so he asks her to drive a little slower because he is not safe. Arjun replies that he doesn’t want to answer the call because it’s not important.

Anjali sitting in the car thinks that Arjun has really embarrassed her in front of Rishabh as she is a big name in the business industry and she knows they are both brothers but Rishabh unaware of this truth tells her to Arjun. informed if she was about to attend the meeting. Preeta once again asks him to answer the call, he replies that it seems he is more eager to answer the call than he surely will after a while. Preeta suddenly screams and asks him to stop the car, he hits her on the head while trying to save Preeta, Arjun notices that he is angry and explains that he was trying to save her, he asks why she asked him to stop the car. auto. . Preeta tells him why she wants to go to the temple since she is on her way otherwise she has to go back, she gets out of the car and asks him if he would not accompany her, she leaves with a sari covering her head when Arjun is watching her go, she begins to smile and leaves of the car.

Arjun gets a call from Anjali one more time then he asks what happened she replies that she is trying to call him so why is he not answering her call she tells him that the business is in a meeting in the square so she will talk to she. later.

Anjali calls Rishabh to inform her that Arjun is busy in a meeting at Business Plaza, Rishabh ends the call by thanking Anjali.

Rishabh gets out of her car while Preeta walks with a plate in her hand while Arjun also follows her. Preeta rings the temple bell, forcing Arjun to turn back to her. He wonders why he doesn’t think she is happy with Rishabh, since he can’t see her love in her eyes.

Rishabh also begins to walk towards the temple while Preeta seeks Panditji’s blessings before completing the rituals while Arjuna is behind her.

Rishabh is walking up the stairs but bumps into a woman who helps him rest on the way, she also asks the woman for some water.

Preeta is performing rituals around the idol, while Arjuna stands there silently, just looking at her, she begins to pray. When Arjuna prays, she should get what he wants, Preeta prays that her Karan will always be happy where she is, she wonders if he will have to seek blessings like this too. Preeta is unaware that her sari is on fire while doing pooja, Arjun suddenly runs to help her while she worries so he tries his best to put out the fire by throwing water on her, she asks what is this behavior as should ? she knows that Diya is always on fire, and what if her sari catches fire, Preeta replies that she shouldn’t argue since they are in the temple, Arjun replies that she is an ungrateful person. Preeta stumbles and is about to fall but she is caught, but Arjun while Rishabh is also walking, tries to see what is going on between them, Arjun advises her that she must learn to thank him and many more. She must learn other things as well, he is going to inform her that he is waiting for her in her car. Rishabh also comes explaining that she wants to do a puja for her younger brother who should always be happy wherever she is.

Preeta seeing Arjun wearing his shoes thinks what she should think of her since sometimes he fights with her while other times he saves her, she smiles at him but he walks away angry. Preeta wonders why God made a person like Arjun.

Preeta, sitting in the car, closes the door, he suggests that she do it with courtesy, since they say that the car should also be treated with courtesy, Preeta replies that it is the first time she has heard it. So, Arjuna replies that he says that one should treat the other. people too. Politely, but she doesn’t know anything about it.

Srishti sitting with Biji is telling her what happened yesterday, Janki asks where the butter is when Srishti tells her she will be in the kitchen, Biji asks why she suddenly felt like working, Srishti tells her if tomorrow’s event is successful , then it definitely will. Start your own event management company, but don’t think it will work because it will be your staff. Janki arrives and asks him to answer the call since it is Sameer, Srishti replies that she won’t answer the call because she is mad at him and she doesn’t know anything, Biji wonders if she will make him happy. she will come and offer her help, reveals Srishti.

Biji once again asks her to answer the call, Srishti motions for Aunt Janki to take it when Sameer explains that she is happy he answered, Srishti says that Aunt Janki answered when he suggests they talk when they get home, Aunt Janki says that she meant that they will speak at Luthra Haveli.

Prithvi is brought to the prison cell as he is constantly trying to say something, the inspector allows him to open his mouth and then says that he has done nothing wrong and the setup is being done as Arjun plans, he doesn’t even know that his phone he was in the girls’ bathroom, but the inspector replies that all the other delinquents say the same thing and threaten him too. Prithvi tells him that he is not threatening but that he just wants to make a phone call since it is his right, with him the other person begins to advocate for Prithvi and explains that everyone has the right to call and they should not beg for it, they have to let him call under no circumstance. The inspector explains that his law practice has not died out; Prithvi is surprised to hear the man reveal that he is a lawyer by profession.

Preeta asks if she can say anything, but she says there’s no need, so if he wants to, she’ll drive slowly, when he stops her, she opens the door to get out and then he runs to help her, she stops him from closing the door. door before I show you how it’s done. When Preeta explains that she should thank him since it’s actually a short word and she would love to, she reveals that she has to tell him but Preeta tells him that she doesn’t believe it, he tells her that she can hear her. with her tongue Preeta leaves saying that she will tell at some point in the future, Arjun explains that she has not changed and is still a failed doctor in class IV. Preeta suddenly remembers her encounter with Karan and how he used to call her by that name, she comes back in shock.

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