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Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun meets Rishab in the police station

Kundali Bhagya Dec 1, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Constable asks Preeta to leave when the meeting time is over, she leaves as her cellmate explains that he is lucky to have a wife like her, Rishabh tells her that these are her parents’ prayers and blessings . That’s why she has such a good wife, cell. he mate asks why he can’t believe himself as he said it’s because of his parents and God, Rishabh replies that he is married to Preeta ji. He may be happy but he can’t say it openly, Rishabh explains that they were not ready before. marrying each other not because they didn’t love each other but because it was a relationship that was never on his mind.

Mahesh is accompanied by Shrishti who asks why Malkhani refused to take his case, he replies because Malkhani got the information before him and he thinks Rishabh is to blame. Shrishti replies that they know Rishabh is not to blame. He says they can’t get bail. today as the courts are closed but he is sure that he will get the bail tomorrow morning, seeing Rakhi and Kareena, Mahesh asks what are they doing here, Kareena replies that they would have come early but Rakhi bhabhi wanted to meet Arjun and say what was in her heart, Rakhi tells Shrishti how she feels Arjun will handle the matter this time because he promises to talk to Anjali and settle the matter, Preeta comes from behind and says she was lying, she asks Rakhi how she can trust him when everyone they know you are lying to them. Shrishti asks the inspector that if Anjali drops the case, the inspector replies that Rishabh ji will be released. Srishti tries to convince Preeta that everything will be resolved if Arjun drops the case, Preeta is sure that she will do no such thing. Shrishti comforts Arjun while he talks him down. Rakhi assures him that he will talk to Anjali and release Rishabh. When Arjun replies that he will find out whose fault it is, he turns to Rakhi and tells her that he will not say that they should change their minds and believe him. , but he wants to find out the truth. Arjun asks the inspector to meet Rishabh but both Preeta and Rakhi refuse to meet him, Arjun asks to think about how Anjali showed him the marks, Preeta asks the inspector how she can let Arjun meet Rishabh.

The inspector refuses to listen to Preeta saying that it is his police station, Shrishti also asks Arjun why he wants to meet Rishabh, Arjun replies that he must understand that a girl without any proof can do such a thing. She will never blame anyone for the heinous. crime, Rakhi says it means she has made up her mind but Kareena asks what is the need to meet Rishabh, Arjun leaves angrily. Mahesh also explains to Rishabh that the inspector says that they can go meet Rishabh after Arjun comes back.

Rishabh stands up as the policeman explains that someone has come to meet him, seeing Arjun Rishabh approaches him and then says he doesn’t know why Arjun came here but he is innocent, Arjun refuses to believe that Anjali was Rishabh tells the whole truth about how he got the marks, how he saw Anjali standing with the car so he offered to help her but she is innocent, Arjun replies that Rishabh is lying and tells Anjali Touched, Rishabh asks what is she doing if he has made up his mind as then there is no sense, Rishabh asks Arjun to look into his eyes and from then on he will know that he is telling the truth. Arjun remembers the night he fell into the river, he leaves while Priyanka listens.

Preeta with Luthra is worried about what might be going on there, Anjali is trying to leave when Shrishti stops her saying that everything that is happening is her fault, which put Rishabh ji on her, Anjali D. replies that she knows Preeta will defend to her husband. although she is not ready to hear anything. Anjali goes to the inspector and explains that Preeta is threatening her when Shrishti asks why she is lying as she has not said anything but Anjali says if Preeta dares to threaten her here then what will happen in the future, Arjun also comes there when she complains. he, Preeta replies that she didn’t even touch her and Anjali is lying, the entire Luthra family stands up for Preeta as Anjali confronts the agent. she can explain anything, Arjun warns her not to hold her hand again. The inspector also warns Preeta that she can go meet Rishabh. Preeta sees Arjun leaving with Anjali and follows them.

Arjun asks Anjali to sit in the car when he notices her smiling, he asks what is going on with her, she replies that she knows she likes him, the lawyer calls and Arjun leaves after arriving.

Preeta calls Anjali who asks her what is her problem that she came here, Preeta replies that she came to call Anjali a bad person but Anjali replies that she didn’t see what a bad person she is. Preeta says that she thought she would talk to Anjali but realized that it was her fault, Anjali asks if she forgot the insult but Preeta replies that she realized that Anjali is a smart person and that Arjun is also involved with her in this plan. but before doing anything else, she went so far as to suggest that Anjali should go to the police station and admit her mistake within five minutes, after which Preeta herself will release her for no reason. Dosh will provide an opportunity to get out of this situation. , Anjali replies that she will. Preeta makes an offer so that she can ask Rishabh to accept her mistake, Preeta warns that she gave Anjali five minutes that is over, but now Anjali will understand who she is fighting with, Preeta is furious. When Priyanka asks Anjali to go and tell everyone that it was all a lie, a shocked Arjun asks her if she lied. She was talking.

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