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Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aaliya plans to burn Prachi and others alive

Kumkum Bhagya 28 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Prachi telling Sid and Shahana that they will serve the bullies tea, Mihika will come out. Ranbir thinks where are they? I have searched in 2 hotels. He bumps into the food delivery man and her wallet falls out. The man recognizes Prachi in the photo of her and tells Ranbir that he saw her at the Palace Hotel. Ranbir thanks him and gives him money. He goes. The boy thinks he said the wrong name and tries to stop Ranbir, but he is gone. The man believes that he has called the wrong address. Shahana stops the waiter and says that they will have tea from here. The waiter leaves. Prachi reaches there disguised as a waiter. Shahana is happy. Sid says I thought you were the real waiter. Prachi says that they will not identify my intentions. He asks Shahana to keep the car running and says they can bring Mihika anytime. Saying room service, tea, he knocks on the door. She serves them tea. A bully goes to the bathroom. Other thugs are playing cards. Prachi sees Mihika in the other room. She rescues Mihika there by taking the tea cart. Bully Rathi walks out of the bathroom and sees Prachi and Mihika standing there. Prachi breaks the glass. All the thugs entered. Prachi says that he thought there was someone here but there is no one here. He hides in the cart with Mihika as they put Rathi in his place.

An fb is shown, Prachi hits the vase on the head, ties his hands, then makes him sit in Mihika’s place. The goons see Rathi sitting down and run outside. Prachi tells Sid and Mihika that he will change his clothes and go outside. They all got out and sat in the car. Shahana tries to start the car, but it won’t start. Prachi says that I told you to keep the car running. Shahana says it will start, and as she pulls it out, the key falls out. She goes downstairs to look for the key. Others also get out of the car. The bully and Aaliya hit his head causing him to fall. Shahana watches them fall. Aaliya hits Shahana over the head, knocking her unconscious. She then blames the goons and says that Prachi and Shahana found out thanks to you. She asks them to put her in the car and take her to the place. The bully asks for money. Aaliya gives them a bag of money and asks them to take it in the car. She says that they are going to die today in an accidental fire.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room and says that this sheet is mine. She sees Ranbir’s photo and says that Sundar is also mine. She kisses the photo of him and says that she will kiss him soon, saying that she loves him so much that she has crossed all limits to get him. She calls him and asks where he is. Ranbir says that they are not at the Sheraton Hotel and says that something big is about to happen. He says that he did wrong by lying. Rhea incites her against Prachi, and says that she is making fun of you and there she is with Sid. Ranbir ends the call. Rhea thinks that Ranbir is jealous and then they will burn Prachi. She thinks about informing Aaliya and then thinks that Buji must be busy.

Aaliya and the goons take them to a locked house. She scolds the bullies and asks them to see the switch box. The thugs talk about Aaliya. Aaliya says that she will bring kerosene to light them.

Ranbir believes that the delivery man lied for the money. He believes that he will face Prachi when he gets home. He sees Sid and Prachi’s car parked outside a house. He thinks they got in. Prachi regains consciousness and hears the thugs say that they will keep Mihika in a different place for his victory. The bully praises the other bully. Prachi, Sid and Shahana are brought to a room. The thug says for him to tie their hands and they will tie Mihika in another room and they can’t trust Aaliya. They get out of there. Prachi gets up and asks Shahana and Sid to get up. She lights her rope with a candle kept by the goons. She tries to bring Sid to her senses. Shahana regains consciousness. They bring Sid to his senses. The thugs hear the sound and believe they have regained consciousness. Prachi says that they will go their separate ways to find Mihika. They run out of the room.

Rhea throws Prachi’s clothes out of her wardrobe and doesn’t like her choice. She believes that she will kick Prachi out very soon.

Precap will be added later.

Update credit: H Hassan

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