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Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi gets doubtful about Rhea’s pregnancy

Kumkum Bhagya Oct 12, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode starts with Prachi telling Shahana that she doesn’t understand, saying that at first she thought she had booked Riya for a date, then she thanked Aaliya for booking Riya for the date. She says that she did book a date for Aaliya, but she should be in her name. Shahana says that something is wrong. Prachi says that first I thought Rhea doesn’t want this baby, and now she…she says we’ll check her pregnancy report. Shahana asks if you doubt her and asks why she would do this. Prachi says we have to find out everything.

Pallavi is walking in the corridor. Dida asks what happened, if everything is okay. Pallavi says that she had called Pandit ji and therefore was waiting for him. Dida asks why you called her. Pandit ji arrives and bows to Pallavi. Pallavi asks have you made the list? Panditji gives the list to her. Dida asks if they have Pooja at home. Pallavi says that this puja is necessary for Sid and Prachi’s future. Dida asks what are you going to do? Pallavi says that we want the happiness of children. She says that every time the marriage took place, it happened at the wrong time. She says that when Ranbir married Prachi, she was muhurta for Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding. She says that when Riya tried to commit suicide, we married her to Ranbir in a hurry. She says that the timing and situation were wrong and the marriage did not take place in the correct Muhurta. She says that now the marriage will take place with the correct rituals and Muhurta. She says that she doesn’t like Prachi, but that she won’t care about her child’s happiness and future, and says that the child belongs to her family. Ranbir and Aryan listen to them. Ranbir asks what happened to mom. Aryan says that she wants the marriage to happen at the right time. Pandit ji asks Pallavi to bring mehendi for Prachi. Pallavi gives mehendi. Pandit ji leaves. Ranbir and Aryan hide from Pallavi’s eyes. Aryan asks why we’re hiding. Ranbir says that if mom sees us, she will ask a lot of questions. She says I have to think if tomorrow we can do what you said. Dida asks Pallavi where she is going. Pallavi says I thought of Ranbir. Dida says why will she hide herself? Pallavi says yes and falls asleep. Dida calls Ranbir and Aryan and asks them to come out. Ranbir says that she did see us. Dida says that I know that her (Ranbir and Prachi) ego does not allow them to unite and the fear of separation will unite them. Ranbir says that tomorrow is a challenge for us. Aryan says it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t asked Prachi to marry Sid.

In the morning, Shahana tells Prachi that they will trust Pallavi to survive. Prachi tells him not to get excited, saying that Rhea hates me and wants to take Ranbir away from me. She says, but Rhea is pregnant too. She says that Ranbir also wants me to marry Sid, and him? Shahana says that she doesn’t want that, that she loves you. Prachi says that she doesn’t want that love and says that we got married to be together and remembers the time when they used to live together in a rented house. She says that she or she needs all or nothing. She says that I will be jealous of him saying that she cannot live without me. She says that she will then see who wins. Shahana says that I like her and hugs her. Prachi says that I like her too and smiles.

Riya knocks on the door and arrives at Sid’s room. She tells him not to take his manners as his weakness. Sid says you’ll never take the hate out of my heart. Riya says that you can create hate in your heart towards me, but you can’t hate me. Sid says I hate you. Rhea says there’s no hate in your eyes and says you can make fun of me but I don’t feel any pain because I don’t care about you. Sid insists on meeting Mihika. He says that he wanted to meet Mihika, but Aaliya kicks him out of the car. Pallavi listens and asks if Aaliya kicked you out. Sid says she threw my stuff outside. Pallavi says maybe I heard wrong and asks her to come home in time for mehendi. He says that the marriage is taking place in a hurry, but all the rituals will be performed on time. She asks him to make sure he arrives on time. Riya walks up to him and asks him to do everything happily and not to do anything stupid. Pallavi asks Rhea to prepare from now on.

Rhea comes to the ceremony and just thinks for a few more days and then she doesn’t have to go to any parties she doesn’t want to go to. She sees Wendy and walks over to her. She asks Wendy not to say that she looks beautiful and says that you are a liar, you admire me, but you praise Prachi. Wendy says Little brain, big misunderstanding. Riya says you’ve seen me. Wendy teases him and says that no one likes you here, but you’re still here without shame. Rhea goes to answer Wendy, but Pallavi stops Rhea. Dida hugs Wendy and becomes happy. Wendy says you thought I’m going to leave here after listening to your daughter-in-law. She says that sometimes the daughter-in-law can scold the mother-in-law. they laughed. Rhea tells Pallavi that they are laughing at her. Pallavi says to ignore them, that tomorrow I will talk to them. Riya drinks and drinks water.

Prachi arrives there with Shahana. Vikram admires her beauty and wants her to always be happy. Prachi thanks him. Riya listens to them. Ranbir asks Aryan why the girls take so long to get ready. He waits for Prachi. Aryan says that he wants perfection. Ranbir looks at Prachi and says that she looks beautiful. Aryan says that even Sid is looking at Prachi like he is looking at her sister, it looks like he is about to cry. Ranbir says that he let him see Prachi as his sister. She takes mehndi designs. Shahana says this is mehndi design. Ranbir asks Prachi to test the design. Prachi says that he is very bad and leaves.

Precap: Shahana asks what’s on the pregnancy report? Prachi says that Rhea’s pregnancy report is true. She says that when that report comes in, the truth about Riya’s pregnancy will be revealed to everyone. Aaliya listens to them.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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