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Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Kumkum Bhagya Nov 10, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update At UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Prachi and Ranbir searching for earrings. Prachi understands. Ranbir says that he will use it. He uses it. The song plays slowly… Prachi smiles and looks at Ranbir. She receives a call and goes to take the call from Dr. Preeti. Dr. Preeti says that she has sent the report. Prachi asks did you see the report? Dr. Preeti says that she doesn’t and says that she has the copy of the report on her laptop and that she will tell him. Ranbir asks whose phone it was. Prachi tells the doctor and then says that she wants to talk to Shahana and leaves. Ranbir listens to the guests say that Prachi’s pregnancy is shining. Ranbir reaches Prachi and insists on talking to her. Prachi says we’ll talk later. Ranbir then says that I will have no authority over you. He asks her not to marry Sid. Pallavi gets there and asks her to tell the media that she is marrying Sid. She asks him to count and clean up the picture of her. Prachi told reporters that they do not have an extramarital affair and today they have sangeet and will get married. They ask if she is happy. Prachi says that they are enjoying the ceremony and asks the media to enjoy the ceremony and then leave. Pallavi asks them to publish the news that Prachi and Sid are getting married. The reporter asks Sid to stand with Prachi for photos and smile. Seeing the media take his pictures, Ranbir steps back. The media ask Pallavi to pose with him. Pallavi poses with him and asks the reporter to take more photos of him. Prachi sees Ranbir crying and wiping his tears. She thinks I’ll free you from all your pain. Aaliya asks to speak to Riya. Rhea says that you made a mistake and brought Mihika here. Aaliya says that Mihika will be here and asks Rhea to watch the waiter closely. She says the waiter is holding the gun under the tray. She says that if Mihika tries to run or do anything, the waiter will shoot him. Riya really ask? Aaliya says that this waiter is trained. Rhea says that she sees that Prachi has won and is waiting for the trophy. Aaliya looks at Prachi. She says let her fly, don’t think too much.

Rhea sadly watches Ranbir leave. She goes to the bar stall and asks the bartender to give her a whiskey. She could not stand and drink. Aryan gets there and takes a drink from his hand. He says you’re my brother, I won’t let you drink. Ranbir says that I am very excited and therefore I drink alcohol. He says that he doesn’t want it to be a wedding and wants to ruin the decorations. He says that he wants to ask Maa to change his mind and asks Prachi not to marry Sid. He says that he groomed Prachi for music. Aryan says that people will call you crazy. Ranbir takes a drink from his hand. Prachi takes the drink from his hand and leaves. He goes after her and asks if I’m stopping her from marrying someone else. Prachi breaks the glass. Everybody sees it. Ranbir asks what is your problem, if I drink and have two moments of peace. He asks what is your problem with my life. Prachi says you can’t handle this drink. You can be outside having a drink. Ranbir says what should I do when you leave my life. Prachi refuses to drink it. Ranbir says that he will show his love and concern for the person he is going to marry. He asks her to go dance with Sid and marry him.

Prachi says that I don’t want to marry him, because I married you, I am your wife and I love you. Pallavi is surprised. Dida smiles. Riya is upset. The song Bajta Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye… the media brings the camera and takes their videos and clicks on the pictures. Pallavi asks the media to go and not click on photos and videos. Dida says they won’t go. She says that no one can prevent the truth from coming to light, nothing is greater than the happiness of our children. Rhea asks why she wants to have my Rainbr now, she can’t be jealous of being pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Prachi tells her to shut up and tells her that Rhea is not pregnant with Ranbir or anyone’s child. Aaliya says that she first asked Riya to take a DNA test and now you say this. Prachi says to drop it, no test is needed as Rhea is not pregnant. She asks everyone not to be surprised and tells them that she can prove it, she tells them that Riya’s report could be here any minute but not to wait for her as Riya is fooling everyone.

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