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Kuch Naa Kaho Anshuman Pakhi,Shaheer Hina SS Part 2

Kuch Na Kaho Kaho (Say Nothing) Part 2

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Pakhi was instructing his people on how to decorate the house.

Pakhi: Keep it there and decorate this wall with these flowers.

Anshuman was watching this.

Anshuman: You’ve been busy all day.

Pakhi: It’s a wedding house, so the guests keep coming, so the house needs to be kept neat and decorated.

Anshuman: You have prepared a nice meal for the guests, but you didn’t eat anything due to your busy schedule.

Pakhi was surprised that Anshuman saw that she hadn’t eaten anything.

Anshuman: I think you eat now. Otherwise, you will get tired and you will not be able to work properly. If you don’t work properly, my sister Namrata’s marriage will be affected.

Pakhi smiled: Okay, I’ll eat so that Namrata and Anant’s marriage goes well.

They both laughed.

Pakhi helped herself to food and started eating like crazy.

Anshuman: You’re eating like you haven’t eaten for a month.

Pakhi chuckled.

Pakhi: You just asked me to eat and now you make fun of me? Not well.

Anshuman: I’m not making fun of you, but you seem to be crazy about food.

Pakhi: Yes. Do you have a problem?

Anshuman: No. But if you eat like that you’ll get fat.

Pakhi: No. Compared to many women my age, I’m not fat. I’m in shape.

Anshuman Thinking: He talks as if he is staying fit even after having children. What is the big problem for single women to maintain their figure?

Anshuman: Maintaining a figure is not a big deal for you?

Pakhi: Absolutely. Everyone tries to keep the figure.

Anshuman didn’t care: Oh…well. I’m not arguing. Enjoy your meal.

She laughed.

Anshuman and Pakhi see Anant and Namrata fighting.

Anshuman: Why do they fight like this right before marriage? They are crazy?

Seeing their fight, Pakhi showed a strange expression.

Pakhi: Before marriage, they are considered romantic and blissful. But they are fighting like fools.

Anshuman and Pakhi go to them.

Anshuman: What’s the problem guys?

Namrata: Anant had promised to take me on a date, but he hasn’t taken me yet.

Anant: How can I take her on a date in the middle of all this? My house is also full of guests. But I come here to find myself humbly. The appointment will take time.

Namrata: You are only spending half an hour or an hour here with me.

Anant: It’s because they need me in my house because guests are coming. I told you to wait until our wedding. After the marriage, I’ll take you on a date.

Namrata: No, I want to go out with you before marriage.

Anant: It’s not possible man.

They continued arguing and parted ways.

Anshuman-Pakhi are stunned to see their silly fight.

Pakhi: They’re fighting over nonsense.

Anshuman: They went their separate ways without speaking.

Pakhi: We should resolve their fight before marriage. Otherwise these 2 crazy people will spoil the pre-wedding function.

Anshuman: Exactly.

Pakhi calls Anant: Anant…I’m calling from pub.Namrata…

Anant was worried.

Anant: What happened to Namrata?

Pakhi hung up the phone. Although Anant tried to call her, she did not pick up the phone.

Anshuman calls Namrata: I am calling from a pub. Here is infinity…

Namrata tensed.

Namrata: What did Anant do there?

Anshuman hung up the phone, Namrata tried to reach him, but he didn’t answer.

Namrata and Anant became uneasy.

Anant: I hope that Namrata will not face any problems. I want to go to the pub and see Namrata.

Namrata: What must have happened to Anant? I’ll go to the pub to see it. Maybe Anant needs me now.

Immediately, Anshuman and Pakhi call each other and tell each other how they lied to Anantha and humbly.

Pakhi: Now they can both get restless thinking about each other and they will definitely come to the pub.

Anshuman: And we will understand that we were lying to them.

They laughed.

Pakhi: But they will end their Cold War.

Anshuman: Exactly, we’re going to the pub soon.

Pakhi: Yes, I am starting.

Anant and Namrata arrive at the pub. They ran towards each other.

Namrata: are you ok?

Anant: Are you okay? What really happened?

Namrata: Tell me what happened.

Anant: Pakhi called and told me that you have a problem here.

Namrata: Anshuman also told me something similar about you, that’s why I came here.

Ananta: What?

Anshuman and Pakhi come there.

Anshuman: We both lied to get you here.

Anantha-Numrata was stunned.

Pakhi: You two had stopped talking to each other, so we decided to invite you here to end the cold war between you.

Anshuman: Because of our half lies, you guys were so worried about each other that love kept flowing.

Pakhi: And you two talked to each other.

Anant and humility smiled.

Anant: Thank you so much for showing so much concern for us and trying to work on our relationship.

Namrata: We are lucky to have supporters like you two.

Anshuman-Pakhi smiled.

Pakhi: Stop the extravagant fights and enjoy the pre-wedding functions.

Anshuman: You guys are in the pub. Many couples are having fun. Just have fun like them.

Anant and Namrata smiled at each other.

Anant-humility began to dance.

what i saw of you today
yes you what i saw today
you what I saw today
glitter is the thread of luck
cloudy destiny line
what i saw of you today
what i saw of you today
glitter is the thread of luck
cloudy destiny line
what i saw of you today

i love you my dream
you know you are peaceful
you man love me
Dildar Mere Dil Raina
you in arzoo you in justju
you at the destination on the way
you are in the soul you are in the breath
you in your heart
I know you know yourself
hand for you
I know you know yourself
hand for you

Anshuman-Pakhi also joined them in the dance.

you what I saw today
glitter is the thread of luck
cloudy destiny line
you what I saw today

you cry for me you want me
your friend my tum dilbar
you are life you are bandgi
take yours my angel heart
You are also the color You are also the form

you’ve turned sunny too
You are Maneka You are Apsara
You are also in love with Maya.
you came like this you left like this
I look at you I greet you
you came like this you left like this
I look at you I greet you

what i saw of you today
what i saw of you today
glitter is the thread of luck
cloudy destiny line
cloudy destiny line
what i saw of you today
What I saw of you today (don’t say anything).

Anant knelt in front of Namrata.

Anant: You are my first and last love, Namrata.

She blushed.

Anant took off his ordinary ring finger and said: Excuse me. She wasn’t ready to propose to you with a ring since I unexpectedly found this bar. But after coming here, seeing you, I feel like proposing to you. This ring is a gift from my grandmother. I’m going to propose to you with this ring. Please excuse me. Will you humbly marry me?

Namrata: The ring doesn’t matter. Your words matter. So I am very happy with this proposal. Thank you very much Anant for this surprise proposal. Yes i marry with you.

Anant happily put the ring on her finger and they hugged each other.

Anshuman-Pakhi clapped his hands.

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