Kewal Tum March 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer signs up with Vikrant for Suhani

Kewal Tum March 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer signs up with Vikrant for Suhani

Kewal Tum March 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer signs up with Vikrant for Suhani

Only Tum 23 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vikrant telling Ranveer that he is having a deal with his father Vikrant Oberoi. He says I know you love that girl very much and can do anything for her. He says I will offer you a deal instead of yours. Ranveer says that once a businessman is always a businessman. Vikrant recalls that Ranveer insulted him when he offered him his dream project of production. He says you will not practice medicine but will work on my dream project. They say they can stay here as long as you want. Ranveer says you sold your son and thought about your profit, so I never wanted to become a businessman. Vikrant says you have no harm here, this big kingdom is only for you. He says it is every father’s dream that you take my business forward, and asks him to take over the business being your sole heir. He asks her to understand him and fulfill his wish.

Ansh tells that he is the sole heir of this kingdom and wants everything in his name. He says very soon, I will get rid of this illegitimate child tag, very soon Vikrant Oberoi will announce me as his son, and then everything will be ours. Vikrant opens the locker and says when you joined the medical college, I got these papers made. Ranveer says you thought you will catch my weakness, and blackmail me. He says it is very sad that you want your son to be weak and weak. He says if I sign this paper, a businessman will win, but a father will lose forever. Vikrant asks her to sign the papers, otherwise I will think we haven’t talked anything.

Suhani tells Mamta and Dada ji that she does not want to come here and says sorry. She says she didn’t want to be here, and she knows they are hurt. She says I am leaving from here and again says sorry. Then she sees Ranveer coming there playing the dhol. Ranveer remembers singing papers for Suhani. Vikrant also comes there. Suhani looks at Ranveer. Everyone sees him. Ranveer takes out the drum and puts it down. Then he scatters colors in the air and walks towards Suhani. Sirf tum khela hai….says suhani Ranveer. Ranveer says Vikrant Oberoi agreed and you all have no problem staying here. Hope is shocked. Ansh smiles. Ranveer wishes Suhani a happy Holi. Mamta gets shocked and tells Dada ji that this is not right, father-son have made a pact and didn’t ask me what I want. Ranveer asks Suhani to come inside the house. Mamta tells Ranveer that she will never forgive him for what he did today. Dada ji and Roshni also follow Mamta. Ranveer says I am waiting for you Suhani.

Ansh tells Asha that they will go inside, it is their house now. Suhani says we will not stay here, it is not right. Ansh asks will you tell me this. He gets a call and says I am reaching there. He asks Asha to take Suhani inside the house and says I will come. He tells Suhani not to do any drama and do as she said. Suhani took Asha’s hand. Asha says we have no option. She takes her hand and walks towards the house.

Ranveer stops Suhani and signs her on the kalash and plate of colored water. Mamta cries. Suhani asks what is this, Ranveer? Ranveer says it is welcome for Suhani. Asha says this is Griha Pravesh Rasam. He says it is welcome for Suhani. He asks Suhani to step on him and walk inside. Suhani kicks the Kalash and puts her feet in the plate of colored water. Mamta imagines Asha smiling and performing the Griha Pravesh ritual. Runwar takes flower petals and throws them on Suhani. He promises in his heart, that he will never let his honor be ruined in this house, promises never to cross borders, promises that no trouble or pain will touch him, his dreams of becoming a doctor promises to fulfill. Mamta cries silently and looks at Asha.

Asha goes inside the house and sees Mamta. Mamta says why is Ranveer doing this and why did he bring her here. Seeing Mamta crying, Suhani called. Mamta leaves. Dada ji tells Suhani not to worry and says if Ranveer has brought you here, he will not let anything happen to you. He goes inside. Ranveer asks Asha to come, and says I will drop you in your room.

Ansh is with his friends and is drinking cannabis. Rishi says stop brother. Ansh says everyone will have a party today and will ask to order more bhang and food. Rocky asks if he has won the lottery. Ansh says that his dream is coming true after marrying Suhani. Ranveer asks Asha if she needs anything. Asha thanks Ranveer for helping her. Ranveer says my mother always taught to help woman, and says my mother will never get hurt because of you. He says that my mother is my everything, and says that if she feels pain because of you, then I cannot bear. He says I hope you understand. Asha says you need not worry, no one will face any problem because of us. Ansh gets a call from Rakesh. Ansh says father-in-law called as I took Suhani’s name. He decides to go to his house and talk to her. he goes. Rishu and Rocky think where is he going? Rishi says I hope he does not do any drama wherever he goes.

Precap: Suhani asks Ranveer to regain consciousness and asks where is Ansh? Ranveer says Ansh is gone and fills his demand. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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